What is the Christ consciousness?

Many words and meanings as generation come to their own perception and understanding.Bringing enlightenment and clear comprehensions of God’s divine timing of the collective agreement of the “one”. The order of the chaos is the blending and balancing as in the coming together of the soul minds. The meaning of the word “Christ” is light energy within the core of the light body serving as an experience of the  quicken of awareness of such active. As maturity arrives to the consciousness entity we become that which is Christ consciousness within. Creation forms new connection to the whole as each part comes into this begin of Christ energy emits such.All is in this experience requires acceptance and allowance to truth agreement from logical perceptions of faith.Hope is a hold back to the subconsciousness and places the waiting to form in the logical mindset.As to take leaps of faith brings movements of energies.A will becomes subdue for a monetary moment but ceases as the finally connection is complete and take a placement in the consciousness of the soul mind itself. The I am pronouncement shall be spoken to seal this agreement in the factor of witnessing. I am in “Christ consciousnesses”  it is a happening and the sound becomes part of the cords of harmony.When an” I am statement” is issued from words of belief this becomes a profound agreement and it is sealed.To be “Christ like” is the example of all actions and words and this is a first step to spiritual maturity but not a stopping point.To grow and accept and allow God’s promises as in the “Christ consciousness”.A relationship to the “Christ consciousness”  brings gifts of the Holy Spirit to awareness. Gifts are in place waiting for an intention to serve in the fullness of the all giving by God.Going beyond the image of THE CHRIST on a cross to the tomb and the resurrection. Each part of the whole will complete all cycles of this representation A timeline set by the “Jesus the CHRIST” to walk in His actions,words and come to what he did for the whole of the removal of karmic/ sin drawn by generation of physical and spiritual pains and sorrows of the  stings of death.So to speak the death of the spirit is released in these properties as it was not so until a manifestation of blood shed from a  human.When animals where in place before the spiritual was not effected completely and a requirement came to give a “Christ consciousnesses” as a proper renewal in the whole and in each part there of.As a in process of maturity and growth to bring light into focus an intentional action all was.To accept this action that came to us was and is appropriate as in this we have eternal life in the spirit.The” Christ consciousness” has this awareness completely.Each reaches this as divine timing of the God head is accepted.The I am is with you now.imagesbkpl     



What is the soul mind?

Looking for the mind becomes a difficult chore for many as it is not contain by space and time. The soul is energy that is expelled from the spirit core of the physical body container. Memories are attracted to the soul mind through energy sources inward and outward as it drifts in it’s motion like stream of endless consciousness from directions in the “no time”  state.To gain information from a “soul mind memory” a code or a link can be obtain with your own connections to the “one” of your own on “soul mind”recognition that it is a part of your experiences. The names and places are different but the lessons are have the same meaning.In each soul mind a familiar sound will resonated from a mention of your experience to bring forth the others in your soul group or soul mate connections.This synchronicity becomes your awareness that you have connected to the soul mind within the other “one” energies.As the collective consciousness forms in the togetherness of the “one soul mind” your awareness increases.The assimilation is your attachment to the memories of past incarnation and present soul mind activities all actives have life and play an important part in the entire story and journey. Your story or spiritual insights of your journey are connected in a soul mind within a soul mind of the others belonging to this “one”. Observing as a servant to this understanding not as a master over the contents of the whole journey but a overlapping interest in your part of the person’s journey gives a humility to your own “soul mind” connection you are making as you journey in this incarnation carry your past lives as activities not as direct influences over your present incarnation.Some of your gifts and talents can be attributed to your present life from this connection in the knowing that you have a soul mind.As death comes to the physical  connection that we have worn as clothes in the present and protect as a shield or mask in this roll as mother’s,father’s,son and daughter’s to our incarnations for purposes of obtaining a placement of soul mind activities to be continued in the living sources available on the EARTH plane and dimensional  space and time. Sorrows and memories of lost or HEART FEELINGS OF EMOTIONAL attachments will remain in the core of the soul mind for future  references. As we are in in the revealing at this momentarily for a brief glimpses of realities for many who need to cut cords before processing of the completeness of the “one”.Lessons will continue as a soul mind of the “one” collective seems appropriated with all others that have this need.thumbnail_animation0p1       




Do you know what is means to be a whole brain thinker? I know asking this question will make you think. The brain is a data center for all processing of thoughts and images that keep connection to awareness. The self has been so misunderstood as programs of the world have over lay fears of power to the images we record. The true self emerges at an awaken of spiritual belief’s and faith as the ego acceptance to truths of the real self.  A falling away of strong opinions formed that kept the self in a pattern of bondage and enslave to the world views due to pressures of conformations ‘called peer” or other energy forces of the unseen. The views of what may called “open” or “close” minded are the current words used for example in this writing. Not really a concept but a perception of those that need those words to say a different way of coming into a new thought pattern for purposes of acceptance and allowing entrance into new thoughts for healing of the attachments. How to change thinking does require a shift from these world views held as a banner “only 10% of the brain is used” a perception long program and held as a truth by many humans. As we have gone beyond such views with speeds of explorations and discoveries of the brain in circles of spiritual and scientific advancements.The moment does need a slight adjustment in the discussions in the collective consciousness. To accept to the self of the connection to the “one” thought is the reason of my writing. This awareness is long overdue as the intention of each part of the whole is forming a “one’ centered intention to bring  a whole brain thinking effect.The brain consciousness started in the left brain “logical” and shifted to the right brain “imagination” for purpose of balance it is require for allowance of a whole brain movement . A movement is not movement per-say like the world understands this word but, an intention in the spiritual realms to seek the kingdom as put forth in scriptures written as an focus. The truth is attainable went this is done in the each part of the whole consciousness as the opening of agreements are in place in the collective.Looking to self as a whole and not just a part this energy will serve as a point of entrance for the thinking to become whole. Of course we throw not part of the each out to achieve this awareness of the whole that is in your own brain program. For the process of the self was the start to the processing of the ego thoughts. As self worth is your strength to conquer your demons of your past mistakes. This is just a moment away from wholeness and holistic healing. The energy is your source that must be observe and used in meditation as know to all.The whole brain thinker is not in judgement of the self mistakes and knows that the release of these karma activities will come through as the process of wholeness is obtain through spiritual awareness. With the clearing as we know has been a first step this will be an ongoing acknowledgement and the energies of dark so have no fimagesvbmootholds on each part of the whole we are full speed in this third awareness into the fourth and fifth dimensional thinking as to the whole of the collective.   


1.Are a giver and not expecting a return.

2.Are gifted and talented without attending a school of the arts.

3.You become emotional about spiritual things that happen to you and others.

4.You can help heal a person by just begin there to listen to their worries and fears.

5.Things of the paranormal and supernatural are in your life at an early age.

6.You accept GOD’S will for your life at some point in your life.

7.You have always had a great imagination and you display it in all you do and say.

8.Creative surrounds you in your home and your style of fashion.

9.Colors have an effect on your personal emotions and your environment.

10.Order and clutter must be balanced because of your securities and comfort.

11.Vibrations of loud tones of the spoken word and music can distracted your inner harmony. 

12.Confusion sends you into anger and uneasiness and makes you react before you ready.

13.Making choices and decisions requires another person to check your thinking or agreement with self.

14.Many times you have attended “CHURCH BUILDINGS” for services with dogma and doctrine and wanted to ask questions and your questions could not be answered.

15.You have studied to many different types of religions.

16.You talk to God by yourself as a friend and have a relationship.

17 You things with your heart before you know them in your mind.

18.You have given your life to God without a public announcement.

19.You don’t think there is a need for any formal water baptisms or church membership to know you belong to God.

20.You work for God as HE leads you and you know this is calling of the HOLY SPIRIT.










What is the REAL balance of POWER?

With voices crying the sound of POWER THE word speaks of control and divisions.To raise vibration of anger and Hate only manifest the intentions of the words with a force that can be uncontrollable. We know this but yet the lower frequencies are just as determine as the higher  frequencies to bring a world lost in complacence to a boiling point like a “pot on the stove”.The consciousness shift  and growth has brought energies to the surface as the water in the pot changes its molecule structure to the boiling point.As ALL humans have an urgent need for the “NOW” moment.They proceed to react without the awareness of this boiling point. The need the expression of the emotions stirring in this negative manner to bring the water to a boil so that all can join the confusion.To say the water will boil in an appropriate time and waiting is required tends to sends the human mind into a fury of actions without thinking of the finally results.As there is always a pot ready to boil on the world’s stove and problems are present but lie in the unseen energies.Bringing everything out into the open and revealing the negative comes in this moment for all to understand it’s deep rooted darkness. Therefore the bringing the darkness into the light for thorough discussion of such issues for the lessons of complete detachments of the negative energies of the world. The balance can not and will not occur without completeness of the lower vibrations reaching the higher in this effect.As the wheels of karma have been placed into this action through karmic powers of the collective with a powerful stoke of a shift THE revealing has begun.To hear or see what the world is presenting does require the higher consciousness to remain non-judgement and to allow this to proceed.As there will be times and moments of remorse from the compassion program to help the negative to survive.Allowance must be maintain for each part of the whole will be effected in the karmic revealing.As the spiritual timelines merge a coming of more awakenings occurs in the “blink of the eye” spoken about in the word. Fear will play a big part in each center of the core of the world renewal. The whole will not shatter for the LOVE will bring togetherness as the needs become manifest through blessings for security will not be lost.This is an exciting and joy-est moment for those that have already seen the visions of a world of peace.The turmoil is the churning and yearning of the souls that have incarnated in this last generation and as said,”the last will be the first”SO let not your heart be troubled my children of God. imagesCAA42E00














Who OR WHAT really knows what you DO in your LIFE?

We work and plan and do the best we can do to make a life for ourselves  and our families.The America dream of “seizing the opportunities” the world has to offer us. But,what about of God’s plan for us? Most of us put a spiritual plan last as we take on the world we were placed in but not “of” it in a spiritual sense.So we began the struggling and trying and making our way through the limitations and completions of others that are on a crash course to freedoms to be “ALL THEY THINK THEY CAN BE.” You know this is true and we ALL have faced a wall in this world trying to use or bringing our spiritual insights with us in this world we were placed in.We can bring joy from our heart to the world through a smile or a delightful spirit charming the beast that lies in the very soul of the human of the world.Reality comes quickly to the child of God as doors open and close and a lessons comes in that “blink of eye moment”. ONLY AFTER the consciousness of God rises in the dept of the darkness FROM THE WORLD turns TO a bright light of spirituality in the soul do we know that we know “We don’t belong” but, yet we are here for a reason.The purposes of WHO ARE WHAT WE HAVE BECOME and the reasons for our hard labors IN AN UNACCEPTABLE world.As we think we see it because we only saw the rejections and fears that world spoke about in this struggle to be the best.Thinking about be a winner and taking the top prize in the “rat race” of careers and jobs and work.Feeling that everything has been instilled in us like program in a computer hard drive and the software was running from a spiritual sense in a vast universal thought process.How can we change such a program without taking control over the whole program? The reality is that each part of the whole depends on each other one to work properly.So as each child of God turns to the creator of the original program the changes to the whole comes to the awareness of the whole. This works very much like virus in the body and even one word that contains the power of  God.So the “one” becomes important as it is the start and the finish of the creations. AS IN ALPHA AND OMEGA the point but not the stopping but, the beginning as GOD said,”let there be light” and there was LIGHT! SO as a speck of “LIGHT” energy brings darkness into chaos and divisions the separation of the core  of the stronghold of a world lost.Children of God carry creation “light” within their heart as the LOVE SEEDS”  and they are ready to plant,water and harvest their crop at this moment.We have done the work of intervening into a world now we are stepping out and looking at our seeds we have sowed. And we know the lessons that we create for ourselves and others around us.Our examples have been shown through love and the world knew us not. We worked in all fields and brought our gifts to their alters. We did conform for periods of time in body but not in spirit.For our spirit could not conform to a world of darkness as we “are the light of the world.” We came,we gave,we took, and we conquered.We sat in the dark rooms and listened and ate the food as the masters did to meet the world as we were instructed.We took the labels and the names they placed on us for their ways are not ours as we are God’s child and the heirs to the kingdom.Now the moment of letting God take our burdens of this worried world is in process.We move with the speed of each spirit that is in each and the movement is swift in God’s eyes only.When we wondered who or what knows what we do in our life ,WE know that God knows because we are in agreement wit1378304_537869586289310_220946629_nh the creator NOW.