How to enter the kingdom of heaven?



MESSAGE TO; THE many, the few and The ONE! Listen to the words of Jesus THE CHRIST master and teacher of the God present in the flesh and rose from this world of physically. When all will be as above  as like below. The manifestation of the heavens and the skies and the love of God’s KINGDOM SHALL BE. As my children of this enlightenment bring INTO CONSCIOUS. This awareness of the seed of the word will be called forth on the Earth. The kingdom is and was with you before all became and was called. Now a second calling is required to see the unseen return to to the seen of God’s kingdom. And all shall walk in this glory of this seed word in fullness of His love.And I HE said to this agreement to this contract of the new covenant  that was signed in the blood of the lamb JESUS. WHEN you make in your manifestation of this spirit the two become the One. As in the marriage of all spirit through the Holy Spirit INSIDE YOUR mind of the Christ consciousness that is. The bride the woman of this waiting will emerge and take her oils and wash the feet of the Master and greet Him with her heart in the place of moment of now. And the thinking of the ego will decrease and the powers of the Christ consciousnesses will emerge victorious over evil and good will be the will of the plan of God. When all inside of the body of the temple becomes the outside and returns to to inside a completion will occur in the path of righteousness from where it was laying silent in the seed of humans. As the word seed is spoken and agreed upon all will be as  spoken in the beginning and the omnipresent of God will reign over the Earth.When the making of male and female become one in the same as was spoken in the word. We shall have no more divisions of gender and equality of the words now not heeded too. The gates and doors will come open as a freshness is new on the tree of the life. AND good and evil is come to the table as a oneness without judgement or disgrace. We are the one that will enter into His gates with thanksgiving  and sing the song of the age of the ONE,THE MANY AND THE FEW. For the bending of the knees and crying out of the seed will seek rebirth in this message.




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