This is a story about every child of God. Children of God were told in the word “We are not of this world, but in this world” Placement was for a purpose of the CREATOR as all purpose is for the glory of God. Think not that is was a wrong or bad thing but a way of the creation. The seed was to be place in the “GOOD EARTH” to grow in strength through adversities and to become polished like a precious jewel. As we are to receive a crown of  the glory from the lessons of temptations of the world. Think now of the spiritual journey the path of righteousness ALL children of the light have suffered to bring the understand of the true quest you endured. Family has been your placement for your preparations for this day of the LORD. The self was your guide and your ego was your conflict and the wholeness of both sides brought you to wisdom. All was needed to the mixture of your journey to grow in sprit. The pain, suffering and trials where added as a adventure to keep you curious as the child to need and want and become the desires of God. How does a Father know HIS child? A mother has the bonding of the birth the emotions ties of her life of the seed. The father feels a disconnections to the birthing but knows only the psychical appearance. Such as a man can walk away from the child with a pure conscience in most cases. The child of GOD takes the path of a need for a FATHER connection due to the abandonment of the EARTHY father. The mother’s love gives the caring, compassion, tenderness and understanding. The FATHER’S love is the tough love of hardship and miscommunication, lose and wonderings into mystery of “what is man?” To the daughter’s this is a journey of choosing the man like the father example or what was thought of who the father represented to them. The son clung to the mother with self assurance of his manhood. As each child takes the journey from the placement the awareness of this placement comes through memories of self reflections. Regression, Reflections, renewal of all body, mind and spiritual thoughts come to the ONENESS of the purpose. The life continues on new paths and roads that come to cross roads of confusion and misinterpretation until the parts of the whole are formed together to bring forth a new birth within the seed that was planted. As the pondering and wonderings break open the child see the light that shines in the darkness leading the way of the soul. Questions lead to more questions and these lead to answers of the satisfactions of wholeness. The stone of the seed is the living water of the living God. As God said, “to strike the rock to bring forth water” We are the living water of the living creator God. We came from water and to water we will return. As the dust of the EARTH returns to the dust the body of clay. All parts return to that which is came.The child of God is not of this world but placed in this world TO BRING LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS AND TO SPEAD THE SEEDS OF THE KINGDOM. Yes, GOD is aware of your journey and your request to be taken home to your journey end. This is a completions time as we see the clock of the divine time of GOD in the hearts of the world as it weeps for freedoms. The freedom they seek and the child GOD only knows is not of this world but in worlds to come of the kingdom within. All great and mighty souls will endure to this end and wait in expectation of this for the harvest of the souls has begun. The gather of the togetherness is on each table and the serving is in the food of the spirit. We come to this table we leave our journey of DARKNESS AND CONFUSIONS behind us and bring only the new creatures that we have become through the process.


TO THINK about a Pearl AS THE SPIRITUAL wisdom and THINK DO we cast this wisdom to those that have no understanding can be a wrong thing to do. Giving with compassion and love with mo return has been our way. But I say to you as the spirit moves within my heart this day.We have all done under others as the GOLDEN RULE says. Giving is in the spirit of the saved and born again creatures so created through the lessons and trials of such.Have we not all received the messages FROM GOD our creator for renewal and purification. AS the LORD JESUS gave us HIS heart and told us on the mount.Go to the mountain and sit in openness of mind and heart to hear with the ears of your spirit.AS the season come with the words as directed in the word “A TIME FOR EVERYTHING” the TIME HAS COME TO THINK OF THE SWINE. What is the swine but the ungrateful, nonspiritual EARTH Dwellers OF THIS LOWER frequencies or say the walking dead. Dead to the spirit begins that serve a master known to God. As we are His children in the water and blood of HIS SACRIFICE the walkers of WAY. The swine are not of the same. WE gave and all was not received WE CAST OUR PEARLS OF WISDOM AND prayed on their lives and carried their burdens. The time of the end signs bring forth a new spring to the TREE OF LIFE IN THE GARDEN TODAY. We are returning to the garden of life.  WE NOW HAVE EYES TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR THE MESSAGES OF OUR LORD. Now we shall BE receivers and hold our treasure of the kingdom in a safe place where the swine cannot steal our precious pearls of wisdom for our growth and maturity. Have we not all given to those that threw our wisdom away because they didn’t know it value. Did we not see or understand the reason was for our own spiritual growth not for the swine. THE lessons was ours not theirs doesn’t it say His words don’t go void.So you hear these things as the season of light is coming as the the bright star rises as it did at the birth of the LORD. THE earth cry’s in sorrow for the vines of the branches withers as the those that hung on to the tree.The swine will fall and be renew in the dust thereof. For all goes to the source from which it came.CAST your net into the waters of the harvest of the LORD of the land there are many that will lend and ear to your message.Waste not your wisdom on the shore where you know there are not fish to be had. Go where your spirit leads you to fish and bring in the nets.IT THIS NOT WHAT WHAT “CASTING IS?” TO BRING HOME MY CHILDREN.