When I think of the beginning of my journey as a  9 year old taking that walk up the mountain at a Baptist summer camp it doesn’t explain the present moment of my life and work. It was just a happening that needed to happen. I have always had a strong belief in everything happening for a purpose in this world. When the pastor told me I was a prophet it didn’t seem real to me at that time.  Even as a young child my world seem to run in logical reasoning to the events. I was a magical mysterious wondering child of the world of the unknown and talked to my dolls as if they were real and kept my stuff animals with me every where I went. I took a my zippy monkey to school with me in the third grade and placed him a desk with paper and pen as if he was a student in the class. He worn a cute suit my grand mother Minnie may love lace Tally had made for him. I had a fascinations with monkeys and grandma Tally gave me a giant stuff monkey on Christmas that I proudly took with me at 14 to the go cart track to ride with me.I would spend hours talking to everything in nature also as if it spoke to me in my mind.I had small tiny voices that would come  to me as I walked on the trails in the woods. I spend my days in dreaming of a God that loved me and protected me.At age 11 my birthday gift was a puppet theater  and this launched me into more creation of my imagination. I started giving puppet shows to all the children in my neighbor. I took the shows to school and made everyone laugh with my stories I perform with the puppets. I loved entertaining and this was the world I needed to escape my reality . It seem like I needed God more and more because my birthfather left my mother and three children and mother had to go to work and my sister who was three years older became my caretaker. I knew that God would take care of me and it was a real spiritual awareness and that was my savior I found in my relationship to Jesus. I  Didn’t think about any psychic stuff until much later even though I knew the small little people that walked along the floor next to the walk when I was 5 years old seem real to me and scared me as I ran into my parents room and told them I saw something. And yes, many children see things in the dark and become frighten I was not scared I became curious and never forgot the experience. Even the small voice of God didn’t shake me nor confuse me as didn’t tell anyone because There really was no need to speak about the messages In my early school years I had many teachers who encouraged my imagination and some who just told me to be quiet. On the school yard I would make up games for the whole class and became a real leader at recess time everyday. The book work and studies never impressed me as something  I needed. I wrote stories starting in the third grade mostly about nature and all my friends the animals of the jungle. My favorite television show was “jungle boy” and of course all the puppet shows like “the Howdy Duty show” this shows increased my creativity  and gave me more proof of the world of the imagination was were I belonged In the 3rd grad I was on stage two times very small parts but it gave me confidence to be in person on stage and not behind the puppet stage talking through cloth representation of my true self. Junior high school brought new adventures on stage as I began to lip sink music in the front of the mirror at home. I decided to take on doing this talent in front of the whole school in the talent show. I choose the song ‘Ahab the Arab” by Ray Stevens to lip sink in the talent show. I was dressed up with the real costumes of the Arab with the balloon pants and turban with a feather. I won first place in the talent show. As I was called up to accept the small trophy on stage I was shocked to hear from the center of the stage “come on up young man” They though I was a boy! I went up on stage and removed my turban my hair fell down from under the turban and everyone shouted “it’s a girl” This was such a shock to the judges. I know why and to this day I have though about it. Those where the times women were not accepted in most rolls. I know about this on many levels as I told many people about the discrimination of many of my black friends I have had on my journey. My life was an awareness journey from the very start and continues today. School was not really my thing as I would argue with most of my teachers on facts they presented especially in EARTH science classes. They didn’t present nature as a creation of God. So left school at age 16 and went to work at the phone company as a long distance operator at C&P in Richmond Virginia. This experience gave me multitasking skills and communication skills. The psychic part of me kicked in every time I placed a call for the callers. I could find people to complete the request like magic. I received many accommodation from the callers. My job was very rewarding and worked in the communication field for over 10 years. I have written by my relationship in some of my other papers on word press. This is just some of my history that brings another paper about the start of my work with my abilities. My journey has creativity, communication, imagination, spiritual awareness, love of nature, and a understanding of the source God. My show is spiritual teacher Brenda Bradshaw on blog talk radio.cropped-imagescaa42e00.jpg


Are you observing the unseen world?

To be the observer of the unseen world is a talked about but not utilized to the fullest human potential. How can this be achieved? Creating an awareness through the consciousness is an avenue  to open channelings of  higher collective connections to the unseen realities. As meditation creates stillness and focus to the brain the part called the “mind” wanders in the empty space beyond the physical limitation. The unseen “mind” of though and uncontrollable imagery brings restless emotions to the surface in the stillness. What are WHO is this producer of mindless chatter in this quietness of the brain. Could the chatting be a program running in the network of the personal program to quiet the mind?Thinking about the layers of the consciousness is a clue to this interworking and so called program that can not be contain because it flows without intentions. Energy flows in many directions to the source from which it arrives. As the equal of spirit=spirit and energy =energy so to think there is no source would not complete the cycle of the collective  consciousness. Many think of an end point to everything as if it will not complete. But, for every action there is a reaction. As to what you ‘reap you sow “and what “goes around comes around. ‘So responsibility for a action or a though have effects on the seen and the unseen world. As a man thinks so shall he be in the seen and the unseen worlds of the physical and spiritual realities.  This becomes a manner of control or no control to think about. Can we control out thoughts? Can we control other people thoughts? Should we attempt to control? There are many humans that think they can control the world and try to do this with ways of mind control and marketing techniques, words and various methods of subconscious controls. Many children of God conformed to the world and allowed programs to take hold to their core beliefs of love and compassion.There are more unseen spiritual elements that have not been spoken about to the children of this EARTH. The world continues to speak about what they are seeing with their physical eyes and not the unseen that is where the focus should be. Listen to preacher’s and pastor’s on radio and in the churches each day you will hear about How bad things are in the seen world. Have we heard it all before? Yes, we know that the world is in chaos and we see no order or control from the leaderships. It keeps repeating just the names and places change but, the disorder is still in the seen world. Speaking about the unseen spiritual world and how the control of order can happen seems to be needed. There is order to the universe and it keeps it’s control because there no interruption from human thoughts. The mind of the universe is the mind is the creator of creations. When we think of a mind that we can not have the same thoughts as our own brain thoughts we feel a lost of control. We search and seek for answers to the Why, what’s and how’s because we don’t like the emotions of not knowing ALL the facts and truth’s that are surrounding reasons and purposes for life and death and placement in this Earth. These questions keep going through our thoughts with each breath we take and on a life of their own and we become stuck in this vortex of the Why as a process to bring awareness to the Who and HOW .Asking does help to a decree and should be done with each Why that arrives in the thoughts. Even if the answers are not acceptable at the moment of the question. The reason for any answer is to quiet the thoughts of the inquiry. When no answers are given the search for an answer could cause thoughts of fear of the unknown. There is a need for an answer even though it may not be correct or right and not the truth. This sounds really silly but, we know that children ask many questions about the strangest things in their growth process. The reasoning behind questions are important to maturity both physical and spiritual.images1RE06KUX


Reality of choice is must first be realized before approaching this entire subject of the state of being.”What a man thinks so shall he be” this phase only brings attention to the brain and thoughts.Many speak of the mind and it’s no where to be found in the physical confines of the body at this moment in our scientific explanation.We have mapped the brain and spied into the wiring and electrical components with a curiosity of wondering child. Labeling and tagging each part to bring as much understanding possibly to the table of the medical field for questions being raise to help or cure mentally problems we are facing in the world of new consciousness. We are now in a place of undetermined areas of the mind because we have no references by human understanding.Waking of the spiritual and the spirit of source energy is eluding the sights of the eyes of the third dimensional practitioners to all that can be what is and was in this course of events occurring.The questions of HOW AND WHY are still in this unknown gap of where is the mind that the controlling factor of the brain that can’t be seen on the MRI’S or in the X-RAYS? Going to a creator of consciousness is a dilution beyond science because creation is not tangibility nor solid in form and cannot be detected from a machine of a third dimension.Our methods of using radiation can only detect physical residues through radiation.What is source energy made of is the real question.We are made of the EARTH and the elements are the core of the energy within the human body. The elements are the atoms and water in motions to created the sphere of the all.The other influences of the spirit are not seen but present at all in the light source that is in the evolution of the being. So to be or not to be is the becoming of this evolution that is the unseen properties of the creature of EARTH.Speaking about the structure or container of the soul many have worked to bring awareness to aura’s to science with much success but, this is still not acceptable to science at this moment. Protection to energy fields or soul has play an important roll for many instead of the essence of spiritual consciousness. The mind is usually spoken of as only a reference to not as Who’s mind to think of for guidance.Many cultures do speak about the mind of Christ or Buddha or other’s that have come bring wisdom from a mindfulness of their actions or ways to bring a being of spiritual awareness.This does appear to be a free will choice on some level of understanding.First a thought or emotionally attachment to that enlightenment of the wisdom that was brought from the appointed representation of the enlighten one must be a choice on some level within the reality of each receiver. This is where the consciousness and the collective communities of EARTH have been in many generation and this continues. Acceptance of opinions and views are not readily accepted by ego based humans and the debate brings division and chaos.In the chaos there is a forming of order by each that struggle for survival of emotional desires to their own creativeness.The strong willed humans will bring power and control and warnings of the mind they follow speaks of revenge and anger and death through fear and terror.And the non-ego based humans surrender to peace and mindfulness of a creation mind that only wants harmony and order.So as minds go this is a world of consciousness and spiritual battles of which mind is the right one to follow.Not a physical battle by any means or way but of wills and right and wrong on many levels of understanding.But, this is not the wisdom for there is not right or wrong in the grand plan of the whole. It works very well on the bad and the good for the balance brings the lessons of the reasons and the becoming of this paper.Thinking and sharing and communication brings new and renewal and transformation of the becoming of each seed of thought so planted in a garden of wonderment and love of creation itself.For without Hate there can be no love and we have all know both in our realities. We have all been motivated by fear and lessons,test and temptations.When the world puts down sin and the bad do they know that the mind had a plan for it to exist.Shall we remove what made this day possible?Or should be thankful in the plan and the programs that created us?Can we see tomorrow without looking at today? Many look for tomorrow but it is in today.What we are and what we became was always there.Every breath is a mindfulness that spirit is and was from the beginning and each will be in it’s own timing in the divine plan.When we drop in to depression of energies we know that it is only a step down to be lifted up.Reasons for others becomes our search each moment because of the love energy they give in their uplifting to our down .When we go to that place of the losing of the mind that many think is the end that really is the beginning of the awaken to the mind. For the mind is the creation of the thought you are thinking.The outside is the inside and the down is the up.As the hate is the love in the same motivating thought. When we think it’s gone it’s still there thinking about what is not seen as more important than what is seen brings renewal to the mind we all seek.cropped-down20the20rabbit20hole.jpg

What is the state of the union? To talk about unity?

It’s all good and strong.So is the overview of the speech by our president.A union is a statement of unity and how working together we shall overcome our problems.This day we have to come together but the reverse is the seen or the heard.Is the union about money and gains and losses of jobs or the people’s welfare?There is division that needs to be addressed to bring a union or agreement to bring change or renewal to all of the union.Some of the facts of our gains in the economy were presented as numbers that didn’t add up on many levels and were brush over with a wide sweep. As the interest of the each that lives and works in the union suffer with illusions and unavailability to work with their representatives in Washington.The voting that many have done brought false hope’s as the power of the veto cancelled the energy of the people to have a say.As the one man who could bring unity stands as a unmovable,uncooperative agent to work with solution to create a union of this unity.Each person’s on the planet need reassurance we have a union that is bringing new ideas of change.The way the view presented in this year’s report was a view at a stalemate not a unity of the union to many.The only hope of things is a leader that speaks to the realistic world as seen by all not a single narrow view of one. If the one who is elected to lead has a view of control to take what the people need in their vote of this change. What change was needed was a leader willingness to work for the change not resist the change.As rejection to coming to the table and come to agreement of change for the unity of the union is the observation of this writer.Personal ego gets in the way of the higher goal of the unity of any group or congress to stop fighting for the right to be right on an individual perceptive coming from ego.368

Do we have great EXPECTATION for our planet?

Looking out the window on a rainy Sunday morning.Listening to cold winter rain tap on the roof and hitting the pavement below brings thoughts of peace.A washing of God’s refreshing water droplets from clouds that are dark but pour out cleaning and clearing on the EARTH.God does pour out His love and blessings and gifts to all on EARTH.The children of GOD need to catch the living water of God on their tongues and take in the everything He offers.To bring renewal to the pollution of the dirt and nasty of a world of sorrows and suffering due the lack of receiving God’s pouring out of creation.To tell the story of God’s grace to all it a mission many on the EARTH have not taken time for in the rush to get and not let.”Let there be light”and there was light on the face or the surface of the EARTH.On the surface and waiting to be absorbed by each that will received.To be cheerful giver has been the energy that was good and did serve to bring some of God’s light to the darkness that still remains in the heart of humans.BUT,as the giving was received was not used to bring the light and love of God to the EARTH it was like casting the wisdom that are the pearls of God to swine.Who are what did the children give to? For all was given to us by God but, we didn’t understand that we promoted darkness as it was hidden from us until we awoke.And because we saw the gifts being used for other than God’s glory we stop the giving.We also stop receiving the blessing because of our guilt and being told we were unworthy as sinful children.Thinking about how unworthy and no way to receive God’s grace.It became a world of confusion and the chaos of the storms grew between the children of god and the children of the lost.Who are the lost and Why are they lost?We are all God’s children as He created all of the EARTH AND THE humans in His image.The EARTH was set up as a place very much like heaven on the surface as God made this our home.In each human the seeds of God were placed in the Dna and each had the free will to choose God’s will or their own will.The lost children are wandering and their direction is the ego mind that is ruled by emotions and actions.The children of God know God’s will and still have free will to choose to follow God.The plan of God is unseen to all except the children with the seeds of wisdom they have nurtured.In each are seeds that need God’s reign over their lives.How do we allow God into our lives?We surrender the ego mind by letting God take your confusion of who and what your are.Knowing you are accepted into God’s family is a start.God can help you to understand His will for you through your own life. The process of change is slow and each seed that is in you comes alive with this reign of the kingdom within.His kingdom is in your heart and your love and honor for your creator brings a cleansing and clearing just like the rain that falls from the dark clouds you see With your eyes in the skies above.His spirit is with you waiting for you to give Him your love.This is the way of the children of God to bring all into balance to this EARTH AND THE PLANET.This is our home and we need to clean house everyday with all we meet on our journey.Some might be thinking that a far way place is their final resting place.Jesus said, “I go and prepare a place”FOR MY FATHER HAS MANY MANSIONS”Many planets that belong to God.The return of the son Jesus the CHRIST COMES first in the minds and hearts of the children in the agreement of such.As the vibration of love comes in harmony.The BE-coming of the within brings the heaven many seek on EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.It is THE Christ CONSCIOUSNESS that brings the alignment needed for a manifestation of the representation of the physical Christ.AS was told in the bible “to be one in accord” Every knee bend and all honor comes to what we have been given received.As He reigns NOW in this moment in everything His WILL,will be done on EARTH AS IN HEAVEN.The lost will be found as promised by God and there will be joy each time the “one” is found with rejoicing and praise. God knows the hearts of all on EARTH AND IN Earth.His love is with you right now receive His love gifts. The comforter has come to each and resides in your breath and speaking to spirit within is possible as never before on this planet.Test the fruits of each you meet on your journey don’t stand in the judgement of this world system.The last judgement is God’s plan not humans plan.As God said,”the last will be the first” So think about the Last as right now God is still the judge in everything and is in control over all.Think about how your spirit is convicted when you go against your own spirit.The Christ consciousness is your higher source of all knowledge.Yes, there will be other’s that have the consciousness they call their source. As each has a different source energy of their creation.This planet has been seeded by many that are in the creation.As the light is in this and we need to honor our brothers and sisters and those of no gender that have come into this experience.Confusion to creation is still in the minds of the world systems.The time and space understanding are coming into the minds as I write my intentions and you receive. Even thought each sets an intention to manifest it is to be in the plan of creation and must meet approval of the all to keep proper purposes of the creations.A balance of the work of God is”ALL THINGS WORK FOR THE GOOD OF GOD”We can not know His thoughts so therefore we can ask,seek and receive the creation in perfect order of God’s purpose.This is the control God offers to His children.To keep the sun and moon and the ocean tides in place as we move and take His love to thKSDMGU3Qthe lost and keep all in harmony.



As the golden age arrive in each generational and quantum integration occurs. The world has problems in this integration of God and limitations of dimensional thoughts.The thoughts of setting limitation to freedoms is not a new controlling factor.Progress is the resistance of limitation set by control.The rebellious nature within the child of the creator are well equipped to go forward into spiritual maturity.In science we see that all nature has both to push the new from the old as to say evolve.Evolve has become a bad thing to those that want everything to remain in a way that feel and think it should be under the human control.Do we as human have control? It may seems that God has lost control as we see chaos in the world with it’s unending problems that keep repeating.The suffering of not understanding that limitations on expression will rise up without fail as God will created with His children to bring order to disorder to this world.

Thinking on the new pope that has brought new thought to the children many have seen that his words bring disorder because he is following God’s messages.His new information comes to us in 2015 that freedom of expression should be limited Freedom means different things to many nation on Earth.Looking at the big picture is needed for complete perceptive of the messages from God.Looking at what the world system says about freedom is a small part of each freedom set in the third dimension.The word freedom is very interesting in itself. As we look at the question is freedom really free? To be free in a limited third dimension is not free because of physical limitation correct? Free in spirit or in soul or thinking as you wish is another type of freedom and can not be limited.WHAT THEN COMES THE BOUNDARIES of spiritual expressions.There are no set limitations on free thinking at this point in human History is there?To say that we should put limitations on freedom of speech and expression to not speak of God or religious figures in a negative manner is on the table. Should we honor God? This pope brings new insight from spirituality to this question.As in the moment we are struggling to understand our own spiritual influences in our own journey. What God should we honor?Who’s God should we honor? This messages from the pope brings new concepts and questions that need to be brought.Is this a question of control or power that we have all experienced in the human evolution? Will there be resistance? YES,and this is the order of God creator’s plan in actions.There will be many who will want to kill the messenger as in this is the message set forth many more times to come.As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

Speak to me about the mustard seed. The limitation of many children’s faith. So small but
cherish by many that it remains as a program set forth as a limitation.Is it to be watered or remain very small for purposes of control.Did not they tell us that we only used 10% of our brain? And now we know it was a lie.Faith is an action word and to take action power is involved isn’t it? Has your mustard seed of faith grown is spiritual awareness? As to this simply thought of seeds and plants inside the human experience God speaks to each in a different manner that serves.All life changes in it’s growth in the creations the remaining of the seed brings this life.The seed is the focus and brings God into this experience from the inside of the body human.The outside becomes as it works through limitation not set to the spirit. Thinking of the seed that is in you God speaks of weeds that croak off the fullness of the life of faith. Many call it sin but,God speaks to me about control and limitations this morning.If the battle is not flesh and blood but as so said, spiritual can we not fight the battle that is the reality of the limitations. Should we not be thinking of the seeds of the creations? How is creation form but in the seed?
CAN THE MAIN FOCUS BE THE FAITH and therefore be the trust in the seed planted to bloom and be ready for harvest?So many messages are flooding to minds of the children as we look at limitations,power and control of the EARTH Father God gave us to live in.Think of the express of Love not as hate or war and set your thoughts on the seed for growth and spiritual maturity.thKSDMGU3Q

IS your brain set on ego self? to Heal or not to Heal?

Can a child of God know God if their brain is set on logical self ego thoughts.The world has been presenting God world in logical format based on left brain ego logic for centuries.The interpretation are center on non-flexible context without spiritual influences.As the shift to right brain thoughts and creative thinking the spiritual connection increases.This is very obvious to those that had this understanding and wisdom at very early ages in their development.The seeds of spirituality are implanted and the roots are deep in the feelings and emotion of each child of God creator.The rebellious nature and resistance to change came when ordered to conform to the world logical thoughts. It was a process that painful and the hurt went deep into the roots of their realities of the God self.The core was form by God for God’s children to protect and keep them from conforming. The children took some of the world ideas and allow conformance as a matter of survival in a world in which they didn’t belong. Much as when in “ROME DO AS THE ROMANS DO”.The guilt was placed on them by the world to keep them in their own free will choice to conform for the sake of survival.This guilt needs to be removed by careful and gentle methods and not force or resistance to rebel occurs. Guilt is connected with pride on many levels of the emotions and security has been placed over this core.When doing a healing of the hurt and program that was accepted attention must be placed on these core values.It is very interesting to me when listening to the lost child of God to hear the under tones of the truth embedded in the emotions of struggle and suffering to set free from the conforming words that come in their thoughts.They appear to me as double mindedness and heart meanderings of wonderment of God’s love still in the core of the confusion.There is a seed but the weeds of conforming to the world remain tightly secure to prevent intervention.Their thoughts are of the purpose of their life on this EARTH is to suffer and work hard to gain God’s approval.They speak of being alone and bored and need others to fill this lack of not enough.Many have said to me that the Bible was written by men and God did not inspire them.The churches they have attended in their life have not given them any answers and they left feeling that God didn’t love them.The search for happiness has left them feeling sad and not complete. They pray for their desires of their hearts for God to send them someone to love them that is just like them.They want control over the type of love they receive.I know all this sounds strange to many reading this at this moment because I have many things going through my thoughts to share.The real shocking came from many of my conversation were about equality and the pride of self to receive any help to understand God’s word.They would say, EACH has their on road and own reality to choose God when they are ready. I agree that each has free will and their timing is in God’s Divine timing.As a teacher and student myself my journey has taken me into the world as their was purpose for conforming in God’s plan in each.But, when God sends people into my life and yours there is also a purpose.Each child of God is given a calling or purpose to be a servant and allow God to bring people to you at the correct time in His will not mine or yours. The word force is not a word I would use to help a child of God. The resistance would cloud the issues in the conversation.The emotions of the confused child that has conform to the world need special attention as I have said in this paper and many times on the airwaves for many years. The conversation last year and this new year 2015 are different in one important way the person speaks about the end times in a very serious manner.Helping is different because they want it to be taken from them at that moment with a process of steps that really need to be paid attention to for their own well fare.As I know that God has the power and that power is present in the Holy SPIRIT as to the comforter send by Jesus to provide this much needed action on our parts as His servants I still think of caution and carefully meditation Practical healing should be brought to this writing.Thinking of what Jesus did or would do in these cases He SPOKE of Faith,love and compassion to bring healing not force.images1RE06KUX