EASY say then done in most cases for most people. To be true to self or your own spiritual reality can be a new but old concept. If each has it’s own belief system and reality these clashes often occur in families and long time friends. What to do when to walk away has been coming to my table more often then I like to omit.  When systems of the world clash with spiritual perceptions a good thing is to walk away and not look back and get grounded before the realities of the energies take hold to core soul.As the lost are searching for help with greed,pride and attachments talking to them makes sense to some degree but,letting go of revenge and pride remains in their minds. It seems they want help but can not be true to spirit because they live in both worlds of the double minded systems set up in their reality.They follow a hidden agenda and the discovery takes a time as you listen. Is this the anti-Christ? The activity is diffidently coming through at this time. My awareness is sharpening to the two sided words that are blended and appeared to a belief but not clear understanding of what they are saying. Action are not detective as they are caution no to be other than an angel of light to everyone but the soul is dark in it’s reasoning.Is this the beginning of a closed door to helping as they do not receive the truth that  they using  greed or revenge to get what is their’s. When I point out that greed, pride or revenge is creating negative energy they say nothing. The quiet on the other end of the phone tells a story in it’s silents. Then the words flow again in a double minded manner saying that they pray to arch angel Micheal for help.This was the real story they were depending on an angel for their source.God was not their Father it was an angel of light.When asked, about what they really wanted with a Christian psychic they kept asking the same question”Will  I get what money belongs to me!?” Missing the point and going full circle back to “me” and pride and greed and revenge and not listen and saying after all this “you are complete wrong”. After I pointing out that a need for giving up revenge and to try consulting Micheal about her problems. She was confused because Micheal could not help her so she was going to psychic’s,mediums and not understanding anything that was given to her.  What just happen she was very flattering about my show and abilities but, did not want my advice. Is this the world seeking for answers or adding confusion through pride.As many will come bearing gifts as a TROJAN HORSE to sneak into the camp?Be aware AND HANG UP CLOSE THE DOOR WALK AWAY DON’T LOOK BACK.cropped-down20the20rabbit20hole.jpg



ARE you into this trend? Worried about the RULES,RITUALS AND RELIGION and into your REBELLION? CENTURIES of confusing has lead all down the “R” road to discover we were all lead astray. We can thank God Creator we found our way through the dark corridors of deceit and brain control of  a lost world. How can the blind lead the blind? By the blind I mean spiritual inept in practice and wisdom.

Pushing the RULES as a control instead of a helping way to complete a process was one of the many ways the lost world proceeded to place the children in a binding,bondage of slavery to world systems of conformance. What was right or wrong became a blurred image in our minds. Free will became the enemy to the masses like a virus that needed a vaccination to be control by definition of the lost. To know what is right or wrong is truly a spiritual wisdom and the understanding can not be as black and white as the LOST comprehended it to be.The signs of the coming and going of spirit has taking a turn inward and the Lost are looking from the outward for help as this is LOST perception. Those of the LOST have  no spiritual insights as the RULES become their God. The deeper perception have be torn from their minds in sins of greed,pride and self ego which they have cling to for comfort and securities. As many lost say ” I can do all with any help from God or others.” Many find reasoning as the solution to problems and troubles of Rules set forth in The commandments by God. A clash of conflicts surrounds this issue of “What are the real Rules?” and the Lost have fought to remove the foundation of RIGHT AND WRONG as a protestation to change to the rule of the people. Spiritual children of light and wisdom have all written on the Heart and a knowing in spirit the commandments are from a caring and loving parent Creator God.As spiritual convicts of all wrong as judge and not the Lost of a world system.When a child of God turns to sin instead of following spiritual ways to perform any action the resistance creates negative energies. Rules are firmly set by spirit not by man interpretation

Rituals are the outward expression to a idol in a third dimension sense. A representation to ease the Lost in their need for outward physical senses of touching,seeing, and.smelling what they use their finite minds as a God. As the incense waft towards the heavenly skies and prayers of repetitive words cutter the sense and lull the practitioners to their deep sleep physically the spirit lays dormant within not noticed.What did the candle burning represent but only a fire not a Honoring to a living God of spiritual influence. All done for the Glory of God? or for the men that collect the ill gotten goods of offerings to fill their pockets and laugh at the ones that pay for the lighting to keep their love-ones safe or escape from a Hell.In the darkness of the LOST the Ritual of lighting becomes the light and not the light within through spiritual enlightenment awareness that God is with us!

Religion for the masses and the LOST has had a somewhat success but, not able to bring agreement in the children.As disagreements continue because the Holy Spirit  has only come to a few in the church buildings and because of  PRIDE “my church or denomination is better than yours” has taken first place in this so honor tradition. Are the spiritually filled in the church building? We know the answer and we know why.So the church has become a monument to the  a LOST system of the money takers and question unanswered by those who have left for spiritual renewal.

Rebellion is energy of a fresh spiritual child of God that brought justice and release to a control world system of man’s Rules and laws of their reasoning.Without this very important factor the world would have gone to “Hell in that hand basket”, Because of the Survival of the living SPIRIT of rebellion that kept growing within all is well. There was a need for God that was in the seed of the children who rejected the conformists attributes that continue in the LOST system. When the echo of “we are not of this world but in this world” became an awareness in spirit rebellion helped to overcome the world. We are still in the process of rebellion as we claim our oneness in the God of the “ONE” OUR GOD SOURCE CREATOR.

The children have always play the games of the world  “FOLLOW THE LEADER” “SIMON SAYS” and ‘mother may I” AND now the order is  “What would Jesus do?” should be your new game.Or if you prefer ” What would God do?” A creator God creates and does not destroy because these are the attributes of a creator.And spirit=spirit  and energy is energy and we are that which is creation.544ab05c23cd7_image


A logical thought to understanding of energy,channeling Edgar Cayce

What can be transmitted,transmuted, transfer  faster then a blink of an eye? Thought is the telepathy source connections to all living energies.Thinking in words and translation into images can occur at the same moment as other attributes of energy. Their can not be no static to all creation of this order of the chaos in the matrix of the whole. For if static is sustain the taking over senor perceptions re channel new waves of energies as replacements to hold place of the reality created. To think of the cycle life,birth and the no death of the energy created is a more proper definition as energy is not destroy. But,out third dimensional minds can seem to wrap around anything that is not physical by means of the space time.Removing limitation as in the process information of using a physical human instrument to channel can be brought to understanding in a new manner in this paper. Rather a new look at the process itself the action of doing such things as a intentional mode of operation. To bring new ideas is just to re-examine the old and refresh isn’t it?

As I ponder in my imagination of the possibilities of the tool channeling I have gain new insight in method and in uses of such a valuable tool.  The ego itself is a preventive measure to hold back the reality so that it can be gain after the transmission of information in a session All session required a  purpose and reason for such that will be issues in a timely  and divine interpretation. As noticing I perceive a synchronicity matching before hand and entering into this  practice quite often.  For healing of the body did contain aspect of other images to the connection made. My adjustments need to be focus strain some of the holistic approaches in my continuance of readings. There was and ego factor contain but not mine only that interrupted at moments of fantasy.  Some roads i could have taken that are now begin shown to this inquire of this writer who fingers type most diligently.I never so much thought about words appears in  the flow of energy to this mind that is receiving. Be it may it is my way of expression that we such observe with great heed to this tool of the trance state. The eyes are not the receptors of this energy much like a touch and bring up this board of letters I am speaking without a voice of.thoughts is here with me.

Now a offering of this to you of interest. Remote viewing is a term that is coming to this decision because it is more appropriate than channeling. As medium is to psychic all is same but different to explain. It is  different in degrees of practice and skill to apply the energy.Conditions of the environment where opinions of stronger energies can lower intention in any type of reading. Clearing and grounding can created it’s own energy also. To see the remote of any that is focus is requirement as of now but, future and past are contain in both. Expansion of this brings unity to the maximum purpose that was not advisable nor spoken of in circle in certain moments. Declaration of words are changeable for imagesxcv space and time as in this third dimension no longer apply as send this to the writer.

Who do they say told them what to say? Mediums 101

Just thought I would make a quick list of the some of the go to information sources in this Golden age of channeling in spirit.




4.beast 666

5.Bible prophets

6.Christ consciousness

7.super consciousness

7,higher consciousness stars ones /images1RE06KUXcross over


11,Galactic federation

12.mother Mary


9.unknown ghost

10.unknown energy source


12. Pleiadians

13.ascended masters

Some notable:

Jane Robert/seth

Ester Hicks/Abraham

Darry Anka/Basher

Lee Caroll/ Kryon

Geoffrey Hooppe/ Adamus Saint Germane

Sylvia Browne/Francis

Why are so many of children of God are lost in sin,delusion and without trust in God?

Have you listened to some of the preachers,pastors and those who represent God’s Holy word talk about subject that are facing the world we live in today ? Are they talking about the love of God for His children? I heard a report that the Church is trying to be relevant to the world to keep it’s doors open. Look at the word from John’s revelation about the watering down of the ‘WORD OF GOD’.  This has come true as all prophecy comes true. Question,will all prophecy come true from John’s visions?  We know the signs and we read about end of days and the second coming of Jesus is all part of the prophecy in book of Revelation.Many have not read it because of the symbols and the confusion about misinterpretations. All scriptures need to be understood with the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit not by the minds of humans as it comes from divine guidance with the gifts.

Where is the spiritually coming from in this day? It is coming from the disappointed children of God that have left the church building. The children of God have compassion and are carrying the Cross of Christ and love in their hearts to the lost sheep. Spiritually is revealing the word of Faith and new hope to those that have turn away from those that don’t answer question or show love that heals. The world needs the Spirit of God for comfort in their lives not fear. Many children of God need to told they are worthy of God’s love. Man’s word has taken over their minds through news and media and a feeling of begin lost has replace trust in God.We are of this world but, not of it is in the Bible but, without spirit knowledge this becomes a question, “how do  I balance this ?” Is this being  answered in the church buildings?The day is here to know the answer through spiritual sources and not an opinion from men and women of the world.To be in two places at one time seems to be impossible for physically begins. You can work and live in the world and not do as the world does. This is possible for children of God who have received the Holy Spirit’s gifts and protection. Walking in faith and trusting God is spiritual. The church buildings are only open one day a week to worship and praise God. Spiritual children of God praise as they breath and worship in their thoughts and hearts in each moment not just one day a week. As the children of a living God they believe the kingdom is within and the knowing of begin saved by a savior is present at all times.Renewal of their minds is happening with every thought of their trust in the promises of God.When the thoughts of sinning or delusions create storms children of Spirit of a living God know how to release these to God.How did they learn this or remember how to do this? It wasn’t taught and is still not taught in churches in the western world. Jesus was our example and He had knowledge of all religions and their practices. His example was in our hearts when as children we had a relationship with the Christ that could not be broken.  imagesvbm

What is importance of the art of make-believing?

Imagination is the key to releasing the reality of the world. Each personal reality is important to be aware of. As spoken to “know thyself” is very profound and essential to progress of spiritual consciousness. The arts of painting and music work hand and hand to bring this harmony of make-believing. When we observe outside realities created by fear based media’s and humans not connect to spiritual insights we need a prepare escape. Meditation or medication seems to be two of the choice offered in this world of confusion I have observe some struggling still occurring within the collective consciousness when listening to some of my callers.  A resistance to letting go of the drama of other realities even in knowing they know the need to release stress and go to the peace within. I am reminded in the Bible there was something about “begin like a child” not childish. This is very important when we think about our childhood memories and observe children at play. And that well know saying,”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”  When we think of the word dull we do get a image of someone not sharp or brain active and even dysfunctional to some degree.

How can we bring the art of make-believing come alive in us to rescue or souls from world depression and stresses. To say that we can do anything doesn’t bring on active mindful acceptance to a new project. It take practice to gain any skills to develop a talent that we can use when we need it for help with stress factors that the world realities overwhelm us in our conscious minds. We are finding it harder to take time to go to a place and sit quiet and meditate on anything as our brains are full of thoughts.

Starting anything new really is What I talking about but,bringing in this art of make-believing by using your imagination and creative ideas to take your mind to that child like memory or moment you experienced from your own story. If you need to write down some of your memories to help you refresh  your mind this will also serve you in your art of make-believing. Talking also helps by sharing childhood memories takes to that moment of peace and imagination.You also will get a new perceptive that will help you understand your spiritual journey from your roots.Sometimes to know where we are going we need to know where we came from.

Make-believing has been used with all types of children to bring out things they have problem talking about. With adults this process is used in regression to make a peace come to share emotions. If a person has been abused in their life make-believing can ease some of the traumatic events and give a healing to that inner child.We all have an inner child that is full of joy and states of happiness which can be brought  to each reality to bring a believing magic to trust in and use for letting go.

Think about the seasons of your life as a movie of your joys and your sorrows. Remember the times of Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving and these holidays will bring images of family and food and sharing love .These events may bring memories that you may even resist thinking about because of fears you felt at certain times during that time in your life. But ,you know it’s just a memory stored in your brain and it shouldn’t still be bothering you in the now moment. So be gentle with yourself it was the inner child that was hurt not the adult you have become. If you still hurt just like that inner-child this is okay because you needed this lessons and you can used many tools to help that hurt feeling or fear that was created by that inner-child to protect yourself. So be careful  to have help from someone to talk about it if you are too hurt and need a healing to gain a perceptive.But, it is possible to self work by using your art of make-believing to see that inner-child as super hero taking over the situation. Many people have gone into their memories and used characters to help them created a stronger image of the hurt self. This is done with a type of roll playing in the thoughts.

The importance of using character to play act or just dress as someone else like on Halloween or just dress up as someone else has come to my table many times. We need to express our self inwardly and outwardly as we are a duality.  When either energy is forced to shut down energy can be used for purposes of negative instead of positive.  A continuous flow is a requirement for full control of your energy.Connection to source energy God creator brings wellness and creates positive energy of holistic  completeness of the soul.sampe049f1b81e2b84f8

Do we observe the Trinity?

The down fall of the world is the forgetfulness of the holistic experiences of human kind.  A calling has been issued in the collective to all light and wisdom workers to observe the body ,mind and soul  in messages given to those receptive. Teacher’s and those who speak only of the one passion that lead them to open of the lower consciousness of self have begun to turned to expansion of the higher calling and purposes of the Trinity. This shift is causing world affairs to crumble under the foundation of sand on which they were built. As all foundation of any creative energy must contain holistic observance to be maintain. A spiritual base must be in three parts of a triangle in strength and tribune of unities and this is the importance of  the building of securities.To be only one part of concern such a body of intention as healing comes but what to the mind and spirit? Creative energies seek completions of intentions for future rewards in the spiritual realms not only in materialistic forms of realities.Moving into quantum dimensions of your thought processes of creative energies towards three instead of one focus is in order in this calling. Yes, maintain  your hold on your material  intention as we are still in the world of this presently, but reach out to your entire manifestations of the Trinity.The spiritual is the base of the creative energy and the body is the containment and the mind is the productive thought processor.Self talk becomes your motivator in your intention. The words used must contain all of the intentions that are directed to the Trinity.  Speak directly to each of the parts and bring alignment to the soul body and mind through a spiritual awareness of this creativity you do in your meditative practices. When a pain comes to the body our focus was on the body part as begin the pain. But, we know that pain does not come from that part but from the brain. So we need to shift our thoughts on the brain as we do this we bring in words from our spiritual experience.  A  healer that heals from the outside takes the energies of their spirit and directs this to the body, mind and soul of the person begin healed. We also can heal our-self if we observe the Trinity. Think for a minute about what happens when you go to a doctor office and when you arrive for your appointment and you began to feel better. Was it the action of going or the thoughts of becoming better in your mind that someone was going to take care of your pain? Our thoughts did the healing of the pain and the spiritual part of us helped also. We did need to go to the doctor but, what happened to the pain? Sometimes we need to touch a part of the body that was in pain to see if it’s still there.What is happening went we do that? The pain has been directed in our thoughts to the spiritual for healing through faith isn’t it? Is faith in the Trinity of the Father,son and God a healer?  The answer is yes.But, you knew that you just needed a reminder.994897_10152199006602355_1769188129_n