Are you doing wishful thinking or directing your thoughts?

I was listen to a reader and she said “look forward to your future.” This really isn’t correct when you think about the forward motions of our actions. We are in the present moment and it we place the future in a forward position in our mind we should feel a movement. We will always remain in a fixed position of movement when it comes to thought. Forward action of movement requires us to change placement of something such as an object. In the reality of our mind we are manifesting thoughts in the moment because all is one past,present  and future. To think of looking forward could mean a waiting period of events that are already in the present moment but not yet material in the material world. Wishing and hoping is a state of worry and concern without directness of your thoughts that you are the one responsible for your future as you also responsible for your moment.Direct your thoughts and taking action is a requirement to create your life. All thought in the mind of the thinker are happening in the moment of conception.If you can conceive you can receive.The power of thought is within your thoughts of the present not in the future or past.Focus on the creations of your thoughts as coming to you in the present. As they come to you the future has arrived in the present moment. Trying to struggle to look forward to something that we are wanting or needing become an effort. If we say we are co/creators of God and spirit the unseen is with us already and just waiting for us to allow it in to begin.As human begins we are be-in spirit and live in a unseen world of our own reality.We let our self wonder around in thoughts of what and why and how. We know the answers to all but still question our self with questions that we have already answered.In the words of the wise spoke to us before the limitation of this world we were told all is made for us.We were told there are more unseen than seen.We remain in wonderland or journey to never never land and fall down the rabbit hole of fantasy as we leave directing of our life to others.When we step into the present moment and take charge of our choices and see our future as now we are release to be the free create spiritual begins we can be,


Are your logical belief’s getting in your way of your spiritual progress?

We have many belief’s in this physical world that keep us from manifesting all that we can be as Spirits in a physical body. These belief’s such as gravity that keeps us grounded with physical limitation to fly in the physical. We have been told many times of an astral travel that many have experienced but the strong belief’s of the logical mind say we can fly or escape the body. This is just one example of the logical mind interfering with the possible manifestation of the power of our spirit we need to bring attentions to. As we think on the times we receive messages to know that our thoughts are powerful we let our logical mind tell us that we must be crazy if we think we can overcome our physical limitation just by changing our belief’s. When we relax and breath and allow our spirit lead us we are more become convenience that we can do what we place our intentions on and began to manifest. The logical mind becomes a source of information to keep us aware of a state that is needed and should be listen too but not control us when we commence to use spiritual gifts and abilities in our life. Perception of our belief’s and how to manifest our needs and wants and desires to open all channels of pure intentions is required to perform true spirituality. There will be many occasions when you will need to be confident in your abilities to manifest and when these occur you must be ready to over rule the logical thoughts you have to complete your task. Your belief’s and your gifts of the spirits must work together and use the same frequencies of energy to realize your manifestation. We are now speaking about a new reality that is begin formed within your spirit as this shift becomes the one. As we move to the making of what we have been holding in trust of this spiritual transformation much care and guidance must be observed.Breathing as slow as we can and releasing this energy into the field of acceptance to the higher power of the one. We are the one that was spoke about at the table of imagination and creativity thought that is now energized within the thoughts of all of the many,the few and the one. Go forward to your quest you have chosen releasing your right brain to become the whole from it has always been.

Think of your spirit inside a airplane

There are four important instruction when operating an airplane. We must observe your Lift,thrust,weight and drag on the plane to keep it in the air.Your instruments are on the panel for you to use to control all of these properties of flight. When you think about it humans have a body that needs instruction to operated correctly also. We are given instruction from many sources to follow to care for body,mind and soul Sometimes don’t observe our instruction  about the body and it can go into a state of illness. and proper fuel is needed also.The mind becomes cutter with confusing thoughts and worry and stress becomes a state from we can’t pull ourself out of as we dive low into depression.The soul or the spirit losses energy when not properly fueled by positive energy surrounding us everyday. The lifting of the airplane helps the plane to remain at the proper level for correct performance of the body of the plane. As we rise each day we are begin lifted to the correct position for performance.The mind needs to be lifted with words of positive vibration from affirmations.The spirit needs to meditate and reach the higher self which lifts the total vibration of the soul. The thrust moves the plane forward to a direction to fly the plane. Where do you go? Are you begin a leader or a follower of your main direction of your goals and dreams? Placement of the body and it’s location is important to it’s trust in life. The mind needs motivation to thrust it into action to set a goal and achieve what you believe is your purpose.The spirit or soul needs thrust to help you move on your life path  and pass all your lessons  and to use all your gifts and talents that God has given you. The weight of the plane stabilizes and it useful to help the plane go through the storms and air turbulence from air pockets. Our body weight is important as we need to be able to move into many positions to operate in a world of climbing,walking,running and bending. Weight on the mind could come from states of depression of burdens we should not carry for others.The spirit can become weigh down when it is control by issues of the past and needs to release them with forgiveness. The drag of the plane is the forces that go against the body of the plane. A body may drag if one part of the inner forces of the body is not operating properly and a drag of this one component needs to be corrected. Many humans will drag when they accept a pity party from someone and the energy will drain and drag the good forces.


A message was given to warn us of the events to happen in Boston on 4/15/13. We are still waking up and many can not see the whole pictures and these messages still remain hidden to the whole of the consciousness. A  moment in time is hard to perceive unless it’s repeated for us to register the meanings to our consciousness.Images just flash for a moment and our awareness is so young and we can’t catch the truth behind the quickness of the images. I saw a flash of runners in a marathon on television happening in North korea many hours before the Boston marathon. At the time it was just a story in the news with no real meaning. But the feeling of this image of a marathon did not pass from my thoughts. It was if it was telling me to pay attentions to this events. The event in North korea was begin held to celebrate instead of the rockets they threathen to launch. Was the marathon a messages to us to prepare for an attack of another kind?  Did they run their marathon to check the race out for flaws or timing to place bombs? I am remembering what has been said about the new leader of North korea. Many say he is game player and uses his imagination to create events. As we went to the table to talk to China to help them to control North korea stop their plans and come to some type of agreement. The plan for attacking was begin set in place to attack on our own soil. This is the working of a mind of a gamer. To divert attentions to something and do something else at the same time. But the real kicker is the Marathon. It was like they wanted to see how much we where aware of their mindset. We where watching over there and the magic trick was in front of us. Why Boston? Well, it was a marathon and it was patriot”s day a day of celebration of who we are to our country. The news feed given said,”North Korea focuses on marathon.” But what marathon did they focus on?

We will get better at seeing the meanings of the mind as we awaken to the all seeing eye of God the omnipresence.