My magic wand of memories flood the  my consciousness with ideas of old brought new again.Thinking of the days with my grandmother in the homes of Quakers in Virginia this morning. My youth only of ten years in the physical but far beyond in the spiritual thoughts in that moment.What was this inner light of that “peaceable kingdom within”? The words floating from the people I met and hugged so briefly  so many days ago.As memories are filed away like dusty old collectibles on a shelf in a attic  just sitting waiting for a new generation eyes to peer. This was my grandmother’s generation and I was a time traveler in all sense and meaning of the word. My path became her path for a blink of the eye and disappeared before I could gleam from the pure gold of this gem. As time does pass in such a manner for every rose is not smell or touched but the beauty of it remains in the imagery of the memories. Oh ,yes by all means I do speak of the ‘inner light’ as this phase echoes in my voice but the meaning was not as clear as the childhood memory that was shown to me today.Going down the spiritual path as your eyes change to spiritual insights and not as the world sees brings clarity of the memories stored. A ‘peaceable kingdom within” sounds like  view of togetherness and completeness and much like Jesus presented doesn’t it? What are Quakers and  why now was this coming back to me so strongly? It was my roots my first experience and that seem important to my work for God.

So my search for truth begins again and again for wisdom and understanding to give to the children that come to me.I know I am not alone in this search for answers and that makes it exciting and fresh every time I take on a new subject or word meaning.

Who was my grandmother and why was she a Quaker? Her name was Minnie May Lovelace Talley born in the year 1900 and crossed over in 1985.Her father died before she was born and her mother remarried to the name Bridgeman. Those  are the stats. But the story of her life was interesting as many stories are about how we live.She was brought up Quaker and remain that her whole life on this Earth. She brought her four girls up Quaker and the one girl who didn’t take to the belief’s was my mother her first child Virginia. Now, isn’t that interesting because I was the only one given spiritual gifts.Minnie had 13 grandchildren and many great children. But, not any of them followed her path like I did. She became a widow when my Grandfather died after his world war 1 injuries. He got shot in his leg and because he lost his leg on the battlefield they had to take it to save him.So he had a wooden leg and gangrene became his demise. He was Quaker when Minnie  met him and so was his family.So he told her she must join the Quakers to be his wife. Funny thing he didn’t go to the meetings with her. He was a wild man drinking,cussing and playing poker while she was the strong Quaker never judging and loving him through all his so called sinning.Go figure, made no sense to anybody.She had the peaceable kingdom within always.sampa59b7efb9982bc4f


What is the GENDER of spirit? “word meanings”

What is Spirit? DOES gender applied to physical attributes? Is order of what is tag to be important? LIKE GENDER assignments of the word man and woman. A call from JESUS the CHRIST OF ABBA father in spirit was an endearment. Did He cry out in spirit or in the world seeing a man form in physical?  He reach into HIS kingdom within the spiritual contain in a body so formed to look like a man. Did the prophecy require a man child born as a son to a woman Mary? Yes it did and that was the order. For God so loved the WORLD He gave His only begotten son. To fill the prophecy written and spoken a son, a man child begotten.Gender is the psychical term of the outward appearance and therefore can be the same as the spirit because there is no appearance of spirit. To sort through and discern is the workings of a HOLY SPIRIT and concept of such is in order when speaking of spirit things. Those of the world hear not the Holy Spirit and use words of the world and applied them to God also. God is not a gender word. It means the creator the alpha and omega omnipresent in all living things or to say bodies of humans. Emanuel God with us is the name given by the angel Gabriel to MARY. The still has no understand or wisdom of God with us! They place God in a far away place on an imaginary throne in the heavens not in Spirit. But ,yet they speak of God coming in the man representation of Jesus the Christ leading to much confusion. And then they speak of Jesus on the right hand side sitting next to God the father as if this is the placement of spirit. So you see the world is doing order without wisdom and the people know that Emanuel, Jesus and the HOLY SPIRIT are in spirit not in physical. Stop the confusion of this con!

I just read an article from “Christianity today” about a person who is so confused by her identity that the world  tag her with and caused great harm in her spirit. The writer was suppose to be Christian and not a representation of world views. He quoted that the order of God was to make a man and a woman and that was God’s only order. Did he speak on spiritual matters? The world needs to sat at God’s table right now and ask the HOLY SPIRIT for DECERNMENT.

The CHRIST is the light that shines as a source of energy that fuels the spirit.As the eyes open and ears start to hear what God was and did and will do this is NOW!th (82)


thumbnail_animation0p1Speaking, whispering shadows of dance bring the Harmony of sound out of a world of illusion. Shall we bring the two or the three or the millions to this harmonic wisdom? Waves of emotions of hearts not expressed are the order of the day. For each that is and will be the waters of careless motions to rest on the shores of this harmony. To reach that was the impossible dream state of this awareness comes to a man and woman as in the womb of the creator self. The egg of the spark and the course of the sperms fight for freedom to obtain. Inward and upward to the bursting of evolutions harmony of wondrous worlds of paths in the universal openings. The portals of the minds expansions is but a  clue to this array of harmonious dance of creations. For in God the Master was the core root of the plant and the seed that was flung into this vibrational string of events. No more to search but to observe the inner happenings as the briskness of the dawn shoots the rays into sunlight. For shall be His course but to show harmony that was the light of that dawning of the dust. For He was the dust and returns too the dust shattered in that beginning of the harmony Winds of the time that was are now in this moment to catch like a leaf before it falls to the ground to be wet by the dew. To stick on the pavements of the walkways. It fell from the graceful dance of the winds out of the harmony. But yet in still is the observing mode as passer of the humans on the side walk. The balance of death and life is in the harmony of the placement of the leaf and the dust that stirs of the ground below. Did not you see a tiny floating piece of the dandy lion take flight as you blew the puff of the flower in your hand. Was it your breath that added harmony to the dance of this flowers life? Movements of the wind and waters flow towards the banks and return only to come to the air in the harmony of the natural course. To pick is the choice we all have to join this harmonic life course or sit and watch is the harmony also. Balancing the all of the everything and master of none but the one. Going and coming as if to say I was here or was I ? Funny is the thoughts of the lonely watchers of the play  of the living and the dying emblems of the fires they created. Smoking the pipes blowing circles in the air above with no cares. Watching and waiting for the portals of escape that were not there.Soon the chimes of the clock will bring harmony at noon. Or not as the door knocker would say in days of the olden slaves.Have we one that would say, “stop the music let’s go play in the hay.”Lazy summer days went the valley  showed glimmering yellows all a glow. Maybe then harmony would come and sat on the porch and stay. As grandma would say,”ya’ll. come back ya hear!” “you kids stay closed to the house Sun’s going down.”

CAN we put the pieces of the puzzle OF THE CROSS together?

Who was the body on the cross? What did the body represent? Why did blood have to be shed for sins? Where did it happen? What time was it? How did it effect the world? We can ask these questions and each person has a different answer. Staying the questions brings the mind to wandering  and pondering and to confusions.The world keeps spinning this wheel of chaos with different views some open for discussion and some for just acceptance. And the facts still keep rolling in as we are in the revealing of the seals John spoke of. What I believe is my reality as your belief’s are your reality.To think of a map of many roads going in but one directions and coming back to the way home to the beginning continues.The mine is a flow of thought energy from a source of consciousness that flows into collectives of all thoughts.Your reality and your road to your lessons is paved by your thought intentions.Some of your the thoughts are your own and some thoughts are not formed solid in your consciousnesses. Floating thought energies are like disconnected wires on your main frame of your own reality.The feeling of disconnection to your own intentions places you in the storm of other peoples opinions and belief’s. You join with this disconnection as a foreign allied part  and remain in the disconnection until you become aware in your spiritual mind that you no longer to be connected.The lesson learned and remember and this sends your energy on in this body of consciousness to other cells as if you need a connections.Coming finally to a grounding point in an awaken that you must remain in your own element. You have tasted all the foods of the bitter and need no more of the cells from a body that is not your home.Seeking home of the calling of the soul the spirit requires a letting go of needs of a body that is not your blood or nutriment to a spiritual body.We ate from such bodies and took from them what was useful for understanding and increased wisdom.Can you say who you are? Can you say What you are? Is there a calling of each soul? When we speak of purpose many are still asking and have not come to the CROSS-ROADS of that cross on that hill with a  physical body was hung and bleed for this purpose. So much confusion and no answers in this world system that confusion have been present in the child of GOD.Creator knew your name and every hair on your head before you came into this world and you know in your spirit you are not of it. What does this mean to you now? Take each word and find the answers that serve your path home.To serve is to be that which you are a calling that brings you to the master that you are. Both are the same in God’s eyes and words spoken to your heart.The last will be first and the first will be the last.994897_10152199006602355_1769188129_n

“Go and tell no- one” Why did Jesus the CHRIST say this?

Times they are a changing.In the times of the EARTHY representation of the CHRIST in physical it was the purpose of fulfillment.Words spoken by the prophet Isaiah that Messiah would come brought  a message of hope to a world of darkness.The word was given but still only those that had the ears of the HOLY SPIRIT in operation could hear or accept this word. As in all times change comes with the letting go of securities of this WORLD and spirit things become manifested to the children of GOD.

From Isaiah 43- verse 42 living bible

You see my servant,whom I uphold; my chosen one,in whom I delight.I have put my spirit upon him; he will reveal justice to the nations of the world.He will be gentle-he will not shout nor quarrel in the streets.He will not break the bruised reed,nor quench the dimly burning flame.He will encourage the fainthearted,those tempted to despair.He will see full justice given to all who have been wronged.He won’t be satisfied until truth and righteousness prevail throughout the earth,nor until even distant lands beyond the seas have trust in him.

As the Christ healed and performed acts of kindness on His walk in this incarnation  brought forth from this word a servant was born to men. To serve was to give and be grateful of all given unto such.Calling forth was the agreement made in spirit.As to each is given a calling to serve.The times required a living sacrifice to serve for sins were not leaving from animals brought for the blood was not pure.The temples of the earth had been forsaken for the worship of gods of fate and destiny.The message was clear to Isaiah as God came saying to him “Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool: What Temple can you build for me as good as that?So much the suffering for the cure of the spirit was with all in those times.Looking full circle to the present we see the turning away from  the CROSS and blood shed to bring truth of the manifestation of the Christ light within the kingdom sought.

We are but a glimmer of this light shinning my children and wisdom is with us.To understand that this is the day of the LORD OF HOST. The table are turning as well and the pendulum have swung to bring this renewal.Shall we say go and tell no-one as if this is the days of old when it would stop the completion of what was foretold? Each has a message from God to say and tell but to keep the GOLD would be selfish wouldn’t it?Did not after the completion come Christ says go and tell it on the mountain? Yes, but we still keep quiet and share only the things that are not the good news of His coming.We promoted everything else as if this will bring change to the dark secret hidden in the hearts of men and women.There are many coming in this last generation that is to be the first that came with the messages of God have ears to listen to them.1045126_1385464041671029_2037553225_n.

To each is own, Let each take from God what it is theirs to take!

There was woman so consumed with her children she wanted to eat them.As in nature we observe the first time mother not sure of motherhood shall killed or eat their young off springs.What is this to us that should have wisdom as thinking humans as we attempt to hurt,killed or live our own selfish desires through our children. In the mind of the mother comes thoughts of in my image is this child. When thoughts should be in God’s image is all formed.Shall we give the free will to all even our children we borne from our womb. Or shall we take their minds and place them in bondage to our will and not God’s will? As to what is a mother’s purpose to rock the cradle and allow God’s compassion to be given. This world has shown other than the wisdom of God’s purpose of those that have been given His children to raise up in His will for His kingdom. Many that have thought their body is their’s to do with what they will. This is not statement of judgement but a fact now present in this world. The blessing of womb and the miracles of LIFE are also present as God is balance in everything.

A dream comes to this mind as to bring this message to those to hear only not those in the dark shadows of doubt and despair.We need to stop eating other people food. Each has been given their portion from God’s table. We see others in pain and suffering and take it from them as a badge of honor in this pride we are the healer. We eat food that we know that does not bring wellness to our bodies or minds thinking that others are starving. We tell others that war should be stopped but we fight ourselves against God.We see the terror coming in this world and the fears in our own mind we create.What are our roll models in this world but mere humans that we bring to their rise of this status.  Are we to honor and praise mere man or woman as a God for ourselves and our children.And when they” fall from Grace” as the media says,but we know they are not even in Grace.Have we not known that everyone has their own demons inside to fight and come to God’s grace? We are we each to eat our own humble pie and know that the revealing of God’s word will happen and stand before this now.

A woman or man that does such as not loving all living and caring of such gifts that God has gave lives in this and shall perish For that is a Law and will be the rule of all.As we think on what is lovely and good let us search our hearts and minds to understand that we have all been partaken of things of this world. For God knows all and see all that is written and said before it is.The knowing is but a part of the play and actors have read their lines well. Final act..comesimagesCAA42E00