How often do we said WE ARE STUCK? This phase is begin echo in the consciousness as we are progressing towards the end of the beginning. We are going backward to seek our foundation of beliefs that we were taught as standards Of the text of the scriptures within the Bible and other wise teachings. I know this because I hear it every day begin repeated on air and in the spirits of true that speak to the Christ consciousness. Yes God is speaking to His children in everyone. He has been and swill always speak to us we just need to listen and obey. What is your higher self saying to you right now?  are you looking at a situation in your path that appears to be in a no win or stuck position. Have you done all your casting into to the deepest desires of your heart and come up empty unfulfilled with answers? You may be using old belief’s system from your lower consciousness. What is in your awareness of your life that you have not done to help you seek relief? Well my sister and brothers of the light many times we become attracted to the old and can not see the new. An idea or a possibility is just in the unseen scope of your reality. Come with me out of that comfort zone of holding on to what does not work to what God can make work for you and the ONE. Take a step towards a new adventure into possibilities that God provides For all His children. We are told that our imagination is the key to open the doors of everything that we seek the kingdom within. This is true and we should know this and use all that God’s gifts that we were given to the fullness. We often don’t use all the gifts we are selective and limiting our possibilities when we limit anything.For instance,take the matter of eating. God has given us an appetite for food and stomachs to digest it. But that doesn’t mean we should eat more than we need. When you think of all your opinions that you have created do you need all those limitations to create and manifest. You need to renew and refresh and become inspired every moment. We need to be alive and not dead to possibilities.


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