What does it mean to be born again in the spirit?

We shall speak again on this subject as the spirit of God’s holiness leads our spirits to do so. The word BORN has many meanings and this adds to the confusions of the world. As it has in the times of the question of this subject in the words of Jesus to NICODEMUS. To understand birth and death still remains a mystery to mankind. The reason for this is the answer comes only from the stream of consciousness that is given in the discernment through spirit gifts of the Holy Spirit. To answer a spiritual question you must use spiritual terms to give the complete understanding. There is time to consider in all words as they changed with each generation that brings new meanings. But the understanding of the word born remains that it is a beginning of a stage of creation of something. Take the movie title “a star is born” or even think of a star in the universe begin born. To think of the birth of a unknown beginning of something that we think we see in the skies that appears real but has burned out of it’s energy before we saw it. Was it there or was it real and is it real? We can see into the womb and with our technologically and watch the forming of the baby at all the stages of development of the body. But we can not see the spirit within that body begin formed. So what is the spirit and where does it reside? The begin born again statement is all about a happening of a change in the unseeing spiritual sense and this brings us back to the question “What does it mean to be born again?” There have been some scientist bringing new information on this subject in recent years. They say that the spirit or the soul enters in to the baby in the womb at the three month cycle. This may be connected with the consciousness of the baby begin formed that creates the spirit. We are still questioning this statement. As the free will choices may be something to be considered in the whole question of begin born again. Spiritual questions are to be answered in spiritual terms.Mankind will always seek understanding in the death and life of the person. Many churches will even go as far as saying “you must be born again!”So we must really need to do this,don’t we? The really bad part of this demand that such people make with this statement is that they don’t explain how to do this! Yes they say renew your mind,get in the word and go to church but do they allow people to understand that it is a spiritual transformation.It seems we stop at the message of the cross and are afraid or don’t understand the message of the open tomb and the body of chrism begin transformed into another body of a person in the garden.  And HE SAID,DON’T TOUCH ME I HAVE NOT YET GONE TO THE FATHER! WHY? Was this a temporary transference a reincarnation of his spirit? Try to ask a preacher or pastor about what occurred.I agree that we need the wisdom of incarnation and reincarnation to be handled in the churches in the west. The eastern world has explored this question and it is not hidden from it’s spiritual communities.But the west thinks of these questions as a part of the occult world.Jesus was the incarnation of God in the flesh or He was pretending to be? Do you have questions or are you just lip sinking “I AM BORN AGAIN” and you don’t even know what you are saying. 


 Are we LISTENING TO THE X GENERATION SAYING THIS IN THEIR WORDS AND SONGS.What are they crying for?What is happening that has not happened before to other generation? Have they not been heard by their peers and their teachers? Are their words not reaching the church buildings?Are the doors and the hearts of the pastors close to their speech? There is a aching and it comes from the last of the pain from the baby boomers children. Speaking for a baby boomer now in my 60’s I did give to my son but I gave him home schooling and listened to him. Because of the guns and drugs and wars within wars from the peer pressures in the schools I took him out in the second grade. I can see the reasons why I became so fearful as the generation is now in their 30’s and the world they see is not all happy smiling stickers that their teachers place on their hand instead of honest grades and listen to them. The churches get a failing grade because of traditions that where held by the members to dress nice and bring a business into the place of worship and praise. The tables are turning as they did when Jesus saw this happening. Are you hearing what i’m saying? Is there a young person in your life that said,”whatever” and walked away from you? Is the music still playing in  their ears? Are the words begin heard? To bring a child up in the words of the scriptures they will not turn from it but for a time but will return as the seed has been planted. Now the seeds want a home to grow but the world can not see this nor hear what they are saying. The streets are empty with the word of God and are locked away in a building and the children are not allow in because their pockets are empty and their clothes are rags. Who are they? The ones that have no father’s that stood up and kept honor to the mother’s. They saw the men and women go from bed to bed with their seed not caring where it landed. This had no color or code of it’s own but a confusion that made them say “do you hear what i’m saying?’ The waking up of spirituality is taking on many forms and sights and sounds that we are experiencing in the blink of the eye spoken of. The breaking away from the foundation of birth family was the direction of the ones that walked with the CHRIST, AND SO SHALL IT BE TODAY. We honor self preservation and fight for our freedoms from the authorities that rule on this day of days.Every word is begin heard as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the present moment.  Though the minds of this generation are on drugs and music and eat the meat and drank the blood of the land the Lord is waking up those and calling them to go to the streets to preach the word.Has the trumpet sounded in your heart my son’s and daughter’s of the X generation? And the first will last and the last will be first.Mine eyes has seen the coming of the Lord,what is the word lord but the rule of the land, to lord over to care for and to listen to. Put down the walls of money for the word or you shall see a breaking away such as never before in this land.What we have given to our children is returning to be harvest.The hands of compassion are with the children of the corn and the ripe ones are not in harm’s way but the under brush has many thorns. The ones that are begin called have no direction because they where cast away and forgotten.They repeat no longer the words as memory verses but pain that is raising in their souls for answers. They want more and did we give more but less of our time. Off to school and then to day care and home for a quick frozen meal or burger then to bed without a prayer or story or hug, What was given was little and what was needed was big.No jobs,no money just a heart that is made of stone asking “do you hear what i’m saying?”