Do you know this man?

I could have said human but I am centering my thoughts on this one man I met. His anger and hate filled his mind and spirit with confusing. His guilt never stop repeating memories of his own actions. Part of his very soul was at battle with an unknown ego self that would take over at moments in reactions of rage. Rage for those that loved him and show compassion. He could not allow any actions towards him in such a manner of love. He did let his guard down in certain moments of rest.Many times the battle rested in his thoughts. These where the moments I could entering into conversation and encouragement to his soul. I knew he would not find rest or completion of his journey on this Earth unless he stop the thoughts of hate. The years when by and even though I gave without getting back the unconditional love i offered. My heart was always in a state of awareness of a strike of hate like a lighting bolt from his presents. He did strike out in rage when feeling that he could not control erupted like a volcano spewing lava and ashes of the past memories of rejection from others he had loved. His love was not received by his children and people of faith .He stood in silence on stage many times wondering where was his chance to get revenge from the hate that he himself created. Revenge that he knew that God would bring but the tiiming was the only answer that came to late. He became moody and inward and sharing became a chore because of his own thoughts of conflicts. He knew God and loved God but could not bring God’s love within his reality. The only reality he understood was his guilt of his own making and could not be released to that bondage.Singing from his soul for God’s glory but hurting from the inner thoughts of hate and anger. The outside man was not the inside man. Many do sing and talk from the outside mask of they put on to please others. I saw this and have seen this many times with humans that are not the inner consciousness of light or enlightenment. They appear as a light that can not remain in the light. The fading of their love grows each day as they try to keep the light of God showing to others.When they face to truth of their own hate and anger they finally see the the lies they have told themselves. This man,this woman this human was not begin but existing in a reality of turmoil that they have created. You know this person it is in all that lives and breaths and is in the world not on the same level of consciousness that is known to the collective.Can a soul rest in peace that chooses a journey of hate and anger? Certainly that soul will come face to face with God.




Death where is thy sting?

YES, THERE IS A STING! To be stung is to be bit or poison by a creature that flies and stings to protect it’s territory. This is much like a belief or opinion that many carry with them. Stinging their victims with their stings of lies to protect their territory of evil intent to sway your belief’s and Faith. They see the end of all living in their perceptive dying sight of disbelief and sadness of darkness that comes from their core. They are dying and want you to join them in the depth of their torments. To speak of the light is to know and feel the light  we are that light of understanding.As they feel the darkness closing in on their time to bring more dark matter into begin. They are in the world and not of this world.of light and hide in the shadows to sting those that come near. Many bring forth that “to be out of body is to be present with the Lord.” First let us understand what present means.Are we not present in the moment with our Lord at all times in this moment? Are we in the body or out of the body? What body do they speak of? The body of the whole? The physical body? The astral body? The body is the real question here? Is not the church the body of people within the family of God? God is omnipresent and cannot take a fixed location. We are neither in or out of anything as we have energy that surrounds us and moves within us. So to say to” out of the body” is to be present with the Lord becomes a misinterpretation of a state of the body. As we observe the transition of the death of the body we know that it is chemical and biology occurrence happen within the body.The spiritual or the astral energy body also is present during this transition. What body does this scripture pertain to bring into the position of being with the present of the Lord? We are not o lean on our own understanding but to use wisdom to discern what the placement of matter is and can be. Logical does come in to this as we have observed many factors of our love ones that have cross-over and come back to us in various transitional modes of spiritual energies. We can not dismiss the activities that are begin brought to us  in dreams and visions and voices that echo on magnetic tape. We are now in a stage of knowing what was told to us by our ancestors to true.Death has no sting but sting of those that will not observer what their spiritual eyes will not see nor hear what their spiritual ears will not hear. As many go about grieving and mourning those who have died physically let’s us be renew in our faith that death is a beginning of a new life and that their purpose was their choice to follow.The spirit  of our love ones are still with us and we shall be with them again in new bodies.. We where told this but need to remember that God does have a place for us in His kingdom here on Earth and in heavenly places also. We need to make a choice in the consciousness to have the knowing of this. Are we bringing hope to others?




There are many things that have been done and said over the years. We find our self repeating many things because we don’t own up to our self  belief’s and opinions like we should.We come from but a vast universe of new and exciting ideas and imagination and need to tap the source of creativity to be come our “OWN”.When we write or say what we are feeling and using the center of what spiritual is we should be coming from that which is. Going beyond the normal words of what has been said to us but attracting the new that has been brought to walk away from a reading from a insightful person with what is already know with out a new thinking point become fruitless. But we sat day after day in a repeating world of words that we have heard that give us nothing to make us think. It is good to be reminded of the words of the scriptures but what are we getting from that which was given to us? Are we owning it all and taking in the information to use as a starting point to new thoughts of improvement of self. We must “own” it. To take it and give it to self as a gift to be opened and not just but on the self for another day. Owning is truly receiving what is given and a need is on the table for all to eat and bring forth the testament of the I am spirit. As the ears to hear are the spiritual ears of which was spoken and the eyes to see are looking into what is to be “owned” by the light and the enlighten. You should be as the moth attracted to the light and staying there until the death of the ego occurs. You should seek the light as the warmth and your strength as you own the light.Do not speak only of the light but what the light gives of in a most creative sense to all make them own the light!

Is your age your perception of your reality? How old do you think you are?

Each cells in your body is a ticking time bomb that determine the age. Like a tree you can detect age by your rings as they circle the cells of the make up of your DNA.You are a working machine within a swirl of activity of re-birthing and dying of cells, bones and blood moving in a motions of life and death. As your thoughts in your brain move with your energy of imaging and cancelling and storing data. Each cell has a purpose to complete or renew as it is detected through your intentions..The brain is the master of the machine we call the body. The consciousness of spiritual reality can over rule the brain to correct or control malfunctions of the body. How can we detect age of any matter that exists on many levels of dualities as a single number when there are multiple ages within each cells? Could this be the reason for our perception confusion about our age of a person? When we think of a human begin we must observe the all of the containing value of the whole. So the age we think we are is a true perception of the reality of what we think. This makes determining age of a person not a year by year or birthday situation for a given a age.The spiritual influence does play a very important roll in the age factor. As the spirit has no age because it is joined to a universal source of GOD creator that is ageless.Therefore a strong connection to God creates a spiritual energy that prevents age on the inside and as the inside can overrule outside appearance and creations of renewal of all factors and functions of the physical body age is a perception.