Why has it taking so long for humans to seek the kingdom of God within?

As in everything a proper timing is required. This appears to be the answer but not the complete answer.Just one that we can understand and explain to some satisfaction.But think for a minute about the difference i n the realities in the consciousness. The opinions and belief’s of generation as the growth of an awkward child. Reaching for that jar of cookies on the shelf to high to reach without assistance. The higher self was reaching and trying and struggle to make some kind of understanding of the limits of the physical realities that created illness or strength to make the accomplishment possible within the out ward motivation of the reality they believe to be truth.

The most importance of the seeking the kingdom was the promise of God.  The promise was to seek the kingdom and all,everything would be added unto you.What promise that is but it was out of our reach on a high shelf. We had no way to know where the kingdom was to begin with. If we knew where it was that would have been a simple task to see that the promise would be available to us. Now we are told we have come to a shift in the awareness of a new consciousness  what are we to do now? How do we use the kingdom that we sought for to be activated in our lives? Children play and have fun in any new adventure and use their imagination to explore everything. What was it said by Jesus,’SUFFER NOT THE LITTLE CHILDREN BE BROUGHT TO ME.” What did he mean? As a child not child-dish immature but grown into adulthood.  We have suffered in our growth process with ills and pains and worries so is this the suffering of the inner child that is unaware of the kingdom within? As an adult the coldness of heart pushes back the inner child to come to the Father God. With work slavery of providing for others and self. No time was allowed for lazy thoughts that a kingdom would take care of our needs. We were condemn to follow the others into the chains of this world. The quilt didn’t allow us to know qa God that was available to give what we would ask for. So we stopped seeking the kingdom and we asked only if we felt an urgent need. The one problem we are having is the door is now open but the key is in our hand and we see the lock. And the fear of God our Father is still a stone that needs to be rolled away as if we are locked our self and not the door.Some use the word stuck as if they can’t move without permission to seek the kingdom. The far way place in the clouds with a white throne room of judgement a waits them. And Jesus on the right hand side to speak for them like a court room of justice. SUCH ARE THE CONCEPTS OF THIS WORLD THAT has kept God from begin in a relationship with HIM. We are not the lost sheep wandering in the wilderness eating the scrapes from the table of Lord of host we are His children,his creations and we are sitting at His table. And He is hosting a table with many favors and gifts that are yours to keep and bring home. Just like a birthday party when we were children with hats and punch and peanuts in a small cup. ALL IS PREPARED. I invited you to seek the kingdom within for everything your need as The father promises. Every woman needs a man to love her. AND EVERY MAN NEEDS A WOMAN TO LOVE HIM. BUT, I SAY TO YOU NOW GOD HAS NOT HEAR OR  SEEN YOU SEEKING LOVE. YOU ALL WANT MATERIALIST THINGS AND STUFF. FIRST SEEK THE KINGDOM AND ALL WILL BE ADDED BUT FIRST IS LOVE…………….



Many of us search for the right title or label in our occupation . This world is all about labeling to what we do.Many of us are really” JACKS OF ALL TRADES” AND MASTERS OF ALL. HAVE we not hear the NEGATIVE FOR THIS SAYING FOR MANY YEARS.T he gifts of humans are always debatable in this world. The reason for labeling brings some kind of security to the masses. So what are you called and how do you think of yourself? As actresses become actors because the acceptance of actresses was not the right thing to say because one was acceptable and the other was. This is really a mystery that needs to be addressed.As a psychic is something that has always been called a bad thing and connected with money and put in the same category with a robber or thief of someones free will. I have consider this many times in my journey as I am a true prophet of God. But God spoke to me on this subject and told me in my heart to be called by the name psychic. He said that the doors will be open to me under this label. And he was correct. How many times have you choose a label just to get in the door of the world?We are all looking for acceptance. I don’t think this is wrong or right in any case. We just did what we had to do at the time. Take a senator or person in government that changes parties. The answer is labeling.  The acceptance of a different viewpoint perhaps or something else entirely. Many may ponder my words and think a bit before judging my reasoning.As a psychic the name draws those who are in a questioning mode and are seeking. As a prophet they would not seek the same. You see the seeker is important and the word is still in my mind and mouth of God. But the seeker is not knowing that LABEL OF PROPHET IS PRESENT.The world was shut down from seeking the truth and the media did most of this. We have been told what to do and have followed the wrong for many years. Even the churches have shut out the prophets from coming forth in their services in fear they will hear the truth. I declare now the words of the prophets ARE NOW IN ORDER.IF you are now label as the world labels you stand up to your truth and take up your cross of who you really are and fear not the ones that say you are not.

Migration of all MORNING MESSAGE FROM Christ consiousness

We look at the birds and see that their instincts to fly north or south according to weather patterns and food supply.This is a very interesting and intention for all of the one to paid attention to at this no-time we are presented with in the harmony of the Earth renewal.We where at time ago a migrating tribe of humans and found our needs to be met on many levels of existence. Now as a settling down of the body in a placement due to materialistic concerns we find that we are in harms way with weather and conditions of tribal conflicts. The soul group disturbances have brought imbalance to the whole of the consciousness . In making the one of the whole come to the table this morning is a needed truth to be faced in our ominousness. As the birds are still maintaining the migration for needs of survival so shall humans once again entered into this migration of need of survival. so you may say to the one that speaks How? SHALL THIS BE OBTAIN? The light bodies are preparing a way of such a course of nature of all is to seek the kingdom within the soul of the supply.We are seeking this transmigration as the tribal needs shall be met.  A GOING AND COMING OF UNITY IS WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL THAT SEEK IT! BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE WONDERS of the perhaps and the maybe’s are not standing in fears or looking back from which they came but of that they have become. And what have you become in your spiritual journey but a light unto the world of darkness and greed of the men that sit on high places. We are the higher consciousness of wisdom that they have not sought nor do they know of it’s light.They are the thief’s in the night and the blinking of the third eye has been obtain in the one.