What is the reality of emotional FEARS?

Fear has many meanings to every human.What message can we bring to the humans who seem lost in a  every spinning of thoughts of confusions and creations of false fears? Every word has a duality of negative and positive influences on the human brain and can take on it’s own reality. As the free will to allow and accept concepts to form belief’s and opinions we lose track of thoughts. If we see a tangible thought taking place in our thinking process we would clear many thoughts that we didn’t need and stored the important ones for further use. But, alas thoughts are images floating in an endless space of tangled wires of nerves and muscles and chemical explosions without attachment to solid structures in the context of any form.So many think “garbage in garbage out ” this is a great perceptions if a humans belief systems would be aware enough to preform this action of clearing through means of meditation or earnest intentions on this process.The limitation set forth of the outer world can prevent a conscious effort towards clearing the used or desired true thoughts to be elevated to their proper formation. Removal of the human to a better environmental position has occurred for centuries to correct direct communication of higher consciousness. Transmission and receiving improved and can still be obtain for many on lower levels of the collective consciousness without this procedure once taken by those in fear based surroundings.The lowering of one’s own fear emotions is very important.  to bring alignment to the higher fear presented in the world systems. The outer activities of world physical representation such as killings and forces of terror to draw consciousness beings into a trap of a fear responds is a controlling factor in each generation.Obtain a peace is only a spiritual concept as there is to be no peace on Earth except in the seeds of the creation within.Fear will come into the spiritual realms of consciousness but will be overcome by peace of the HOLY SPIRIT AS THE COMFORTER All will have this protection.for it is scripture written into the program.What are we to do when the thief comes into our houses and temples?For the house is the soul and the temple is the mind within. We shall not take up arms or weapons of the world but, be that is and was in that we serve.For the fear not will be with us.Yes, it is said,’we do not fight flesh and blood” and as it is spiritual war in this representation of a lost world we will relied on that which source of creation and not destroyer.A man who is trapped in his physical and can not move from his wheel chair speaks only of physical  limitation and knows not of spiritual realities. His fear that he will needs to leave the planet EARTH for an escape to other planets. He speaks of hostilities of anger being the end to humanity.   We are God’s children and the EARTH is our home and fear will not move us from where God placed HIS seed.God’s word will say when it’s time to leave not the fear of this man or any man who speaks from fears.Who ever is a prisoner in his own body with chains of bondage and see only a vision without God will live in that reality of fear and spread it like a virus. To have ears to hear the Good news of God brings the light to your darkness of this fear virus for it can not remain in the light.Much like a death that is in the body when fire or heat is applied to bring the cells the warmth to bring together all that is good. The fire of the spirit is warmth like blanket that God placed you in on your first birth. So the wrapping of the fire purifies the sickness in the virus of evil that is prevailing.What be the fear each brings is a source to do this  in the spirit of each.As the fear thoughts come see the fire of the sword or some say the word of God creator rising up faith in your mind’s eye. Peace and love from all that LOVE the creation within your soul.Times are coming and going but, you know that God’s word will never go away from this EARTH.images1RE06KUX


Why do Humans think they are not worthy?

THIS LIE HAS BEEN PREACHED FROM THE HOLLOW WALLS OF RELIGION AS A CONTROL FACTOR.Think with me about this root of deception that was planted by many to brainwash and control humans on our planet.If a child is told he or she is not worthy what kind of a message does that send? It will lower the whole human system to a state of volubility to accept the controls of the outside and not listen to the inner core of the beliefs.The brain is in charge of all systems and the subconscious mind  takes in thoughts and words and actions seriously.This outer program has been a determinate to progress in the spiritual maturity in each child of God.The overcoming of spiritual strength relies on worthiness of the Who you are doesn’t it? There was a saying”God doesn’t make junk” posted years ago that really impress me and many others. Also think on these words “For God so love the world” He gave HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON to die for us!” Now does sound like humans are unworthy?God did what He did because of love of a creature He created. Worthiness  is an important factor isn’t it?When you think children of a living God thinking they are not worthy this seems confusing and God is not the author of confusions.I remember my own church experiences of the teaching on self importance and it took me many years to understand that God loves me because I AM WORTHY of His love. The removal of self love was the lesson being teach because many of the church wanted you to place God in your center and not self. I understand the reasoning of this perception on the part of the religions on our planet and it did bring many to take this message very seriously. The children of God that hold on to this perception placed by men in authority called by God to do God’s work. Misunderstanding comes from conforming to the world instead of seeking the Holy Spirit for correct interpretation. Many churches had no wisdom of the GOD and His purpose in spirit. I am not judging but bringing connections not divisions.We are all children of God no matter what the churches have said to us and we are coming back home to our creator God in-spite of this confusion. God brings messages to us every moment and we are listen now.Yes, the spiritual part of each of us is rising up to speak out as the days come to a close on our planet.It was the knowing that took place that stirred this energy within the kingdom contain in you own worthiness.thKSDMGU3Q


To judge or not to judge?As good as the sounded when MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. spoke about judgement of character instead of color or ethnicity or creed we are still making a judgement! I have always understood Martin’s dream and the wisdom of the word character. To observe the actions instead of the outer book covering. Reading people is my business everyday as a profession psychic The outer covering is not the what interest me.The non-psychical spiritual aspects of the unseen intentions is my gift given to my God. As a man thinks so he shall be.As the scripts tell us in the bible. For the heart determines his love and the love of God. And every human being is what the heart desires manifest in their actions,So you can read what I say and think on these things in the proper perceptive.The love that many speak about of this world system in 2015 and for many centuries is not the love of the heart but a false love that is the lust of the eyes and the physical. The desires of God’s will and the source of the real love is only from a pure love through spiritual connection.  God’s love is a spiritual connection or rather a relationship with the will of the source creator God. As we listened to Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York city said,”The president of our country does not love America” what does he mean by the word love? He did pull the race card! But spoke about character didn’t he. He spoke about actions and words that he heard coming from the president over the years he has served in office. We also heard our president say in speeches certain words about America that were not doing very well to help others in other countries. The real focus was also the mayor intention to bring about a change in the non-actions of a leader of the the free world America to the table. When he used the word love he meant desires to bring a uplifting messages as many of  our past leaders in the position of president have done. He said,”if this president had been born here he would have that love.” Well, this really isn’t true because we know that America is a melting pot of all nations and was built on this premise. I am not judging or defending the mayor or the president in this manner of words used wrongly.I just think we should examine each new lesson that God brings us and use it for HIS GLORY.  As we see we have left the race card lying in the dust and jumped to character. Well hang on it’s going to be bumping ride from here on people. Got your discernment368 caps on?


Is the world looking for truth? In each generation there have been cover ups and direct lies to the people of our planet.So much that truth is getting harder to find or know for the believer in God’s truth. When we really know that God does have a plan through His will and not our own will.This very truth contain in that sentence you just read is not holding back the judgments of the children of God. We seem to be hearing about the truth they have in their own mind and not from God’s truth.To think of truth we have to know the lies don’t we. Most humans are motivate by many things that appear as coming from the fears they create. God’s truth is really on trial isn’t it? We have a education system that has lie about History and the events in the news to suit their own truth or agenda. Isn’t that what we are really hearing in the lies an agenda. Personal agenda to bring others to their realities. We have so many definition of the word lie and what it means. All words have changed in each generation don’t they? Let’s see their is a white lie, a boldface lie, cover up, and let’s not forget the use of the word “gate” as a way in reference to “Watergate” which is usually a political way of saying there is a lie. So getting through to the truth that will set us free is a very troublesome manner indeed these last days of a world system we create. We do want to be free and have freedoms to do as we want to do? This in itself is such a lie to many people who seek freedom for their own agendas’s isn’t it? The person who seeks to control others offers freedom but wants control in some manner don’t they. And control is not freedom is it? So the truth’s about freedom seems to be at the heart of the lie isn’t it? Free speech is the last of the hold out in as we move to a the answer behind truth. It started with other freedoms being chipped away to bring confusion. We know that “BILL OF RIGHTS” was put in place to maintain human freedoms in our United States of AMERICA. We are seeing the rights that we though belonging to each human in our country being taken away as we divide our agreements and lose our unity. The word equality is a word we have attempted to have but, instead we have taken from others their rights to make everything balance. This was a unworkable and the lie that all can be equal is the catch phase use to keep the lie going. As we know that a balance in nature is required for growth. Humans are each in their own growth process. We need one truth that we all agree upon and then we can understand the plan that God creator design don’t we? One nation under God has lost is vigor and allegiance in many humans as the truth. Being under God means that He or she or spirit of is in control and in charge. The truth is hidden from the children everywhere and the seeking for the kingdom within each is the only way out of this outward expression of the lies holding each child in darkness of their true freedom. The only freedom is the spiritual soul that can bring freedom and peace to a dying world of darkness. One truth that has turned into a lie is that God is in a far way place sitting on a throne in judgement of each on the EARTH. This lie is told each Sunday by pastor and preachers to their followers who believe their saved by just going to church once a week to pray or praise God. If God lives in you and the kingdom has come WHY? are they not living in that everyday? Do these church men and women know that God is alive in spirit in them? Do they know they don’t need to have someone heal them and pray them and can be heal and provide for if they would only ask the CREATOR GOD? There is a truth and it’s the only truth and it comes from surrendering EGO the one element that keeps the lie repeating itself. When we love instead of judge we open up the truth. When a human plays God and points a finger of blame against his brother or sister we break bonds of love and the energy is HATE AND FEAR. When we forget who God is and don’t honor and respect his will over our lives we lie.images1RE06KUX


The reality of the thoughts and action of each human are the cause and effect of the realities we observing in the 3d world at this present time and have been in the creation since humans took good and evil to task. Overcoming good and evil as each lesson brought knowledge and this turned to wisdom  so needed to bring about the new world order of all things spiritual and manifested. There have been attempts to point out the fact of cause and effect but a failure to communicate the seriousness of this Law has been on the table for each generation. Even a warning was issued that sins of each generation would be passed down in each incarnation this still has not reach the proper ears to stop the progress of the cause and effect manifestations still showing up in consciousness. There appears to be a resistance to many know causes but as this is observed it still repeats with more power than original intended. Thoughts are seeds that grow and if watered will grow again in the memories of the transference to each incarnation if the soil is not change. Each generation brings new soil for the seeds to grow into a creation of peace or destructive of source energy of war. As the free will of each human chooses the path their destiny will take. These choices become the cause and effect of any and all manifestation. As children we ask why because they need know the cause of an effect. Our brains need to understand the cause of everything so we can correctly or give answers to the cause. In most cases we receive the word because. Being the cause is what because really means. This should clear up the cause but doesn’t address the effect of the cause of the question we ask. What we really should ask is what is the effect of the cause of the question we are trying to figure out in the first place. What is the effect of good or evil. We should know the cause shouldn’t we? The cause of the good and evil is the being the cause. Humans are the cause in most cases as free will is causing most events and manifestation of such. We would all like to think we didn’t cause anything on this planet. For if we thought we cause certain events we would then have to become responsible for our thoughts and actions. The Earth is alive and all energy comes from source. There are many sources of energy at work  both negative and positive energies are keeping a balance to manifest the world we live in and each brings their energy to this reality. As a picture  needs all components and parts to make a picture complete. As a machine runs with the correct oil for smoothness to it’s parts so does the energy between each human The oil of the universe is LOVE and the creator source is CREATOR GOD.  Each human has creation inside their core. Think of the word universe as you are the ‘U’ in this word. As the word plan is to “plan it’ like planet the letters are not the same but the sound is. We all make plans for our own destiny don’t we. We are the cause and effect of our own reality world inside our thoughts and actions. Each is alive as mother EARTH IS ALIVE and the cause and effect of each of human is effecting this planet. Does this sound logical or just to hard to digest. As we continue to ask why everything is as it is  being the cause brings new thoughts to each human reading this. All children of creation are the cause of the begin state and need to be responsible as we move into a new age of thought and future plans for our planet. To become aware is the first step to bringing about new effects of this cause has already begun on many levels of the thoughts that have come in this becoming and the free will is making the effect known. For what was unknown is now in the knowing in the collective consciousness. The choices are each as we take more to the communities in social networking as the net as been cast for the purposes of creation not destructions. As spoken good will overcome evil and the long journey will be creation of the beginning. As spoken the last will be the first and first will be the last.images,LOU

ARE our lessons in this school of life in our memories? WANT PROOF?

Every letter in the English alphabet has a meaning based on my system that  I develop over a 30 years span. I have found this letter system very helpful in understand all the names and places in our memory files. Every thing that we do and say is a word of a name of something or place or thing like a noun. There are adjectives that add more meaning to each noun and adverbs that create a story to of our nouns we collect and store for reference to our memories. While studying these nouns that are connected to images and flashes of energy burst in the brain we can bring understanding. The meanings to what the memories of certain nouns and adjectives are being transmitted to the conscious mind are important to decode what programs we are following. Every humans repeats memories over and over in a program that runs in the subconscious mind and the conscious mind needs to interpret the program for control of unwanted thoughts and memories. The brain is learning machine and can be retaught  or remember what thoughts serve better than other thoughts. When we think of a brain and the electrical components and chemical reaction that are rewiring and replacing cells at speeds beyond our capacities of our perceptions of the mind of logical thoughts. The imaginary thoughts in the brain of creativity are weaving stories of the original memories changing each moment of our thoughts. Sometimes the memories are connected to emotions at the time the memory is stored and information can be almost impossible to remember the details with complete accuracy. Changes in the brain are much like a muscle in the body that can increase in strength when used or decrease without use. Many humans have totally recall as their awareness of each moment of and their memories are stored for future reference to aid them in spiritual growth and maturity. While others the memories which are really the lessons of spiritual growth are lost because of lack of awareness. Awareness from moment to moment and living in the now brings enlightenment and healthy brain function and increase psychic abilities. Findings in the practice of regression is often used to bring memories to the surface for clearing the person who wants understanding to the programs running that have kept spiritual growth from occurring. Each human has potential to increase psychic abilities. The holistic approach  to totally brain functioning  by taking each memory or lesson to the consciousness  brings awareness so it can be discussed and released. This is also called surrendering to the memory and changes the program in the part of the brain that is constantly creating the lesson to run in the same manner which is also called a pattern or habit. Once the human  surrenders to the memory as just a memory and the lesson has been learned this gives the human confidence to create and renewal of the mind. Emotional fears of rejections will cease and the human is a new creature completely. The process  brings clarity of the negatives within the brains programing and are change to positive workable words and motivates the human to seek new ways of dealing with emotion and stress factors .Thinking about memories as lessons that we are creating every moment of our thoughts have been study are used by many psychoanalysis as ways of helping confused humans due to unawareness they have in their brains. But, many of these trained doctors haven used a system that can help for long periods of time. When we look at how things have been done in the past with what we know now we can see that we need to use a holistic approach to the practices of working with humans on levels of the consciousness considering the awareness of psychic abilities and spiritual influences. As I have been to many doctors that overlooked the connections to other incarnation that are very important to the incarnation we are presently in at this moment. If we don’t consider all the factors a completely healing will not occur within the spiritual growth of the human. The time is now to bring all into the equations and stop band aid solutions. 62154_586268194736199_916154232_n