NEW term New YEAR SOUL-LUTION is a technique God gave me in my meditation today as the year comes to a close on the calender but not in the spirit.The spirit is energy that abounds in energies beyond a set date of any calender.Overcoming and adjustments is the key our physical limitation. When using spirit or soul energy working for us in dimensional thought processing.We can allow the soul or spirit to rise up and connect us back to the source  of God the creator. The connections of all the collective CONSCIOUSNESS in memory files are still in full operation but remain dormant for such a time to arrive. As social networking and community awareness faded as we became alone in our belief’s as we left the building’s know as churches. We formed small groups and scatter from all of our dogma’s and doctrines of repetitive words that dull the ears and empty our hearts. Our questions were not answered by those in the position of authority called pastors and preachers of the flocks. The lost one was not found and was sent out to find the light on it’s own. Time has a way of confusing humans and made them become impatient .Clocks can stop and go and God’s time is divine and perfect. We are told we not perfect by many and with that in mind we can not know perfect time. And how could we understand God who also is perfect. Many times in our life we reach a state of perfection and it flees from us like all state of matter. We know that matter is created and not destroy. We are told we a begin molded as clay by a potter AND PLACE ON A SHELF and in a state of change. And with this we are told that God does not change. Now my heart speaks to you on a level we dare utter for the state of begin is an image of the creator. All states of matter change according to the state it takes in the mind of the creator as the image is a reflection of thoughts of manifestation. As a creation of anything there are states of perfection and non-perfection. Evolution occurs in mind in our thoughts and in body and in spirit. God has awareness of this factor and knows that the heart will turn back to connection in spirit that was once established in the beginning of the word was. A full circle of God’s love is not broken and that is what is meant by not changing. But the change is in the God divine timing on this circle.As we progress God progresses .Think a child as it grows the inner child remains but the outer body grows. The spirit is the inner and the outer body is the vessel.The spirit grows in a different way from the body vessel. God is a spirit a moving changing spirit and the image doesn’t change on the outer body of God. His word became manifest in the third dimension and don’t change. But God’s body grows as the images grow. Think of energy growing in strength. The more we love God we evolve spiritually don’t we? The more we agreed and come together spiritually God become alive and dwells with us.There two kinds of matter. anti matter and matter .There is evil and good.Balance is the way of nature of all living things.Together we can agreed on one thing we need OUR FATHER /MOTHER GOD CREATOR CONNECTION TO HAVE A SOUL-LUTION TO OUR SOLUTION.

Christmas is Prophecy and A manifestation of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS

Sometimes we missed the point or the bottom line of our intentions of the energy we send out to the collective consciousness. When thoughts become collective and agreement of such thoughts of energy negative or positive take on a form of physical manifestation. What we think in our personal thoughts and prayers and meditations began at the beginning and the word was and God is. We have been sending and receiving as the spirits of the souls join in this harmony of togetherness  in the collective unconsciousness. We have a need and a wanting of this togetherness but also a separateness.This balance continues and spins like a top going from one idea of imagination of creativity to the unknown creativity forces of the universal thoughts. We process and manifest our needs and wants in a timing of our own third dimensional  needs for survival of outward and inward spiritual advancement on many levels of atonement. When we speak a thought we created a vibration intention of an inner and outward directional force. What was the thought of those prophets that sought a savior for mankind through an incarnation of a baby?To be brought in physical form for a short period and bring mysteries of words that where hidden in stories and images and do miracles. And the rest of the prophecy was that he would be die on a cross for the sins of the world. And that in three days he would be placed in a tomb and rise from his body and be transformed and go back to the creator God. Why would a prophecy be so important to the prophets? When we think of the times of the prophecy we can have some understanding can’t we? At that time there was Government control and many worshiped many god’s that man had set up for the people to pay homage to. The wise and the one’s guided by spirit where praying and meditating on what could they do to bring spirit into alignment with the truth they had held onto even when many other’s struggled to keep the third dimensional thoughts in place. When the astrologers the star gazers and the spirit filled humans issued a prophecy and they agreed that the time was correct according to the divine timing of the creative forces of the collective the manifestation of the Christ consciousness CAME TO THE EARTH  THROUGH THAT BABY AS EMANUEL. 

When the Christ consciousness came in a human that was the beginning of the collective energy we see in this time of now. As the consciousness of the collected divide and separated for process of growth and  atonement towards the outward expansion of thoughts and manifestations many prophecy have been manifest through this LIGHT OR CHRIST  consciousness. We are now at a point of complete manifestation as the timing has gone full circle in our development of the agreed of all we have spoken and thought in the collective.  A prophecy of manifestation by the collective Is now ready to come to all that accept and allow the higher self of the spirit of the creative forces of God to  go beyond to surface of the third dimension. The transformations of the light begins has begun in preparation for the 4th and the fifth have been spoken also. Prophecy of God’s children is here. 


CLOSE YOUR EYES TAKE A BREATH,TAKE NOT A MOMENT PLACE ME WITH THE LORD. MANY BELIEVE TO BE DEAD YOU COME INTO THE PRESENT OF THE LORD. As science brings us more understanding of what happens at the moment of death of the physical body we need to understand the moment of the spirit/soul also.The body is made of corruptible material of flesh and bone that will began a process of continuing cells deterioration.As it is in this state of dying from the moment of birth. The spark of life enters at the moment of the sperm and egg meet to start the process of development of cells and form a structure according to the program of the dna of the combination of the cells involved in the making of this joining together. This is the beginning of a gathering  of the outer vessel called the body. As the third month comes to this vessel the brain forms and the spinal cord this begins the connection of the spiritual connection. The process goes into a thinking and dreaming mode and starts receiving thoughts from the mother through the cords of the vibrations along the spinal cord into the brain stem and then to the brain for processing. This information is the new science of understanding and reasoning of the dna and it part in the life of the program that takes over to create the personality,skills and traits of the person human. Animals do have dna also but does not contain the same components such as the brain parts of reasoning. We have talked only of the mechanics of the outer shell the vessel.

Now the discussion about the spiritual/soul existence which is a big concern  or most people. As the body vessel goes through the process called death the spirit/soul is not dying because it is not corrupted by the death process. It is energy and light and matter that is create is never destroy. The energy needs energy so it goes to that which it was and returns to that energy. If you think of a parasite that attaches to living organism that needs it to live you can understand why the spirit energy needs a host to live on.When the host can no longer provide food energy and life to the parasite the parasite detaches itself. The spirit seeks energy to keep it’s life continuing. So this is the understanding of to be BODILY dead is to be present with the LORD OR GOD THE ENERGY FROM WHICH IT COMES FROM. What part goes to God. ALL of the spirit/soul goes to God. When Jesus release His spirit on the cross he did so that His body would die and be put in the tomb. Now the rising of the body needed a spirit to come back in the body  to prove that he resurrected from the tomb on the third day.The spirit was kept with God while the body lay in the tomb. AS WITH LAZARUS when Jesus called his spirit to come back into the body. With this example of Lazarus we can see that the spirit could be placed back in a body after death had occurred to the vessel. As Lazarus awoke from his death processes and was called forth in spirit his body became alive again and walk out of the tomb.This is proof of the spirit ruling over the body. The body of Jesus was death and the body the two women saw was  a new body that the spirit of Jesus took over so he could walk in the garden. But the woman knew that the spirit was Jesus.The body OF JESUS WAS NOT IN THE TOMB.But the cloth was there with an image of a miracle transformation only seen by a negative photograph. The body when through the cloth and the image remained.We are still working to find answers  about this transference of the body of the image on the cloth.When Jesus when to the Father he returned to the disciples to show his wounds to them. This is truly a  sign of control of Jesus to create and change  HIS body by His powers.

We want to communicate with our love ones even though we know they are not in the body but in spirit. As we are told the spirit that comes to us is the Holy spirit. God speaks of the comforter He would send to us. We have found that we can called on the Holy spirit for our prayers and healing. We know that the brain has contains a GOD part and new discoveries are coming every day. To understand energy of the spirit will be a giant step for believers. Many mediums are allowing energy transmissions to come trough them. The real question is are these transmissions the love one speaking or transmissions that the medium has brought in their own imagination. To get validation or conformation is very important to all information given to you. We know that the brain does go on after the breathing stops. So therefore  I have been able to validate the finally thoughts and the reason for the death of the body.  But information after the finally transmission this is yet to been brought forth by any know medium at this present writing.Most medium are ask are their love ones Happy. We know that in spirit their is no pain because there is no pain but in the physical body.

there is more to come about this subject as I am a student of all words that can be offered. thank you be blessed