The king of the thing

He was the king of the thing.

He rose to seek the fling.

As night becomes the day.

He felt a new way.

He travel from the west

and sat down to rest

no matter what you might think

he lives every where even in the sink

he needs no bed to rest his head

push up on a pillow instead

he spoke don’t go breaking my heart

this is only the start

when you came to my door

my heart hit the floor

right from the start

I open my heart

My eyes began to shine just fine

as I knew you where here in time

i want go breaking your heart

because it’s  was mine from the start

the two beat together and can’t stop

because the  two breath a lot

thrilling and exciting is the moment of this

honey we are not amiss

a target has been struck

once the flower petal had be pluck

now waiting for the entrance into the hole

the rocket ship of the mole

he dug deep into the folds of the earth

making he way into the darkness of birth

light is deep inside the walls of  the mind

and stars will bring it into your sight in time

the fourth of the July brings fire works

and freedom rings and you are the king of things





Who is child left behind?

While moving my mouse to chat rooms in blogtalkradio I am drawn to anything with the rooms with psychic’s,healers,spiritual advisor and  positive motivating conversation. As light-worker it is part of my training and expertise that brings me inspiration. I think that it may be the first reason many callers flock together to these shows. As birds of feathers do gather together for support and united in belief’s and opinions. But,many times as the energy of agreement flows between the host or guest and the chat room an interruptions occurs. This is the child left behind searching for answers to questions that have nothing to do with the subjects begin discussed or will bring confusion by what they are thinking and saying. They usually are wondering about something. In some cases they have drawn a conclusion on their own  question and want you to confirm what their think is right or wrong.The child left behind has no sense of right and wrong on their own.Speaking in general terms as not to offend anyone or to bring judgement to this paper or to your mind.Usually we speak in judgement terms when we meet the child left behind as to try to direct them to their own rigth and wrong. But alas the right and wrong program has not be entered in their reasoning as this program has been deleted. Are we taught right and wrong? you might say,”Yes I was taught that!” But in reality we are not all able to receive this program due to the worlds views on this subject. Your right may be be my wrong and I can understand that and not put you in the judgement seat. Each time the subject of right and wrong comes up on these show it becomes a battle of ego’s and not spiritual mercy or kindness towards the child left behind.If we say that the teacher is better than the student we are in ego and very incorrect.The teacher should be reminded that they also are the student before them asking a question of yes or no. To know you brought to your life path,your table all that you attact and for what purpose it has come to you keeps you balanced. Everything that comes to you in any form of good or evil is a lessons. We will be ready for the lessons as the spirit leads us. The child left behind has not be program to the lessons of the Holy Spirit. The child left behind took the program of this world.When you tell them to think they think as they have seen but do not look into the unseen. We are told that we shall seek the spirit of the living God by drinking the living waters. What does the human body consist of but water. When you think of what the child left behind eats and drinks and has been given by this world you can understand.So the next time you have a human before you and they are confused or in a state of wondering and have a need of your programs and lessons share with kindness. We are the light-workers and they only see the darkness that surrounds their thoughts. Be the light of understand for them and bring them to the whole the one gently.