Don’t live your life on DRUGS.

D; is for dreads..THINGS you don’t think you can do. OR think it will hurt you or change you in a way you might not want. DREADING can prevent growth in all things such as physical,mind and body. Spiritual growth requires Faith in many lessons and dreading can cause stuck or ego to take over instead of wisdom.

R=is for regrets..Wishing,wondering and putting the past events as a focus instead of intentions on the present moment brings regrets. Attention of your thoughts should be on the pure, the lovely and the good of things you want to create. Regretting leads to depression and repression of memories and forward progress.

U= is for ugly.. Thinking of the ugly distorts views in  the beauty and wonderment of what life has to offer. Ugly is a word that has a meaning of naughty and wrong doings.

G= is for gumption.. Going to the extremes with food or drink or medication to the point of losing self control of a substance. Abuse to body,mind or soul.

S=is for sin..Sin is a word that covers any and all actions or thoughts that come against progress of spiritual and body and mind. SIN prevents connection with the whole. As the golden rule states “Do unto others as you would have it done unto you” Sin cuts off correct energy flow to the source of life and love the connection to the source of LIFE GOD.


How to make your request know to God.

Our power is in the image of the God WE serve. For it is written we are in the image of GOD. The creator create us in His image. The reaching out to and the connecting to is the “image”. Our thoughts are not His thoughts. But our thoughts are offered everyday in prayers and worship. If we think of images or visions we can and will connect in a more appropriate way of the creation that is in progress as the creation is. PICTURES are images of thoughts and vision are very thoughtful creation. Getting a desire into your soul spirit is a wonderful fulfilling experience.  Connecting to and inner source of bliss and satisfaction can and will be a pleasure that you have made a connection to the God SELF. When entering into the HOLLIES many knew the  EMOTIONS OF THE IMAGE. When you use your mind to conceive a conception of an image of ENERGY you know the power of the universal HOLY Spirit. Perception of limitation bond you to a three dimensional energy source of lower frequencies. Rising your vibration imagery brings enlighten insights to your prayers and request. Many have called themselves visionaries and have reach a state of peace and comfort that is a creation of the Creator within the scope of their imagination.We are called to come to God with our body,mind and spirit as the Trinity of the HOLY SPIRIT. We have an understanding of the parts but see not the whole as an image or picture in it’s wholeness. As WE BEGAN to love and bring this into an image of total power of the God creator we release the energy into the image of that which is creation. As the pieces of a puzzle come together to bring a picture TO OUR eyes we begin to understand spiritual connection. Collective we work in the powers of the two bringing in the mist of this energy. The agreement is a bond of a HOLY nature. But it also written as the one comes into communion with the God image YOU AND  I ALSO CAN ACHIEVE  ANSWERS TO PRAYERS AND desires of our heart.It is also written not to forsake the gathering of the coming together to Praise and worship our GOD. AS we have seen this as a helpful part of the word we know that we have broken that bond. The world has strive to do this with buildings and money backed venues that did not serve the children of God on many levels of spiritually growth. As the wanderings came to us we left the doors of wood and brick for nature of God’s creation,. WE have sought life and love and know that the GOD image is in our soul and the temple of the body. WE know the purpose of is HIS IMAGE has directed us. We saw self as the world did and we knew that the words were with us in our emotional connection of the heart. Get a picture and image of this power within and all will be added to your life as we are the children of a God of ALL.

What really is more powerful the pen or the sword?

Thinking and rethinking the past sayings is a job for those of our time. Renewal of the mind is a very spiritual quest for all those on this journey of the new consciousness awareness. To say which is more or less can be a interesting propositions. Speaking of the balance of the sword or the pen and the usages of such instruments. The meanings of the sword can be the word of the person who yields it to speak in the spiritual terms of course and not of the object uses in the physical terms of steel. The sword is a two edged representation of the truth and the lie of the matter to be deuced. As to discernment to the truth of the word or words begin used. As to the pen the same can used in this manner. So we are not really getting to the comparison of the two are we? We are now seeing a balance of the saying itself. “Which is mightier the sword or the pen.?” We have a statement of might or power in both cases. To choose either could possibly bring and conclusion’s to a problem or solution. It would be in the choice to take up arms of the sword as a weapon of destruction as many spoke about. Or to use the sword of the truth of GOD’S WORD IN A MANNER TO bring a clear cut to the confusion. As the pen knows not is stoke or intentions without a mind of the writer \the words used can take on meanings not intended. But WITH God’s word used the intention are clear and cutting AND SPEAK FROM THE HEART with a resonation of purpose with out question. To choose what may be mightier or more profound I used the sword of which  I am named BRENDA and the meaning begin clear to push the keys not the pen to bring the words to you. And also through the spoken words on the air waves of the radio a sword of sorts is my tool. To just say “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON FOR YOU” you NEED A SWORD OF TRUTH in your voice to bring those who do not hear with ears of men! What can the pen do but bring the word for you to see but not hear God’s words in your spirit? So I must say this it is the SWORD of the voice and the ears that bring the ringing to your heart. Have you  read THE BIBLE and though of the voices behind the words begin read? For God is singing in all hearts to speak HIS word a-loud for all to hear. The sword be with you and lift your pen from the page and read what you say. For is by hearing the word that creates the Faith this is true. When you speak it add the sword to it as if you are sharpening the ears to hear!