When we talk of real we must consider reality of the self. Our next step to determine the reality of of self is the heart of emotions that rule the mind and the thoughts. To be true to the reality of self not the ego self but the self that controls true actions. The true self of which I speak is the understanding compassion of the root of all that is being of that which is spirituality of self. The self must control and doing “right thinking” is not AUTOMATICALLY done. We are seeing in the times we are presented with that much work is required on the part of each individually piece of the consciousness to maintain “right thinking”. To think on the fullness and completeness of  acting and reacting to situation of lessons of obtaining wisdom not knowledge of this is the matter at hand.We have obtain a righteousness of fake morals that has carried us for centuries. This is no longer serving us as we go through a revealing of the true self. Our belief’s are begin tested and revised as we are seeing an uncovering of the deepest sorrows of the pieces of each emotionally upset we faced in a world of pure consciousness. I awoke from a dream of this morning with thoughts of a seeking for more. My thoughts where strange because I saw those that rule over us. I saw good men and women of our country  seeking their minds  to use what that have already obtain by knowledge and forgetting the wisdom of the ages to help them make progress. Their hearts were not connected to any of their decision and their deception of peace was gone from their truth of the self.They saw only ego  of wanting and need of power for self and the struggle was a war raging in their minds. What could cause such a storm within the minds of those that took an oath of office to be part of a great nation. As this division of thoughts grew it exploded with fears of lack and discontentment for the whole. Every man and woman of the Earth wanted to leave the oath that was taken under God.The constitution and declaration had left their hearts and was turning to anger and hate for which we all stand. Even the words echo from a far place saying “So help me God” as they closed the book and turn out the lights of their hearts. My question to all men and women of this Earth WHERE did the freedom go that gave them the right to be the representative of  the people go that placed them in such a high office. As we know the ONE that steals and corrupts and confuses the thoughts can only be the author of a place that is not for the wellness but illness of the whole. We know that whole can be taken a part by seed of evil that is the weed of a garden. But as we were told in words from the higher consciousness that the harvest will come in a time and we are standing now in that world.Each one has a reality of this and can only do as it affects them was voice that came to me. But to speak of the whole is too much for us as we have to maintain our own breath. This is a table in which we can not approach without putting aside our own truth. We know their are lies and deceptions and have always been in the minds of those that are now begin revealed to us.Our question is now what shall we do in the One THAT we claim to be part of? We are having a lessons of the whole not a lessons of the each. This lessons is the finally exam and the passing shall come or the lesson would not have been given. For us we are to stand as the heart that we are not confused or create any harm that is presented.We will not eat from a table of food that is not of the spirit but of making of those that came from the dead of the mixing of such. To speak words of their making turn us from our purpose we were created to fulfill from the beginning to the end. AS children of the God that offered a promise to bring fullness not lack or fear of what is seen in this material world. We will go to that spirit which holds all in the hands of pure righteousness and “right thinking” of our soul. Fear not He has over come and we are the over comers. 

Kings of kings Lord of all WHO IS God speaking of to me and you?

There is a spirit that speaks to our hearts this day. A living energy that covers the whole of everything and is present in everything.What gives life to the smallest and the universal?  That which gives movement of motions and manifestation to our every thought?  We as the ONE from the beginning and till the end are the circle that speaks to the heart. It resonates to the core of the life blood that circulates the vessels of the instruments that play life’s song I sing this day. I am and you are the One that comes to this table of understand and acceptance. The winds of time can not stop my breathe as I  allow this words from this spirit of the King of the word we shall utter and read. To be or not to be is not the question but the answer my sisters and brothers of the Law keeper’s scroll that I bring to you.The LAW was and still is in your hearts at this moment and now shall beat to the drums of the ancient masters of the tribes set forth in the wilderness of your wondering. You wonder and this wonderful but your thoughts are now to accept and allow your king to step forward. The veil is lifted and the reveal is not a secret but a knowing and a remembrance that is clear and with you always. When we think of the word law are we not hearing our rebelliousness deep within out thoughts of sorrow we know that has risen. We did not want to follow the Laws of men that spoke it loud and demanded our obeisance to such foolishness. It was always “they said,” to us  or “he said” or ” she said” to us. When we think back we “did not “hear the Lord of Lord king of kings said to us. That would have send  to a clear understanding of acceptance and receiving all that was offered from God the creator. The fear of the law and the mention of such was not to be but was the becoming. Keeping commandments meant to to take out the man in this word and replace it with to-come-unto me man…I come man thee.. SO SIMPLY BUT NOT SHOW UNTIL THIS SPIRIT HAS SPOKEN AND WROTE IT HERE. To follow these steps not to just hear them but to follow as in a game of play my children. Many have follow these and obey them but have not seen the reasoning behind them.  Many have set them aside and chosen but two which where issued as the game of life progress after a new covenant came with a human’s blood shed for all to see on a cross. This was the cross roads of the game and it was not a stopping point by any means. Going beyond the cross and seeking more understanding is always the adventure of which I bring to you.As my children you are very good at producing and manifesting as I gave you powers that where gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT NOT TO COMPLETE the game but carry it to others in many dimensions of this thought that I am. As my world are many and my children are waiting for your comments and suggestion on how to manifest new games and new worlds. We are many but stand as One kings of kings and Lords of Lords to all that come to the table we set forth for the play. Image

What are the Lessons of the shut down?

Lesson are to teach and to learn from. All remembering comes from wisdom of the knowledge of the lessons of life. Do we require lessons in everything? In everything we do is a lesson. Our government is in a lesson of shut down. What is the lesson of shut down in your life. It can be a reflective time to regroup or make better choices and to turn around and some my say repent. Do we need to repent for our actions? All actions are karmic result of bad directions and need to be addressed in the shift of the pureness in the total consciousness. As each is the whole we are connected to the karmic reasons of shutting down.  Are we slowing down are speeding up  this is a perception that is begin brought into awareness. I n all cleansing for renewal of our actions we seek the enlightenment. We are raising and falling in all directions of the whole of the energies. As the aura in each soul group expands we seek to weed out from the harvest the not needed to survive A garden can be re plowed or refresh with new soil as the gardener works to make the plants grow better. Many times a separation  of certain plants will be removed to bring new appearance to the garden. The congress has some old weeds and ideas as our life always has. We rethink and change direction when death comes into our life.The death of a member of the family or a lost pet that sends us into a dramatic frenzy. All is united until a moment of lost occurs in the mist of a peace that was holding us in solitude of security. But as the storms of trouble entered into our togetherness the parting of ways and  cause lack and gathering in the tribe. We have to face this disruption as an interruption of the higher vibration pushing the lower vibration into proper order in chaos. The nothingness is the empty of the whole that is seeking room within the energy. The feeling is felt in the wholeness and the dying is the living of the righteousness. God performs this operation for the good of the many, the few, and the one. Did we not see this in the lessons of the past and now move within the present and will come in the future as a remembering. We will see the new seeds as the proof of the newness as we take on this coat of many colors so spoken of with Joesph.As he was placed in the hole of despair for a short time and raise up to stand in the court of the kings. He didn’t judge his brothers that sold him into slavery he honor those that took his life into darkness because he saw the light in his spirit. The spirits will remain en tack but the breaking of the bread and the drinking of the wine has begun as we come to the last supper table of the Lord of host. Eat drink and be merry for the party has begun as in the time of Noah. The storms  are around you but not in your spirit. We will not point or judge who did this or what shall we do. We are to remain in the faith and seek the peace that was given and shall be with you my sisters and brothers of the light.