Every lessons is a journey inward to spiritual enlightenment.

Have you hear that we can only look back to see what the lessons meant? This may be true as the observer of the dream we call reality does require a refection process of all that was contain in the lesson. There are many that use a model to project a lesson to bring about desired result of the lesson and this would be a kin to a lucid dreaming state though only to be achieved in the sleeping sessions.There is another state of the dream called the trance and this can be achieved in the waking state of the consciousness. Most humans are not fully awake in the consciousness as this is begin seen in the news stories across our EARTH.The shift to an awaken has to occur in the brain connected to the body ,mind and soul/spiritual.There is so much confusion to terms and words like mind, soul and where is this spiritual thing? There is a an interaction of mind and soul as the spiritual essences is the glue that brings together all terms. As many have stated the mind is not the brain for the brain is a physical representation of the mechanical workings of thought processes. And the soul is a it also a container of the physical? For it is said “let not your soul be taken” as if it is an attainable solid form and be should be aware of it’s present so we can guard or protect it. Where is the need of tags and labels to guide us to part and pieces of our existences in just thoughts that have kept us in confusion of such labels.To say we are this or that and carry the tag or label as a badge of honor on some spiritual plane of existences. I say what is the used of all these tags but to bring us some tangible third dimension journey mark to the self. The collective union of soul groups is a conscious bench mark of sorts and this has been achieved.For all that is of spirit is spirit. We are the ONE of the grand design of the creation of the “LESSONS” which we all gain knowledge and wisdom on an individual level but also brought testimonies to the tables and began forming a insight for others to take what was needed for the journey. For centuries and moments of soul breathing this has create the desire effect to the whole. As there is but ONE soul to return to the creator of the original image set forth for purposes of a co/creator image.As we see only each that comes to us in our reflective mind’s eye of physical limitations on this plane. The opening of the third eye of the closure of the twin flame burns but ONE light. The lessons are ONE and the study of this brings new labels to entertain your curiosity of this.Who is thy brother or sister but the joining of ALL.We have become our bothers keeper in the way intended in the first days of this creations story. The light and the salt is doing greater because of this bonding of all power contain withing this lesson. No “less” my “son” but more was the chore not needed in taking on. But decreasing to the “less” of the “son” WITHIN! TO be or not to be? TAKING on the “SON” and letting this precept COME INWARD TI THE “CHRIST” ENLIGHTENMENT OF this now!

Why can’t we live in the moment?

As humans we are always saying words that prevent this occurrence of the moment. We say words like “I’m trying”, “I just wondering”, ” I can’t to it” “My mind has too many thoughts”.These words may be truthful to the mind and to the self but not to the spirit that is in the moment. When we hear the words “living in the present moment” We resist the idea completely because it’s is seen as impossible in a world of constant interruptions and demands on us to give our input and attention to.Time for us is very control with duties of the world and the realities of others.Our reality seems distant an unobtainable to bring into the spirit. We know the quietness is important and the only solution the world offers is to escape with drugs or other modes of repetitive entertainment that controls us and gives us momentary relief of stress. We watch a news program and gather information and filter out as much as possible of propaganda that is going viral on many venues in media. This is a important stress factor we face in all that we input into our fragile subconscious minds that we carry with us in our sleep states only to produce night mares of strange symbols upon awaken each day. There are many who choose to go into automatic mode when walking or driving or even the smallest task set before them.We see this everyday “the walking dead” humans who are physically present but their minds are in a trance state.What are we doing most of the time when we are not here in the present moment? We are escaping reality and missing life and not getting in touch with the what we are “SPIRIT” in a physical existence! Some people tell me they don’t even have time to breath or experience anything they are just going through the motions of some kind of life that is completely control by others. I have spoken to the wondering minds of this EARTH many times and I do believe we can bring ALL that suffer from escapism to reality of spirit. I once thought meditation was the real key to this virus that the world has spread through the hearts and minds of the children of God. But as my work and yours as servants and ambassadors for God we are not seeing the revealing of Holy Spirit as predicted because the torch of your lights must be brought into the darkness in your spirit in this moment.We are to teach those to fish for themselves so they can bring their light forward in their spirit. If we the servants are praying for them and holding their hand will they learn to walk on their own? We can agree with their prayers and guide them but we must help them to find their own way in this darkness. It is time to come to where they are and bring your spiritual light to them in your spirit. Tell them that God loves them as much as God has loved you.And tell them God is with them in their problems and will bring them out of the darkness. We must not be quick to judge in any way for God will take that burden from us. And when you see a human brother or sister in need don’t take the burden from them for this is theirs and God will take it from them. Each moment in your life God is with you and you need to know this. When the children stop resisting God and show this the children of darkness will see it!

What is are your intentions?

To think, to act or perform in such a manner to create.To be that which we are from the source of the higher self that we reach with our truth!The mind of the control we choose by choices with our free will to do so. Are we connected to that which will bring the alignment of the ALL that lies in the depths of the soul? How deep do we need to go to bring a rise of this spiritual essence? The search begins in a dark alone place of quiet and thoughts to conquer that remain in the memories of the past and continue in the present moments as haunts of completeness that we seek. Have we not all wondering in this dark space of the escapism only to be there and reach outward for a physical object to cling to for assistance. The attachments of the physical have been our refuge to bring us inward on a journey to the spiritual self. How we achieve inner peace and solitude without the assistance of the outward struggle? When we try to hold on to it with a examination of evidence of a three dimensional world limitations we become lost. Can we be found in this confusion of symbols and images that flash before us in the outward and inward.?We are so connected to our representation we don’t see a need to let go or allow
any interference with the status quote “let go let God”. Have we been so lost in the materialistic frame work of programming it’s to late for us suffering soul of spiritual insight? I say no, it isn’t because growth is life and living is God’s creation in us.I don’t speak of just Faith in this process we are presently enduring as as “TOGETHERNESS” or as a collective union of spiritual humans. We are not at the cross roads of a marriage of the bonding as the blending has taken place for the “golden age” is!Shall we throw our swords down in retreat as many have retreated to the physical objects of past objects to place their powers in? The wholeness of spirituality is the the inward that always existed with us since the birth in the seed from which we came. As my journey has taken me and others to this opening of new realities but old emotions have risen to the mind and the renewal to the “Christ” is with us. No longer to we look for the light in places of dark but the very essence inward that we have only seen when we practice moment of touching or reaching what we where for brief periods during our stillness in meditations. Now that the circle is coming to it’s energies of the time to celebrate the becoming and quest expansions of spirituality beyond the symbolism of images.What are the children to follow in this world that was prepare for them that rejected them from birth. Many seeds have been brought to this garden of Earth and have been weeded out for their growth here was not a nourishment to the spirit of God. The last seedlings are the to be the first once more. AS QUOTED “THE FIRST WITH BE THE LAST AND THE LAST WILL BE THE FIRST.AS A NEW BREATH COMES a renewal emerges A BORN AGAIN experiences is spirituality.