What can help you remove your mountains?

1.The cross:the meaning a dying place to the flesh and the sins of the world. A place of forgiveness and righteousness and where we all die with Christ. We belong to JESUS  and we need not pay for our mistakes of transgressions.

We are going to face mountains that block our freedom to experience the true freedom of the spirit we where given to operate in as children of God. As we come to the crossroads of choices and decisions to do what we feel in our heart what God message is for our journey to wholeness we come to a place of a mountain. And what is the mountain that you face as we speak of it in the now you find yourself in. A mountain of bills and payments for services render by your living in the third dimension. A mountain of rejections of love from those you feel should love you but can’t see your love is divine and different and unconditional.  A son or daughter that has taken the wrong road or lessons of their lives and you have no input into there life to give them advice. Was there a mountain that you did not speak to directly in you live as a word that you knew could be spoken but the time your spirit was not willing to allow God to come into your mouth. I remember days when I spoke to mountains in my life and the lessons have brought me to you at this moment. The mountains I speak of people with positions of authority over you or people who you have authority over. We have all had to face these mountains and be tactful but direct in our intentions. We take each lesson as a it comes to us and see it as a block but it should be seen as a lesson for strength to the spirit. We have the sister or brother or the family we are born in as the lesson of non-judgement for  they will judge us because this is the placement God order as this first mountain to overcome. We can not see this in the first part of our journey but it not stands as a mountain preventing us from moving on into the consciousness that has shifted. Who is your mother but the womb that God prepare to bring you into this third dimension.We are spirit in a physical body but yet we have an illusion of the mountains that block our view of the walk in the spirit.What can we say to these mountains that prevent us from be fully in spirit and step away from this limitation that stands before in such a bold manner. Each problem shall be the lesson and each shall be handle as your spirit guides you.Starting to speak to the mountain is your first steps. knowing that you have the power of the Holy Spirit AND THIS AUTHORITY is what you used to to overcome. We have authority to use all of God’s words in His name as we are His children.

What are believer’s seeking?

Call the things that are not as if they where. There are those still seeking the kingdom of heaven. Can they not see the kingdom is with them in the now present moment? We are told to seek but not told to stop seeking. This message is confusing to many and is still be said by the ones that don’t know that the kingdom is with us. The kingdom of God was in the beginning as it is in the day of the man of this EARTH. THE CREATION is not a waiting to be manifest it is manifest. ALL that is spoken in the consciousness is the reality of the seeker. The shadows of doubt is removed from the eyes that see and ears that are hearing. The seeker of HEAVEN HAS BEEN SOUGHT ONLY BY THOSE THAT DID NOT RECEIVE OR ALLOW  IT TO BE. To seek is to find and not be lost in the seeking of what you already have. Your intentions are that which others have said to seek and they are  not the finders of God’s kingdom.  You have been given a gift of the found but see the lost that they say is your need that you do not need.You are a wonderful creation of a Master that provided all that you have sought. So seeking is not your quest or question of why. Those that you make you go to confusion of the words they said and bring you into darkness of the lost are controlling your gifts. As what was given shall not be taking away but sustain you in your belief’s of your spirit. To be a seeker sets you apart from the world that God’s kingdom was set up in your self. You are not apart from but the part of the kingdom that God put in your consciousness. ACCEPTING IS YOU LOST WORD THAT NEEDS TO REPLACE YOU PLACE ON THE THRONE AS HIS HEIR. Your Father God is your faith that the action of all comes from and goes from. When people speak of begin alone in their journey but have met the messengers on the road many times still feel the seekers inside. The seeker is now release to be found and saved from the long journey of the lonely.  The one is present and shall always be with you as this message is receive into your heart.

What is fear?

WE are told ” there is nothing to fear but fear itself” I think we need to understand this in more detail at this point in the consciousness. I was speaking to a client last night who lives in fear of someone or something taking away her gifts of God if she chooses to use them. I was trying to understand the reasons behind this fear she had created. She explain to me that her family knew she had gifts and would be jealous if she used them. So she she hid them from herself and others all her life. Her mask of fear was present as I  listened to her speak to me. She even told me a visualization that she kept in her mind of a present be all wrapped up with a pretty bow and wrapping paper in her mind that was given to her and her fear of others around her wanted to steal the contents if she opened it. I was very cautious in my words and meanings with her about her fears of this gift begin open. When fear becomes a reasoning within the ego of self the key to unlock it’s reality. My gift of wisdom does give me the power from God the HOLY SPIRIT To discern and come to where the person speaking to me is coming from. So as I let her words flow from her fear based reality I kept silent and allow God’s words in my heart come to me and let my understanding come to her in the correct manner. As I spoke her eyes and body language did become to an ease of some of the fears. But this was a remembering session of God’s divine love and there was no rush on my part. I did feel a spiritual influence in her life that was holding back her tears and she release some of the pain of the fear. I spoke of the Christ who gave His body for us that we could be free to allow His spirit to take the fear we had created within our own ego self. As I told her he release His spirit to God the father on the cross and that His body ,his old clothes where placed in the tomb. She began to tell me a stories about the death of her brother and how she remembered the last time she held him in her arms and he spoke to her of begin tired of living and wanted too leave  his body. She told me of not wanted to go to any grave site of anyone that had died because she knew that their spirits had gone to be with God. She didn’t speak of heaven or hell but a spiritual existence that she knew was with her. She wanted to speak to her family about this but they would not listen to her. And her fear of talking of such things was her secret that she would never speak of to anybody. And now she was speaking to me and telling me of this gift and unwrapping the fear  that kept her from opening it for many years. The gift of seeing the spirits of her love ones after they had left the body is a real gift and many have it. As I began to tell her she was not crazy and told her that many people have come to me with this gift of God to see their love ones in the flesh after the death of the body. I reminded her of Jesus who was seeing the flesh after he ascended to the Father God and returned to his disciples. And how Thomas had to place his finger into the nail holes of the Master Jesus hands for physical proof. And we know that Jesus was seen many times after death in the flesh to prove he was a living God.As I reminded her of these things her fears were now coming to the conscious mind and she could know that she did see theses relatives and friends that had left the body and appeared to her in the flesh. She became at peace that someone knew and accepted her gift that God have given her. When fear is present faith becomes hidden in that fear. To release the fears of God within is a new beginning of understanding and wisdom. So many times the pastors and preachers  leave  their words on the cross and in the tomb of death and do not bring the life of death beyond physical death to the table we are left with the fears surrounding the death of the body. My work has allowed me to find the fear and turn it to faith and bring understanding to the whole message of God’s story.