Was the bath water of the baby Jesus used to heal?

Many years ago I read the book of Mary. In the book Mary spoke about her baby Jesus and his first years of his life on this Earth. She speaks about his childhood and the things he did as a child. She would give him a bath and the bath water was given to all the people in the surrounding villages. This bath water had some effect on each child that used it. The story was very interesting and I  never forgot reading it. Why was this bath water so unusually and Mary knew it.These questions remained in my thoughts and I wanted an answer. As we move into the age of new discoveries many questions are beginning to be revealed by many known people and they appear in the news. I am just a person with many gifts from God and not a scientist or main stream person so many of my discoveries are not out there to be revealed on the news.

I have always been a researcher and looking at the big picture when it comes to putting the pieces of the puzzles of things together. My interest in the shroud of Turin and the cloth that cover Jesus’s body in the tomb. This made me think about the image that was revealed only as a negative image of the body. It took many years for us to reveal the image it took a camera to reveal this image to us.The debate goes on to this day about the image on the shroud. The most interesting fact about the shroud was the image begin some type of energy that was release by the body.Many scientist talk about the images as if a scanner was placed over the body and cloth like a light was passed over it and the image was transferred to the cloth. Many talked about a burst of energy begin released to bring about the image on the cloth.Could this be the soul or aura of Jesus’s energy on the cloth?

With these two examples of energy from the body of Jesus I have come to some answers that may be interesting to all that read this and share my insight.

This morning I heard a story in the news about the use of “ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT” begin used to effectively control a variety of microorganisms. When a physical body breaks down there is a release of such organisms from the human body. This is process of death that happens as oxygen is cut off to supply the cells of the body. You might also think of the light from ultraviolet light as un-zipping the organisms and stopping them from reproducing.UV light causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevents the DNA  FROM “UNZIPPING FOR REPLICATION,AND THE ORGANISM IS UNABLE TO REPRODUCE. Did the DNA OF Jesus cause the image to be formed on the shroud?Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelength shorter than that of visible light.The spectrum consists of electromagnetic waves with frequencies higher than those that humans identify as the color violet.

Many babies are placed in this type of light to recover from many types of conditions. Did the bath water contain the DNA of Jesus? WAS this some type of electromagnetic energy that was transferred by some kind of light energy?

Ultraviolet water purifies destroy harmful microbes,including yeast,bacteria,alga,molds,virus and oocyst near the  UV light.As the UV light penetrates through the cell wall and cytoplasmic membrane,it causes molecular rearrangement of the microorganism’s DNA,WHICH  PREVENTS IT FROM REPRODUCING.

I think That the body of Jesus emitted  UV LIGHT ENERGY AND that this energy was used to bathe many babies and Mary knew it.


Why do humans want to help others first?

This question seems to be coming to me from people on my show everyday. It seems we start out by helping others before we help ourselves. You might think this is odd or strange but it is true. We can’t see our own problems and flaws as well as we see other people’s problems. We know how to help others and usually pray for others and worry about others more than our self. We have been program that others are more important than our own self. This problems causes many problems with our ego and self-worth. We take on the burdens and lesson of others and then we began to think and feel tired and want to stop giving advice because they don’t listen to us or do what is needed to get their life straight. Their problems increase and they become dependant on us to solve all there problems. They stop making choices and call upon us for everything. At times we think they are going to change and make progress and we end up in a pity party listening to them wanted more and more from us. Our energy is beginning to be drained and we try to back off and turn them over to God or others that may be able to help them. But, it’s to late we have spent our time on them and forgotten our on life’s lessons. We say to ourself what have I done wrong I was just trying to help? Well ,your effort was worthy and did help to some degree but is didn’t solve any problems it created more problems for yourself and the other person you were trying to help. You might be thinking that this sounds like I’m talking about begin selfish. Well you are right everything begins with self. What I’m talking about is balance. We can’t give to others what we have not given to ourself first.We need to do this first so we can know the lesson that they are working with because we have learned from our own lessons. We are all looking for a way to complete our mission on this Earth and start to feel that this is the correct way to spend our energy. If you take someone’s lesson and don’t work on your lessons it’s like you are doing their work for them. All lessons are for development of the person. We have been given the lessons that we need to complete and we all have different lessons to remember.

We all want to be some body else. Well we are all connected so this is not wrong thinking in the big picture. But, knowing self  and making each part of the whole complete is the first step to bringing together the one. As the parting of the seas and the land of the Earth expanded to make space and time so has the consciousness of humans to be. Breaking apart created a gap so that we could become more than the one making the one powerful by its parts.  We are together but a part of this whole. The reflections of the images were needed and the many are the few and the one. It is said, “We can not know what it is to walk in some else’s shoes” So we can not take their lessons.

Many ask me what is their calling or gift that God wants them to do as their journey in this creative roll on Earth. Many are needed in many different roles and teachers are needed. To teach you must be taught first. Yes the love of teaching is a gift that God gives all teacher’s. It may be one of the hardest gift to use as many have moved on from this gift and chosen other roles less active in the consciousness. You must have knowledge and wisdom of your own lessons but know that your lessons were your lesson and not the students that come to you. They will help you by remembering that each student will bring lessons of their own but you have to be objective. Your feelings and emotions are not their’s. So the things you learned may not be their answer.Teacher’s are to listen and help students remember.

As a medium the gift given by God gives to be a” go between” for a person who has not come to the understanding of death or transitions of the soul body,mind separation. Many do not know that there are many steps to practicing this position. You must train for many life times to step in for God to ease the pain and heal the regrets of the love one left behind. You must also know how to transitions the spirits that you summon and crossed them over.

Card reader’s are to remember that the cards are a tool for comfort to the person’s you are reading. You must not be in ego and be able to release your information in an objective manner. If you are speaking of the future you must tell your client that it is their choice to make their own future.

Angels reader’s using angels is a higher calling and takes a calling from God in your life time path. You are visited by angels and know the powers of angels as messengers. Angels are assigned to you for your work.

All light workers are  called and know their work and have followed their path with knowledge and wisdom from God.

What ever path you choose is a calling from your higher self. So the self must not be ego or prideful in any manner.

Are the eyes the mirror to the soul?

The soul or the mind does have spiritual  part in the consciousness of humans. We are a soul,mind and body with a spirit of life within the realm of this physical existence. Many have spoken on this question and found many reference to this thought. The eyes are a camera for the brain that take images and place important data into storage for later uses to form our belief’s and opinions and perception. When we talk about the eyes of the soul we are speaking of spiritual eyes and the connection to the soul. The soul is the energy of the body and is not contain or found but is important to the three-part of the physical we are in as we travel on this realm of existence.We can have concepts of a soul because we know that something gives us movement and connection to other physical begins in the world of reality. Seeing with eyes of the soul is a our inner knowing or psychic centers within our own soul that makes the connection to the soul we see in another person’s eyes. We see a lighten or sparkle of spirit that lies deep in the eyes of a person whose soul is connected to our soul. It appears to us more than a natural effect but as a spiritual experience rather than just a looking of the eye itself. Something is beginning reveal to us deep within our mind that brings this revelation of an eye that is showing us. When the moment of this occurs we have a knowing beyond natural but supernatural in the seeing. We do not see this in everyone’s eyes we meet. The eye is giving us the intentions and thoughts of the deepness of the soul’s actions and love of God. When we see spiritual blindness we see a dullness of this spiritual connection in the eyes. The light of the world can be seen in the eyes of the believer.


On my radio show a woman about her marriage and the lack of communication. She also expressed her feelings of not begin equal in the partnership. I began by asking her if she had a friendship with her husband. And this question opened up a conversation I was not expecting and that is why I am writing about this today.She stated to me that when she got marriage she entered in to the marriage because she loved her husband. This was a very good reason to marry but not enough of a reason to entered in to a contract between to people. The reason I said this at this point in time is that we are not  thinking about a marriage contract but vows we have agree to and made promises to. A vow is different from a contract and many people think they are the same. As for this woman she said, ‘she was in love at the beginning of the marriage ‘ and that is why she got married. She allow herself to go into a marriage that was not equal and a partnership was not formed. She thought that an agreement that equality was part of her vows. So I researched marriage vows and found no such wording or thoughts of equality in many of the examples we use in our ceremonies. Many women are in this problem today and marry because of their thinking all will be equal between the partnership.  Vows are a promise or pledge not a contract of agreement. Many women think that the man understands that the two shall be as one working together and sharing everything that the union of marriage brings. But men have different thoughts on marriage and form condition on the marriage such as thinking they owned the wife and she must obey them. This word was taken out of many ceremonies and this word of ownership still remains in the subconsciousness of men.In the past men did ownership of their wives as  their property and women where not equal in society.As we move on towards an equal balance of male and female in our world and see marriage as a union of marriage as a contract and not as vows that we have to honor because it is not an agreement between two parties coming  together to share we need to reconsider a new way to handle this  matter in a way where both parties in a commitment are equals. Now I want to speak on all unions of two humans that are entering into this state called marriage. In order to keep all unions of humans in step with the progress I have suggested we need to address the laws that are beginning to be formed now. To avoid any more confusion in union the consciousness is requesting that we move to contracts of agreement go be signed by both parties entering into a marriage.

Time for finals-shift of consciousness

If you believe the concept we are on Earth in a school taking lessons and being tested until we reach a higher level of consciousness. Well, the next step is to take the final test on the lessons you needed to complete your spiritual journey into wholeness. You were part of the whole but saw yourself as separate from the whole. As the shifting of awareness comes into your meditations you will  see images and thoughts about each lesson and approve or disapprove of your actions and thoughts of the test. Some of the lesson are still active and need you to attend to them with forgiveness to release the bitterness or resentments that are still with your old ego and move them into your new ego that see the reasons of  the lessons. We can view these un-past test as blocks that we can’t let go of or see them as falling apart and letting them go because we no longer need them. Clearing and cleaning old ideas out of the thoughts is the reasons for meditation. We are gaining new perceptions and forming new things to manifest in our lives. When we where in the library of thoughts and imagination many wrote stories of their lives with hard lessons and many choose the easy roads to the school of life. We are needed to prepare for the new worlds and adventures that we had spoken of in terms of our placement in these new worlds. Many will be placed in leadership roles as this was their mission. And many will be followers because they choose that roll.  As you look at your test and lessons on the Earth you know what your placement will be and is active in your life now. As in any school you know not all pass the lesson that are to be given so we must know that all will not begin as we shall in the new worlds. They will remain in this Earth school until they review and take more lessons. We will have to understand the sadness of these things as part of this final quest. Think on this as we close this chapter to the book we so wrote with loving care.