We all wear a mask

Have you ever looked in to the eyes of someone and seen nothing?  If the eyes are the mirror to the soul where is the soul of this person. For many years I have looked into the eyes of my clients and I have seen a glitter of the spirit but there where many times the spirit or the soul was behind a mask. A mask of sadness or troubles beyond the scope of the imagination. What is this veil of secret hurts that has come upon these people. We know that all creatures withy life are a creations of  a most high God. Can it be that the life force is so weak that it can not shine in their eyes for us to see it. We know it must be there for them to be living but a new concept of seeing this spirit is required. I know that this may be hard to understand but as we entered into this shift of consciousness of the end of days we must spend time with those who are under this mask of illusions that the mask represent.The reality of the mind or the brain  seem to have been forgotten by many people. We are pointing it out to everyone that we must take control but many are not willing or don’t see the importance of doing this. They live in and automatic world of a reality of “Whatever” ‘wherever” it takes me and what is “it’ Well “it” is the mood emotions and the need of the human body and it’s desires to be comfortable or be decontrol even by its self. We see it in the news and in the movies and games we play.  A need to escape reality by all cost or concerns for others .We have lost our sense of the spirit and decided to take the bodies direction of fullness of everything. More stuff more cutter more makes better and less is a thing of the past. “We want what we want when we want it” as the song goes many years ago. Yes these are the days my friend for many of us who have taken off the mask of this world and faced our reality of spiritual needs and we want and need to control the desires of the world as they are all around us.


My journey

Many people take a different journey on their spiritual path on this earth. I really have been on the road less traveled. Looking back and looking forward has always been my way of seeing where I am and where I am going. Starting my life with many things that brought me to this table of being a reader and advisor. My gifts and abilities have been with long before I knew what to do with them. As many of us are seeing as we take the steps towards awareness of who we are and what we can be. I see life in the big picture with everyone being part of the whole but doing their own thing as they make their way to who they can become. I usually write about words and names of things because I find them very interesting and the meaning have so much wisdom and can teach us about what we really are thinking. We all have different belief’s and opinions of who and what life is all about so I just allow myself to channel some enlightenment to everyone who is willing to listen. My show and my work is the center of my universe. I know God my higher self has led me to speak as if I am with the thoughts of the subconscious mind.You have been led by your spirit is if you are reading this post. It is time for you to tune in and get your message about your life. My show is on blogtalkradio in spirituality “Your name your life” the time is your time 11am est Tuesdays-Fridays…Saturday and Sunday at 4pm est. SO WHAT TIME IS IT NOW.Blessings