Many say that a COG is not important in the Working of the machine.Each part and piece of a puzzle makes the picture.We are always hearing there is not I in the word TEAM. Cor-nations,cooperation and calibration making up a combination of  COMMUNICATION OR WE HAVE chaos or confusion or complete dis-connections of the whole. To say we need no works is such a crock! You hear me like you don’t have to step up and do your part.Where did this ideal come from “SAVED BY GRACE” AND YOU DON’T NEED TO WORK FOR GOD? HERE is the problem you see Grace is a gift. That doesn’t sound like a problem but it is for many people. The brain has a conflict with anything for free in this world we live in. Hey “there is no free lunch” OR is there a free offer from God? When it comes right down to it Salvation was not free! You see, God gave His SON Jesus FOR THE PRICE of your soul . How do you much do you think your soul cost? Can we put a price on a soul or spirit? And Why? WAS THERE A PRICE TO BE PAID in the first place? This world does work on a materialist dog eat dog counting the bucks mentality.  So if you are working you way into Heaven that’s a crime. What? A CRIME? a CRIME AGAINST GOD! it’s like you STEALING his pleasure to LOVE YOU! HIS plan was to give you something you would cherish and be grateful for. You just have to accept it! This is so hard when you heard people saying NOTHING IS FREE in this world! I want you to know that you still have to do some works! But the works you do have nothing to do with the cost of your Heaven bound journey’s. After you accept the free GIFT of the your CREATOR GOD a new commission is your mission that was issued to you as a BELIEVER. TO work for the kingdom in your heart and in the hearts of all. This kingdom came on EARTH through the actions of THE CHRIST WHO’S LIGHT was brought on a CROSS roads as a sign of your SALVATION from a world of darkness. Yes darkness of the the greed and sin nature that had permeated the WHOLE world after a Flood HAD CLEANSED IT. WHAT CAME FIRST? the WATER! AND THEN the BLOOD! AND WHAT CAME THIRD THE fire of the HOLY SPIRIT. AS WE KNOW we are in the fire of the Holy spirit baptisms Now. The harvest of the purity of the souls on this planet. We are the light that was divide from the darkness and we shall cast our bread upon the waters like oil and God’s LOVE WILL IGNITE the flames of His glory in His children. We are the workers of the FAITH UNDER THE BANNER OF GRACE. The Heaven we seek is the HEAVEN we pray in our Fathers prayer “on earth as it is in heaven” THY KINGDOM COME..AS IT SHALL. TO be a giver is to be a RECEIVER if not the perish of the GOODS will FALL! YOU HAVE NOT BECAUSE YOU ask not! SO many will fail to see or heard but God’s word WILL never goes void. THERE IS LIFE IN THE WORD AND THE SONG OF in each heart will sing “hal la lu ya” Praise be to God and all knees will bow.


God just woke me up to say a few words this morning as you know He is a MAN of His word. Yes I said, man! Well it seems it coming down to the words people. It started with a word and will go out with the word. WAS IT? IS IT? LIKE “IT’S A PLANE IT’S A BIRD OR IS IT SUPERMAN?”.So let’s talk the word and walk the walk together for just a moment. OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH, God JUST REMINDED ME TO SAY NOTHING is over until the “Fat lady sings”His word that is! 

So where you watching the national spelling bee this year.It down to the wire and two left standing a girl and a boy. Go figure? And for the first time they ran out of words. IS THIS POSSIBLE? NO, NOT WITH GOD folks.The contest came to halt to prepare more words.  AND THEN THERE WAS A WORD AND The word was DEFINITION  to define LIKE the meaning of a word OR clarity of a meaning. THE boy contestant stood up and spelled it perfectly YES the victory was his. He turned the younger contestant the girl and gave her a hug. He commented her on her efforts and saying he was impressed with abilities begin so much younger in age.In the days of long ago we would have heard about this event on the news but in today’s news we are filled with so many things going on and the things of importance have shifted away from the “HOMETOWN NEWS” of yesteryear. 

So the word Definition is the word of the Lord for the moment. Focus on this just for a moment. What’s it all about you might be thinking? We are running on low right now and God’s word needs to be define for everyone so we can all get on the right page.Yes the finally chapter IN THE BOOK.WHAT BOOK? YOU might be thinking? Well the book of Life! NO NOT THE LAST BOOK but the famous Last words of our Father “I shall return!” Or was that already done? IN A MOVIE or by a general in the war.Any way “I shall return” is the words to pay attention too. Define I shall return? To everything TURN,TURN,TURN, YOU THAT SONG OR THAT BOOK in the BIBLE.a TIME FOR THIS OR THAT.TO REDO OR reincarnate perhaps or incarnate. Take you pick of words as we usually do.

We all have been playing the word game so long it may be hard to find the real or original meanings.They are written on our heart and may have been on paper in many poems and scriptures.The words from others are many and we have may changes with the words in every generation.But somehow some way we know God’s WORDS even if we don’t speak them out loud they resonate with our spirit when they are spoken. Yes FAITH COMES by hearing the words Of our creator God. LIKE a child when it’s mother calls to come to dinner from playing. And God said,”my children know my word! and can hear my call!” Do you hear the word CALL! How many times do you say in one day? “I will call you?” define the word Call.

Well you get the picture, that is a thousand words right? Bring your attention to your intentions and pay heed.AS we entered the Now MOMENT in time of the missing and the lost and mystery of the 777. Yes the big one. THE COMPLETION OF THE PLAY the final curtain call! THE ROSES THE BOWS THE CLAPPING AS WE CLOSE THE SHOW OF IT ALL. YA’LL COME!





What is Spirit?

You would think we would have a clear understand of the essence of life the spirit. We know what the body is just a container of organs,muscles, bones and blood in a a word flesh. We have explored the body inside and it’s outward expression of the biology existence with a fine tooth comb.We now have a blueprint called the DNA which are the cells and the connectors of the whole.But,is this the bottom line what we are really searching for?  We have the biology terms of what could be the beginning of life but still search for the understanding of death of the body. Until all we the complete picture of the artist Creator we are still only knowing shadows of  the facts and truths of the becoming of human begin. An artist paints a picture with a hidden reason behind what he or she puts on a canvas Many who see the finished picture used their own perceptions to interpret what the artist meant by each color and stroke of the tool used to create the masterpiece.But each of us that view the picture differently depending on what we receive in our own truths and perceptions up to a point. We agree it’s a picture. As the human mind expanding and took a second look and continue to explore all the unanswered question of the picture of the creator the consciousnesses of awareness expanded.  We saw the picture than we saw the artist and began piecing the whole of the parts together.Imagination was activated and the senses of the mind became curious to everything around and inside everything. We are in a expansion of this very awareness on a conscious level of dimensional processing at this moment. Yes we are wondering and pondering and thinking more than we have every thought possible. Activation has occurred it’s in the air we breath and songs we sing. What was activate in the human that we are seeing and feeling?We certainly didn’t grown a new body part and change the outward appearance in any way. So the change had to come from an unseen force within and without surrounding the life force.As if we have become influence or guided in a manner that we have brought about because we started changing our perceptions of the artist and not so concerned with the picture we see in our own images. Who is the artist of Creation? Some will give you many answers to this question. Even a big bang is a created idea Some know that what is behind the curtain of creations is a unseen force or spiritual influence. You are not foolish enough to think that this force can be contain as it is the idea of the awareness of it that keeps us in the state of wondering. A connections of cells and memories have been proven in this moment. So we are started to see glimpses of the artist behind the spiritual veil that has been hidden to our perception from the beginning of our conscientiousness awareness.  We are aware of our connection to water. We are water.We need water. Are we a vapor of this spirit? The living water spoke about in the scriptures? We know that we do not live by bread alone but by every word or thought.And we know that by feeding our bodies we grow and change in appearance .But,what happens when we use the words and thoughts of the Bible to feed that something else in our consciousness? What we have called our spiritual part of the human experience.We are seeing and hearing changes that we have never seen before in the history of life on this planet. A new age of thinking and progress to the understanding of our spiritual connection to others and animals and our Earth.The planet Earth has had many ages of change in it’s own progress from ice to stone age and land separation from birth to rebirth. So have the human and animal and plants forms seeded on this earth changed with each age.The forces and the influences of spirit have progressed also into a it’s own power as an age of awareness of dimensional consciousness that has been present seen the first word was WAS manifested.