REBELLION, does not serve God.Chaos seems to be the new order.Listening to the preachers and things are heating up ALL over the globe.And this is not being cause by a planet shift. It’s being cause by a human consciousness shift. The debates are about HELL AND HEAVEN. The pope is making some statements that are rocking the foundation of the Catholic church. The good vs. the bad are walking the protest lines and laying in the streets for justice.Yells of hate and love filled the HALLS of brother against brother IN A CIVIL war of words.Marriage is not that which is was or never was as every before. The world is spinning the bad news into good news  before it hits the airwaves.Who are the innocence and can there be an innocence when sins is the cause?Yes we are get a full display of the world in crisis  of sins from a Pandora’s box. Can’t close the box we ALL started thinking out of the box right! Funny thing people are coming together in their disagreement instead of agreement.They disagree that our justice system or world systems are not fair.They even think the president should wait for the balance of power to save children in need of security homes.Everyone has their own agenda these days and even in the the ages since humans roam the EARTH without communication with others lands away.Yes friends,that wonderful communication like the whisper game played by children has brought out some evil intent. Talking heads and waging tongues have been at work on the collective consciousness once again.The cry of “Where is God” echoes in the hollow walls of the churches from preachers standing in front of empty seats. Thinking we couldn’t preach the Law of God and get the money to pay the bills. So we sugar coated the pill and gave them Grace and sent them into the world unprotected for a spiritual battle.Never telling them that battle lies in the sin they carry inside  that fights them in their minds daily.Half of the true leads to being half protected doesn’t it.Was the whole true hard to take from the pulpit? And why is it called a pit?Can we pull the mask off “Long John sliver” NOW?or mess around with JIM? Seriously, are they coming to God “kicking and screaming?” Should they come in this manner or with commitment to sever? Bible CARRIERS   beware hitting humans on the head with the word  because it doesn’t help get them saved. God be the glory is in the songs of the heart of the true believer’s in a saving grace.Salvation CAN’T BE EARNED OR PAID FOR.And the pushing and brainwashing and begging that comes from the leaders of the faith “You better get saved. The answer comes from the humans filled with anger the word Why? ARE WE LOST? IS THE WORLD LOST? God speaks to the heart and mind and spirit in every breath humans being in the stillness of the soul. Where is the stillness now?  When force is applied resistance is also present to push away the force. So is energy and energy as spirit=spirit. Everyone wants to have their realty but won’t let others have their reality. What is reality but free will and God gave everyone free will.To take freedom of free will away and applied God’s will in place inside a human it must be accepted by the human in body,mind and soul. In most cases it is not accepted fully and one part of the human struggles in a battle of the wills within. Thinking  THAT THEY ARE SAVE they can’t figure out why God is not helping them. As the words in the scriptures say it must be renewal of the mind it also says a complete connection has to be made a commitment to serve God. With all your body,mind and spirit and soul.So you see the kicking and screaming has occurred on what is right and what is righteousness.The season of Christ-mass is upon us as we look back on another human year God’s divine timing becomes more important in each of our lives. We will hear who died and what happen in the news and think about starting a new year with more of God and less of self. Is this your plan or is it what we should do.? We might have said that last year or in years gone by but, will we let God control or will we keep kicking and screaming on our way HOME?


SHORT story ” A boy came from the shadows”by BRENDA BRADSHAW

The street was still wet from a soft summer evening shower that fell on the sidewalk in front of the long row of apartments.The government housing project was alive with lights flicking from the small television sets that glow off the walls from the small units that housed families of six or more.The black tarmac on the roadway sparkled in the darkness of the night.Under every lamp-post at the corner of the blocks of units there were.rainbows begin formed in the oil and dirt into beautiful swirls of colors.The rain stop and the teens started gathering around the cars parked on the streets in front of the apartments.It was Saturday night and the only activity that didn’t required money was hanging out just talking to your friends in small groups and sitting on the car hoods until the wee hours of the morning. The talk was centering on the pool party that the church had that morning and everyone had been there but me. They all kept saying I should have gone because a guy was there who didn’t have a date and they wanted me to meet him.They had tried to set me up with him as a blind date that morning  before the party. I said,”No I am going steady with Bruce this summer and I didn’t want to hurt that relationship”. I was just about to jump up on the car hood and someone saw a shadow coming up the sidewalk in the darkness. As the person came closer Jim yelled,”Hey Charlie is that you?” Charlie said,” Sure is Jim what’s going on?” “We were just talking about you”.said Jim. “You were?”said Charlie.”What about?” he said.Jim said,” The pool party the church had this morning of course and the fact you didn’t have a date.” Charlie smiled and a blush came across his face in the as a light shone from a window was directly on him as he had entered the group by the car. Jim laughed and looked towards me at that point. I just looked at Charlie’s eyes and his baby blues trust me into a trance state. I was love struck or it was love at first sight or maybe a bolt of lighting was begin flung from God. “Hey man,said Jim, this is the girl we try to set you up with for the party”. I said,”you are beautiful” to Charlie at that moment.I can’t believe those were the words that came from my mouth.Charlie looked at me like I was weird and not from this planet.’Who are you anyway,” said Charlie. Jim said, “This is Darlene’s little sister Brenda the girl who was supposed to be your bind date.” “Oh well,” said Charlie.The conversation switched to a new topic as Charlie moved in the circle of people standing on the sidewalk.Someone said,”hey let’s go to Virginia Beach tomorrow. Darlene my sister went into the apartment and asked my mom to take us to the beach. We all waited for the answer.Darlene came back in seconds and said, “Mom said she take us” We all yelled “beach or bust!” So the all the kids began to scatter into small groups to talk about who was going to the beach. Mom said,only four could go in the car I asked Charlie if wanted to go. Charlie said, “got to check with my mom.” He lived right across the street from where my family lived. I could see the back door of his families apartment door from my from door. He ran across the street and we watched as he got to his door and in a few seconds he appeared and waved his hand and yelled,”Yes see you guys in the morning”So that would mean Darlene and Jim her boyfriend at that time would ride in the back seat with Charlie and me.We all said,”good-by” Darlene and me were excited about tomorrow so we hurried up the steps to our bedroom on the second floor and got ready for bed.Before I went to sleep I would write in my diary every night about the day events. That night was very important to me because I had a wonderful feeling of love taking over my whole body. I wrote in my diary I am going to marry Charlie Bradshaw. I thought about what I wrote and I knew it was going to come true. But,my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about my reality of going steady with Bruce. I decided I would call him before we went to the beach.As my thoughts of Charlie were in my mind I fell into a dream state and his face and smile stay with me. I thought to myself even if he thought I crazy when I called him beautiful it was really wonderful thought.Morning came fast and I had to call Bruce before we went to the beach.I called Bruce and he said he would come over in 30 mins to my apartment.I heard Bruce’s car out front and ran out and he hugged me and gave me kiss. I looked into his brown eyes and said,”Bruce you are so special to me but,I think I need to date other guys” The words just came out before I could think about his feelings. He was sitting on his car hood cutting some strings off of his cutoff jeans. He looked up at me as I spoke.He said,”okay, I just joined the marines last week and I am leaving next week for boot camp.”I was shocked he took it sop well. He said,”Are you going to the beach with the a new guy you met?” “Yes,” I said.He said,”If you want to call me went you get back I will be in town one more week”. I didn’t call him until years later after my second marriage we re-connected.We talked about that day and his life and marriage and his children.We kissed and hugged just like that last day.We both needed the closure and it really was important for Bruce. A week after that re-connection I called his phone number and his son answered the phone and told me his father died with lupus. I was in shock because Bruce had not told me he was sick.I prayed for his soul and somehow I knew it was God arranged the last meeting of lost lovers. Bruce was glad I married Charlie Bradshaw and had an adopted son. We talked about his marriage and his life in the marines. I shared my feelings about my last words on that day we parted. Bruce said,”He knew I had to move on” I was so glad he said that.

Now,back to the story of my day at the beach with Charlie. When we arrived at the beach all the kids placed blanket’s on the sand near the shore line. Charlie grabbed a raft and said,”who wants to ride the waves with me.’ I was afraid because of the jelly fish and knew that I had to overcome that thought or I would loose my chance to be alone with Charlie. I said,”Hey I will go with you Charlie.” This was first time I addressed my fears so fast. We went far out to catch the biggest waves. As the waves carried us down the shore line far away from all the people and the group we came with. Charlie and I bonded and shared our interest. We came closer to the shore line and got out of the water and walked back to the blankets. We didn’t see anyone from the group we came with so we walked up to the back side of the boardwalk and sat down in the sand.I asked Charlie if he wanted to kissed me.He said,” I don’t know how to kiss.” I told him I will teach you how to kiss. So he leaned in close to my face and held my chin. I moved closer and kissed him and he kept his lips closed. I told him to relax and let me kiss him. The first kiss was not good at all.He was awkward and seems afraid to trust me.The second kiss was better and you know it was just the trust.We went over and laid on the blankets and he put his head in the sand. I laughed and he got his nickname Sand rabbit that very day on our first date. We decided to take a walk to some of the shops on the street at the beach front. We bought two shirts that were baby blue with a small playboy bunny on the right side front of the shirt. As we walked back we saw Darlene and Jim and they had on the same shirts we had just bought. Mom and my brother Robbie also had bought the same shirt.This was so strange as there were so many shirts to choose from.On the way back to Richmond on that long road from the beach Charlie and I talked and we both knew this was a beginning of our relationship. I have written about our life in other papers recently on word press.

As I think about the events leading up to the meeting of Charlie Bradshaw and the meaning of Bruce in my life I know God had a purpose for both of these men.Each person we meet and love brings new wisdom of God’s grace.My journey has been filled with ups and downs just like all children of God.

Part two ‘Free will’ and “God’s will” brain waves I LET HIM INTO THIS REALITY.

In my last paper I  was my talking about my first marriage that was ending after 21 years. Our son was went to live with my first husband and his new wife and her son by her first marriage. Everything happened so fast and because of the problems surrounding my husband’s his mother’s death my world had changed to the point of complete non-reality.My new reality was no husband and no son and no place to live as he locked me out of of the house we bought owned.Let me take you back to the night that  I came home from teaching a class on that winter night in  January 1987. My husband warned my student and me not to go to sleep or we would not wake up as he stood on the stairs looking at us. As I said,  I always believe everything he said to me and obey him this was my first shock and sent me into a panic attack that lasted for days after that night. That night we drove to a motel and my student was frighten for my life as I was also we talked all night about the events that just occurred. In the morning I called my home phone and there was no answer.He had gone to work so  I called his office.His boss answered the phone and told me that my husband was acting strange and request I come and pick him up and take him to get some help.So my student and her daughter and my son jumped in the car and headed for his office. I had not slept all night and I was so worried about my husband. My student suggested we call the mental health office near by and get an appointment for him. I listened to her and made the call. They said,” to bring him by for a session to get things worked out.” We arrived at his office and I called on the down stairs phone and told him we were there to pick him up and take him to talk to someone about what happened last night at our house. He was not worried about what he said to us and he didn’t remember the whole thing. He didn’t know that we left the house. I saw confusion on his face and his mood was strange as he got in the backseat of the car with the two children. My student whispered to me to put on the child lock to the back seat.  I did what she said. We were just a block away from the mental health office and all of a sudden he lean forward to the front window on the passenger side and somehow open the back door. Then he jumped out of the car in the traffic and ran across the street. My son yelled and we all joined in saying ,”please come back it’s okay.” This was a real thing or was it? My student try to help me as I cried and panicked even more and didn’t know what to do next.She said,”You need to get a green warrant on him and have someone pick him up for his own safety.”I listened but, my brain was not there at this point I had lost all  of my senses and couldn’t think. So she had me call a friend of mine that was in the police department to come and they signed the papers. This really was important to write at this point because years after this happen my husband acutes me of signing the papers.The police looked for him at his office and he had disappeared. I went  back to my house and changed clothes and got a little rest but, could not sleep  and I didn’t sleep for a week I went every where looking for him and made phone calls no body had seen him.  I called my sister who  I had not been in touch with because my husband didn’t like me talking about our marriage to anyone.She told me to go to the hospital for rest and get some sleep.I could not sleep until I knew he was safe. And then something strange happen out of no where he was on the phone while she was talking to me and his voice was saying something to me. I must admit I was really out of it at this point.I am not sure what he said to me.I got my son and  went to my mother’s house and told her to keep him for me.I went to the hospital and checked my self in.The next thing I recall was waking up in a corner of a small room with a sheet around me and it was cold. I was in the psych ward  and I was drugged. I was really dizzy and I could not feel my body.  I was there but not there if that makes any sense.I manage to walk towards the small window in the door of the room and look out and saw a table with people sitting around talking but couldn’t hear what they were saying. The doctor finally came into the room later as I fell in and out of a drugged state he spoke in words I couldn’t understand.Time was not with me for days and then the door open and a nurse told me to take a shower.  I asked where  I was and what day it was.She told me it had been a week.  I asked if my husband had come to see me.She said,”no” nobody has come to check on me. For the next few days the nurses spoke to me and I sat at that table in the larger room. I didn’t talk but images were dancing in my brain.I understood synchronicity as  I taught it in my classes.So that part of my brain was not effected by the drugs they kept giving me. I heard the people at the table talking about things that only my psychic abilities could understand.My other part of the brain the logical words would not work.A nurse would come up to me and say,” I know your in there Brenda won’t you come out and talk to us”  I was talking but, not in words only images.So  I saw a magazine on the table and began pulling pictures out of it and places the pictures on the table to talk to them. They would  laugh and write things down on their note pads about me. I knew what they were thinking as my abilities were higher than any other time in my life. I thought about my life with my husband and son and our house that  I called my dream house and the reality of what had happen to bring me where  I was is was not real and the reality was I just there for a short time and everything would go back to the reality when I wake up. Yes it was a dream state to me and the drugs were creating this in my brain.My understanding of the brain was one of my most important things  I taught to my students.So when  I was drugged my knowledge of the brain was still with me in this drugged  dream that was now my reality.One nurse was really help me more than all the others there he was kind and let him into this reality. He brought me a water color paint set and started painting pictures as  I watched I saw an outward expression of his reality in the world that  I didn’t want to come back too.I began to paint and as  I did I reached for a new reality. I felt my free will coming like an awaken that very moment. Free to express without begin told how to express my feelings. This was new and fresh and the world inside was hurting because it knew that the reality of control from my husband had on me was gone.But it was a good hurting and could heal now that  I saw that I could be me again.Freedom is facing the fears and finding the true self for everyone.As for me it started with a water color painting of my expression of inner love of self that was buried deep in my brain and thoughts of who and what was without begin told who I was by somebody else. next time God’s plan for my lifeimagesxcv


Humans have a brain that if operating properly can think and make choice. But, we have had so many question about the brain and how it works. The studies are coming in everyday about new information that will aid us to increase our understanding. Brain mapping and MRI’S give us clear pictures and now we are interpreting the images. Knowledge of the inner workings of someone’s thought processes is clearly the science and spiritual link to the human. Awareness has always been my word and the brain theories of the past decades have hinted at the the mechanics of the subconsciousness. The  importance to programming our thoughts to bring more of our gifts that God bestow on each child of God. Reaching inward for answers and not relying on outward stimulation for every question of spirit. As we explore the brain and every section it will be like discoveries of the universe we see in our third dimensional world.  The brain has layers of consciousnesses and the depth is like an ocean .As we have not reach the bottom of the deepest oceans on our planet we will reach the depths of the brain in a few short years. Our understanding will bring wisdom to the uses of the higher consciousness we could only imagine. As the brain waves of energy cast shadows in the imagery we see clearness of the meaning bring new thoughts. How can we reprogram a brain? Can we reprogram a brain. Questions we are going to be able to answer with pictures instead of mere words that something is wrong with us without knowing why.

What is free will? Does everyone know that have free will?Does everyone use their free will? I ask theses question because  many people are very dependent on others to make choices and decisions for them. It’s like their brains can’t solve the simplest problem or is it they have not been told they can do it with the use of their free will. It may be easy for them to keep asking others to think for them.I know about this because I was told that others were smarter than me and more intelligent. I did have what they call common sense but not the confidence to trust my own answers to solving problems. And it was easier for me to ask question and depend on others.In many of the schools across our grand land America we were taught to memorized and do as we were told in other words conform to the system.I don’t remember begin told to think on my own but to refer the book or ask a teacher for the correct solutions.As  I left school in the 10th grade I just was not fitted for conforming and I was not learning any thing new in some cases.I  married too early at 17 years old to a man who was a honor student and very book smart.He was young also and had to have his mother signed the paper on our marriage licence he was 17 also but boys in Virginia had to be 18 years to get marry without an adult to sign the paper work. In the first 6 months he got his draft greeting from uncle Sam and decided to join up instead. So we went on an adventure in the army together. I followed and was always looking to him for my choices on everything.A part of me thought it was a wife’s duty to obey even though I knew something was wrong because I felt like I losing my free will many times.I became the perfect robot wife.I even spit shine his boots and got him ready for early roll call. Did  I mention  I was working as a telephone operator full time. My money and the army pay kept our heads above water through the 4 year hitch.I was working when he went to boot camp and  I received a phone call from him that he was in the hospital on base in Fort Jackson South Carolina. He said,” You got to come here and take me out of this hospital”. I had to go ask for a leave of absent at my job the next day. Remember  I had not free will at that time.So i asked for a leave and they said no! So i quit my job and obeyed my husband.  My mom drove me to South Carolina the night i quit my job.When  I arrived he was in the hospital with a bad cold and fever. They told me I could not see him.I walked right by the nurses station and went in the ward.I told my husband to get his clothes   i am taking you to guest house on post and  I will go get medicine and stay up all night to help you get well. I never let the army stand my way many times after all he signed up with me first.He was well in a few days and ready for action and finished boot camp. I didn’t go back to my job or back home he wanted me to stay there so he could see me on the weekends. i gave up my job because he needed me or was it I had no free will, no choice?As I look back on what  I did at that time I don’t have regrets but, I know that I obey and worship this man and God had gone from my life. As the months became year the 4 years of traveling and living in rented places with no furniture of our own and going overseas to Korea in 1969.I would dream about a home and children all the time.He only thought of himself and 4 years in college to better his chances of making money Money was never an issues he would take my check after I went back to work for the telephone company. HE would give me money and never did I know how much he made in the army or afterwards in his job after college.I was kept in the dark and really trusted him it was part of my obeying I though at the time.He was the boss and what he said was to be always right. He would give me lectures and even made me cry about my weight which was never good enough even went  I was only 135 pounds. Well you know  I wanted to please him and obey so diets were always begin offered by him. No free will leads to no will power.I prayed in silent and talk to God all the time it kept me going. I would tell him what God was telling me and God told me he needed to get back to Richmond, Va. and Work AT&T.He had work for them before his army days so  I knew he would get his job back. I though things would change and he would be happy and see I had matured in my thinking after 8 years of struggling I was ready for the rewards of all my efforts to help him get what he wanted, Now it was my time to use the gifts God gave me that were inside and ready to help people and serve God. I took it real slow and ask his opinion but he would keep me on a tight lease. I felt it even if it wasn’t  really there. I began talking to him a bout God and seem interested but kept calling me evil and working with occult. I was not doing any of this nor have  I ever consulted demons or Satan. He would bring up things that came to him in his dreams that were horrible and he spoke about his experiences with his grandmother that took him away from his mother at age 3.His grandmother used to leave him alone in a big house with the lights off and go away for hours and dare him to tell anyone. His grandmother died in a car accident so he was returned to his birth mother age 7. She was remarried and he had a half brother he had to raise because she wet to work. He spoke about her men and the times of taking care of a baby.She was married 5 times and he had a lot of step fathers but, never could related to them His mother drank and this going in after we got marry. He told me about his birth father trying to kill him when his mother was pregnant with him. He was a controller and I look back I know part of me allowed this to happen. My background also contain drinking and abuse.. We had a lot in common and this was our bond in a strange way.We both needed to be loved.The love we had was conditional and mostly on my part. If I obeyed and did as he wanted I could be his wife. I started teaches classes and we both wanted children but, that was not possible for him. He suffered with his ego but finally  I talked him into adoption. He fought with me about this subject.subject. We did come an agreement and had to pray about this for many month. we were married 11 years and had our first townhouse went our son came  into our lives. I kept working on radio and television but spend a lot of time raising our son.  I taught him at home after kindergarten and first grade because he was very smart he needed one on one attentions. My husband loved that our son was not going to public schools he said, he will better off without outside inferences. I thought about this often we didn’t have any friends coming in to our house except on some of the holidays.Most of the time my husband would spend time alone and distant from activities I would do with our son. He wasn’t bonding. When our son became 8 years old everything fell apart. My husband had  two bad experiences his half brother shot himself in the head and his birth mother died.This sent him into a dark place with no communication He was screaming in his dream state. I couldn’t sleep with him anymore. I had no free will and couldn’t even talked to anyone because  I had never told anyone about our marriage. He would tell me body should know what goes on in our marriage. I felt alone and trapped and he got worse everyday and the Christmas holidays were terrible because his mother had die before Thanksgiving that last year of our marriage.It was soon January and we got so much snow I asked one of my student to drive me home. What a mistake. He was sleep and when he heard us come in the door he woke up. He was mad that I had brought her home with me.He came to the upstairs landing overlooking the living room,and told us we better not go to sleep because we won’t wake up.  I will never forget those words. He may have been sleep walking but his eyes were open. My student told me to get my son and get out of the house. So without free will  I took my son and left the house. I believed everything he said and now he was saying he was going to harm us. I trusted him and though he loved me. This was not real as I signed the divorce and turned over money to him thinking he would take care of me and our son. It did not work out that way.He took our son and that’s another chapter for sure in this whole story.i will write more later.imagesxcv

Can we put the past into perceptive?

Have we learned from the past? Some may say,”if we would remember we would not repeat the mistakes” is this true? We seem to not be doing this well according to the records of the same things keep happening over and over again. Just the names change but, the hates and lies continue on a grand scale and growing in all aspect of life on this planet.How can we change our past to create a future that is changed for the good of all?Something that can be done by all if we would change our perspectives of the past.

Let’s think about each persons life and how important it is to solve past mistakes.As each person has memories of bad relationships and lost of something important in their life. Forgiving has worked on one level of the consciousnesses.Humans can not forget as all is stored in the memory.To bring a new prospective of forgetting errors many think of “to err is human ,to forgive is divine”So human’s accepted this saying, and the program is still in operations.Human can not be perfect therefore forgetting is not possible. Gaining new insights to your programs can bring wisdom to your thoughts and forgetting can be done.The real problems is the repeating of “HISTORY”. So play the recall and try to remember our mistakes so we won’t repeat them. This is a virus on a grand scale. Consider the release of the memory that keeps you in the repeating of your history. If you find that you are listening to replays of the old for security of who and what you were before your  spiritual re- birthing  speak to your old lower self and say” I don’t need to think about the old me” I am a new creature and God creator will take all to the “lake of forgetting” As He took me to His divine forgiveness.Help me to forget and live in my new perceptions and believe all  has been made new through God.

The world will remain in it’s world thinking that will not change. The world will repeat the same old ways and remain in the remembrance forever. Your new world will be raise to higher thoughts and God will be with ALL. We are ready to look back without sadness and sorrows and forgetting has been overcome by is God.We are prepare for to sit at the table of the LORD OF host.images1RE06KUX

What is the core of Christianity? APPLES to APPLES

As an APPLE has many parts a core,milk,meat bread so is the layers of the human. The inner core represent the seed and the production center of the fruit. The milk is the water and the supplier of nutriment to the core.The meat is the by-product of the fruit core seed of the fruit The bread is the body and is the skin of the fruit..

The light of the Christ consciousness is the spiritual core of production of fruits of the spirit. When the core values are not observed and used in conjunction to the meat of the fruit the moral collapse of Christianity is eminent .The survival of Christianity can be rescue through revival of the the spirit of the core Christ. The works of the HOLY Spirit are essential to survival of the body of believers. To say and not obey what was said by the writers guided by the Holy spirit is rejection to the core. Renewal of the thoughts  will bring wisdom of the Christ consciousness to the believer.The I am present of the core of each human comes through awareness of the spiritually fruits.

As the word is the milk and living water supply for the core .The milk of the word keeps the core alive and in place in the center of the body of believers.A christian who takes only the milk needs to be told over and over about the word to keep the core alive until the time of awareness of the Christ core becomes born again.

Many christian cannot digest the meat of the word at first and need to chew on it and get it into their spirit core.We have all hear “be ye doers of the word” meaning taking the water or milk and obeying what it says and using it. Not only counting your blessings but living your blessings. Putting into actions of what the words are faith have been given to you.

As the bread is the covering of the body of CHRIST so are you covered with a skin of flesh.He covers your sin body in the bread of the fruit. To be of flesh were sins are produces was the reason flesh had to cover the fruit for protection. Take this bread it is my body that I GAVE HE SAID, for you.In the body was the blood of the CHRIST that also covers your fleshly sins.

Much as be said about the layers of realities of each human on this EARTH. Each has a soul core and a seed that is the life of the spirit. Without this core anchor in spirituality the life of the body dies to is flesh. As the spirit is eternal forever in its seed connect to Creator God.The fruit of the spirit cannot die for it has it’s own life apart from the body. As Christ consciousness awakens to the world of repetitive milk and not meat of the word of God the survival of core of Christianity is lost.

With much faith and pure intentions I urge all to come to understanding of the deepness of my emotions about spiritual matters today.We must love them and  uplifted the lost that only require milk as small babies and offer them the meat and tell them they are cover by the blood and flesh of the bread of the THE CHRIST.62154_586268194736199_916154232_n

Trust God “in God we trust” ?Question

As each path brings moments of dangers and unknowing of any forward motion. The start becomes the past just as quickly as the first steps takes hold in the present it changes to glimpses of a hopeful future.  Questions of the who,what,when and where come to our thoughts like as storm of confusion with emotional attachments to the logical world systems. When it’s God plan is in order over ” ALL” this brings the children out of a plead in prayer and Lamentations in their confusion. We now can see God’s blessings and trust in a living God. That was then and this is “Now” and “trust in God” in pure sense has taken hold to the children. in God is with us in this moment and ready to come in to this world of sorrows and bring a break through to “ALL” That seek HIM. A new though has come as a supernatural present of the “trust” we observe in the words “trust in God”  and is not just a money signature. But our hearts and minds of the new moment has arrived.The wisdom of the future comes from our past. This is now and all has past away in your faith that brings you to this writing.

Everyone has sought the world to provide for their needs and wants.As the world door closes to the christian God’s door will open to His children with the LOVE that was waiting for them always.When the one’s of the lack of faith shout their is no fairness  in this world and they turn to “trust in God”.They will  give God glory for His coming “all’ of God’s grace will cover the whole planet. God’s divine timing is connecting with the timing of His children’s hearts at this moment.The fall of the money systems of the WORLD IN A change just as the money changers tables where turned over by Jesus the Christ! God is speaking in dreams and visions are being pour out to His children of a new EARTH and the reports are coming with speed of mercury’s wing feet. No fear in this moment will stand in the way of the Christ consciousness to take hold.The fires of the HOLY SPIRIT have been brought and no WATER CAN PUT THIS TYPE OF FIRE OUT. IT comes from the  glorification of His children.The flood waters of faith will break through the dikes build by world systems.The boy shall try to put His finger in the hole but the waters will spring forth through this rush of God’s power.images1RE06KUX