ARE YOU A GOD fearing Man or woman?

If you say this I don’t think I would understand you thinking or saying that.It does sound like a good statement but really what are you saying in that statement? Are you saying you Fear GOD? Maybe you are saying that you respect God. But it would be better to say the word respect instead of fear wouldn’t it? When we think of the word fear our mind goes to begin afraid and certainly we need to think of having Faith in our Father creator God. Many pastors do say we can not have faith and fear in the same mind set at the same time because these two states of mind oppose each other. I do agreed with that statement about the two words faith and fear having two different meanings. So the statement of begin a God fearing person who is follow their faith in God is very confusing. When I think of Jesus the Christ holding His arms open with a vision of promise of a place in the kingdom of heaven where we would be held without fear of any kind to snatch us away from the protection of our Father God. We are all welcome in the kingdom that Christ spoke of  that is not a far away place but in a realm of spirit and that is at hand. What did he mean by at hand? When something is at hand it is with you. We are in charge of our spiritual journey by our free will choice God gave us. We are to choose and accept the gift of our spiritual journey to return to from which we came at the beginning. So where you started is where you will return. The circle of life is flowing like a river of energy to and from your God seed that you sprang from  as a tree by the living waters of that spirit of life. Your fruits the gifts you have are the product of the spirit of that life within your spirit. All seeds will grow and thrive but the seeds in good ground that God planted will produces the good fruit. And that seed is His children and will return to Him. You will be confronted with the correct lessons to prepare your soul for the journey that is set in your seed program. All fears, guilt,physical hardships and troubles and anxieties are presented to you to help you remember who and what you are. The lessons may start as fear based and send you into hate and confusion but the lessons are helping you replace fear with love and faith. One thing very important to remember is you are not alone on this spiritual return to your beginning is that all children of God have faced their fears and return to love. So as you think about evil and punishment  begin something your Father God has done to you as a bad thing you need to know that it is true adversary builds character  As children we are already love and giving without being told to be so.As we travel through a world of many realities and differences we listen to opinions and belief’s that we take on because of our natural curiosity.So we are wanders in a strange land  that offered us many challenges to become. Yes become,becoming is were we are going and coming from as His children. This world offers darkness and we are the light of this world and it’s a light is the spirit that lives within each child of A LIVING GOD.


Repent,redemption, Re-paring the Links to OUR higher Christ consciousnesses.

I had been presenting shows on possibilities for a week now on Blog talk radio. I have to confess it really has been a turn around for me and my callers. My work has taken a new step into the real shift of the body,mind and spirit work God has always lead me to do for many years. I have always considered myself a strong believer in God’s words and the teachings of yasuah aka Jesus the CHRIST. My days of preparing for my radio shows have brought me more wisdom and understanding of the broken links  that the children of God are suffering due to their lost connection with other followers of enlightenment and God’s words.I know what you might be thinking as you read that last sentence I thought about it myself. This world has always offered ways to obtain knowledge of God and His words to everyone freely if they would seek it. The problem is somewhere down the path we have gone astray and forgotten  to look in the direction of a God of possibilities. How we did this well this really is a kicker people. We where struggling and trying and not accepting and allowing for so many centuries we lost sight of the unseen and focus on the seen. Religion is not the only problem that brought this about like many of you might be thinking but it sure didn’t help the lost sheep. Do the lost go in churches for words from God? Well not in my world the people sitting in the pews seem to be believers and love worship and praise and listen with their human ears and see with their human eyes and walk away without begin filled with the Holy spirit to help them every minute and moment of their life. Now I did want to speak about the pastor and the preachers who do appear to think about GOD Because of their work with their members. I do think it is easy for those who have to write a sermon and prepare it for next Sunday or for Wednesday night’s actives or chorus practice. I guess I do the same because of my radio show and the people I advise privately. And my life is very control because I don’t have to go into the world unless I choose to. Now that I spoken honestly about my life and you can see that I can be objective because I don’t allow interruption of the world that many people have to face each day that are truly in the world and wanting a link to God  at all times but find that impossible. We all want to be spiritual but we fight the world for jobs,money,security and peace of mind and mostly people who don’t have any belief system of their own and take our energy to cling to some reality that they can ride our coat tails to heaven by begin nice to us or stab us in the back for pure pleasures that they dream are right in their own mind or thinking they are doing God’s work by removing us which by the way we know isn’t any God we would serve. So by my own struggles and facing the world for many years at this point I can see the work of repairing is really needed to link us back to a generous God that loves us beyond the love that this world can offer us in any way shape or form in my imagination. To think about possibilities of a GOD that is unreachable and sitting on a throne far away in heavenly place just doesn’t do it for me how about you?  But,really does appeal to me and has taken over my reality these days as we enter the last of the first days of this world is repentance that was paid for and a redemption of repair is through the Christ consciousness that was brought to us in the flesh and place on a cross for all to see and a human body was bleed to death and was placed in a tomb to walk away from in three days and be seen by many after He ascended to Heaven and return as a living God. And He lives in us as we breath His breath and speak His words for comfort to our hearts.Now can you understand the meaning of living and having a relationship to a that king of all mercy and compassion? Of course you can and your seeking is seeing the possibilities of this and giving it to yourself first. You know we where told to go into the whole world and give the message of this event and coming but we forgot to give it to ourselves. We are the link and the broken chain in this miracle of life everlasting and security. We threw away the best possibility of all the find peace and certain happiness in a confusing nonspiritual world. There are links to God in His word and the wisdom is a gold nugget you need to keep in your heart. One thing I know for sure is that this world does want to steal any glimmer of that gold you keep that gives you peace went there is no peace in this world.

God bless you and keep you..Brenda carol Anderson Bradshaw





How often do we said WE ARE STUCK? This phase is begin echo in the consciousness as we are progressing towards the end of the beginning. We are going backward to seek our foundation of beliefs that we were taught as standards Of the text of the scriptures within the Bible and other wise teachings. I know this because I hear it every day begin repeated on air and in the spirits of true that speak to the Christ consciousness. Yes God is speaking to His children in everyone. He has been and swill always speak to us we just need to listen and obey. What is your higher self saying to you right now?  are you looking at a situation in your path that appears to be in a no win or stuck position. Have you done all your casting into to the deepest desires of your heart and come up empty unfulfilled with answers? You may be using old belief’s system from your lower consciousness. What is in your awareness of your life that you have not done to help you seek relief? Well my sister and brothers of the light many times we become attracted to the old and can not see the new. An idea or a possibility is just in the unseen scope of your reality. Come with me out of that comfort zone of holding on to what does not work to what God can make work for you and the ONE. Take a step towards a new adventure into possibilities that God provides For all His children. We are told that our imagination is the key to open the doors of everything that we seek the kingdom within. This is true and we should know this and use all that God’s gifts that we were given to the fullness. We often don’t use all the gifts we are selective and limiting our possibilities when we limit anything.For instance,take the matter of eating. God has given us an appetite for food and stomachs to digest it. But that doesn’t mean we should eat more than we need. When you think of all your opinions that you have created do you need all those limitations to create and manifest. You need to renew and refresh and become inspired every moment. We need to be alive and not dead to possibilities.