DOES it really matter what road you take? All roads lead somewhere don’t they? Now you might be thinking how about a dead end road that comes to a stop. Well, let me think a moment it still went to a place didn’t it? As we travel in the mind of the thoughts of consciousness we are on a road of exploration of the ending and beginnings. There will be stopping and going and changes in direction of this spiritual quest of finding the divine. Man come to my table on my radio show saying they are in a wondering place on their journey. They see only the options on their path as the future of the unknown as the next step to travel. You take this same person and place them in a car on a real road and see what they do? When a road sign signs says stop they stop and then go. Or a speed sign tells the speed to drive the car for safety reasons. Many observe the road signs but as we know some do as they please because we all have free will to choose to follow the rules of the road or become open to cause and effect of their action of breaking a rule. With this said, it is a know fact that free will or free choice is always available in the world that was set forth at the begin of all spiritual journey’s. Doing right or wrong because a decision that we all faced in this world. The should and the could and the would are thoughts in the moments  of the mind’s reasoning human. Even the one that confess the will of the FATHER GOD shall rule over my life! To place this in prospective we need to understand that the will of the FATHER is important to understand. As He knows all and sees all and before it was in the beginning of ALL. This is a non changing form of existence OF SPIRIT which is constant but moveable AND is not held to inner and outer forces because it’s containment is THE light energy of the ONE. For change to occur and outside source would have to invade the form itself. As a germ or virus comes into a microorganism to evade or change cells. To think  of the forces of ALL that come into a body, mind and spirit THE will is a shield that prevents invasions. Free will makes allowance where God’s will is powerful to sustain all attacks of foreign substances  and thought patterns of interruption of energy flow fro GOD’S PROTECTION. So is free will important? Yes all will is a balance of the energy of thought. To know God’s will you have to serve free will. This process of working out your own ego into a workable model of God’s child is important for the betterment of the product know as the soul. Refinement of the rough edges of the stone as the clay is to the potter.

     On the road again doing what we did again. Day after day moment after moment clocks ticks on the hour, road signs ahead. And the dusty trail of the nowhere land of alone to contemplate a new thought. The renewal body mind and soul reaches it limits in all directions. waiting and fast pace motions of events pass like on highway at max speed in a pack of cars. We drive our self we are the motivators of our intentions to produce and endure the heartbreaks sorrows and joy’s our road brings. To be or not to be is a free will choice you can let others drive your car and you sit there wondering if you could also drive a car. You can take the wheel and get on down the road with the adventuress spirit God gave you or just sit in your car on a sunny day and open the window and feel the breeze. Born to be free, wild and doing what you do.   



What is to become of me?

A weaver of words and thoughts about a tree.

A limb and branch of the spiritual truths hidden to the eye

Only this I know that feels the sky.

Open are the threads so gold for all good to behold

In the mind and heart not to be sold

Speaking as my fingers tap on the keys of the boards

Hoping and wishing I reach your spirit that is the LORD’S

For only the hearts of gratitude  can share what I say and do

For this is the way sending love especial to just a few

Listen as I am to the waves of  electronic emotions in my thought

Many come to me as I prepare for a channel of loves beginnings  brought 

Words are like golden and silver threads in your memory due to stress

A silent sound of an image when you first sat down to express

To write the wrongs with rights  in a blend of pure delight

now who would hide all this from your sight

So told a glass of darkly now clear coming from a seer

She tells you something you want to hear

Many decades have passed but not gone

A harmony is wind underneath as a song

Words are from a place of knowing

Wisdom brings all in the showing

What you say is what you get

A phrase like that would bring upset

 words that we say are not all from the heart

a slip of the tongue can’t be taken back to the start

Falling into the should and could only brought misery

what has become of this mystery

Speak as if you know your mind

and all will be just fine

For my notes are but a love song to sing

as spring is to the friends giving brings








What does it mean to be “STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD”

IN every generation the words may change meaning. But the sound and frequency of God’s words still resonated  with HIS CHILDREN. For it says in HIS WORD “my children/sheep of my flock will know my voice/sound of my voice.” The sound of God’s words are in the hearts of all living organism  on this EARTH.HIS LIFE giving spirit COMES IN THE water and breath and each cells of the body, mind and soul energy of the spirit. For it is said, “I am the living water and those that drink of my spirit will never thirst.” The thirst is from the cup of salvation of the whole and each part of the human. A clock is ticking in each cells to perform the task of spiritual transformation. WE are that which was placed in the EARTH NOT OF THE EARTH. a DIFFERENT species  set apart from and still with. The time of stillness of the WATERS HAS COME.FOR God ‘s spirit is upon these LIVING WATERS AS A RIPPLE of togetherness brings renewal. His HAND HAS CALMED the waters to hold the moment as if the clocks hands shall do. The stillness is the meaning of this. Do you not feel and know the presence of GOD’S LOVE is here NOW? The mind of stillness comes to the children of God even in the confusion the world gives to all. The CHRIST CONSIOUSNESS is a free will choice FOR many but the children of GOD it has been a knowing. We could always heard our FATHER CREATORS voice and the echo of it came to us. We saw it in the form of nature and the winds that blew on the land sweeping the hearts of all that grew. Why do you search the faces and look up for your redemption was nigh? Talking to the passersby as if to say hi. Saying how are you but not stopping to seek the clues. HAVE A NICE DAY AND GO on your way. AND God saying in your heart, “What is wrong with this picture?” The world knows no STILLNESS but noise of crashing cymbals. Sitting in your room with the walls of four surrounding you angels will appear to you. And messages will bring the “GOOD/GOD NEWS.FOR THE SECRETS OF the creators LOVE WILL BREAK THROUGH the noise with a trumpet blast and the stillness will come. Ears to hear eyes to see a body in surrender to the will of GOD WILL occur. A quicken of the clicking of your spirit clock will strike the time. The still mind will recognize the birth to this new though.  A born again creature lies in the program and the plan of God’s word. The word WAS AND STILL IS! The trying and wondering will stop and the hairs on your head will feel the chills of all of this. A spirit  HAS RISEN in you as a light body has bloom through. LIKE A new born babe seeking a MOTHER’S TOUCH you will know God’s LOVE. YOU will be in his CARE FOREVER MORE INTO eternity. Seek this kingdom of peace and stillness of you own control and letting GOD WILL BRING YOU HOME.TO say this seems simple to some but to those of God IT’S ALREADY DONE. ALLOWED IT TO COME. The meaning of the storms was to help you surrender unto your CREATOR A lesson taken well. The school of EART NEEDS A RECESS and break from all you needed to bring this about. Purification of the FIRE AND THE WATER AND all elements within have come together in this moment of stillness this letter to you brings. Be that which you ARE the ONE who is this light HAS BECOME THE BEGIN! THE IN BEGINING..