The move to spiritual energies in the shift of consciousness from Earth bound lower vibrations has many with questions.An integration process of transference is rapidly increasing the flow of a constant stream of intuitive thoughts through source God creator. Speaking the words in scriptures “AS BELOW SO AS ABOVE” an understanding is required in this wording for clarity in this moment.Over and above are used for purposes of realities in this thought processes. As to the coming down of the new KINGDOM from above when the kingdom remains in the consciousness. The lower of energies can be explain as a depression or repression of thoughts within the energies. To be spiritual feed or energized by thoughts and a firm foundation of the agreement with all body,mind ans soul.As this agreement is made in the allowances of the inner core of the belief’s and opinions a constant stream of creation occurs on all levels of the spiritual light body contain within. As spoken by JESUS “I am the light the way and the truth” the light is the energy source and the way is a manner to do as He did to obtain the wisdom and the truth is the freedom of the completions of the ALL INTO “ONE”. When each takes on the representation of the cross He bared in His transition into the transformation from human to spirit we have a connection to this process.The human remains are the clothing that we shed like the blood He shed.For this body will be cast off and spiritual bodies will rise with a no flesh and blood that corrupts the exchange.Pure energy is the only way to inner into the kingdom so being created by our thoughts and this kingdom is now here and waiting on a coming of the Master Jesus return.There have been many Masters that brought enlightenment to us for many centuries and they served as reminders to bring us wisdom.I have seen them all as good and guiding us to this event.As the difference come to my mind of the word agreement and the knowing of the representation that was needed for many 2,000 years in our times of men.Of course God’s time is no time. The one accord is in place in this time we are in the now.Many are still not in agreement but those that have the ears to hear know this. Many will be like the seeds thrown on the rocky side of the road and will be given a final chance to receive.The mercy of God creator is in full actions as the days of humans waste away in their bodies and the spirit speaks to them of the birth pains. The holding on is much like a woman not wanted to push until the baby is ready to be born.The baby knows when to cause a contraction to occur. As children of God will know when to push to their purpose. Everything is prepared for this new birth.images,LOU


Questioning Should we cast out demons? “THE ENERGY OF EVIL OR NEGATIVITY.”

The question becomes clearer when we talk about balance within the perimeters of the energy field the body human or the body of the whole consciousness of every living matter. To observe the purpose of the duality of the good and evil and it’s influences may lead us in the correct direction. Looking at this situation in a logically sense with our reasoning in a frame work of usefulness we may think no need for the duality. But,in a spiritual intuitive sense it can be a necessity to the development of our journey. For it is true that every placement of each component of the seeds of creations to grow many conditions had to set to secure the patterns of the soul completion for the next incarnation.
In science and spirituality the duality is needed to balance for proper energy transference. All appears equal at first and then the stronger of the two forces good and evil will take over of the weaker force and a new creature is formed. The weaker energy will remain as a temptation and sin as reminder But can regain it’s force and energy over the good that overcame.The question of should we cast it out or remove it from it’s container the human body? Many may think about it just like taking out an organ that is not needed But,energy of a lower vibration of the evil within is not an organ.Taking or misplacement has been done many times in our churches and privately and they are called casting out or exorcism. These practices are done by well meaning people who think that by taking out a so called evil or demon as they are called solves the problem. When we go back in our BIBLE we see a story about JESUS doing such a thing as casting out demons. It only appears one time. Jesus ask the demon his name and the demon or evil replies ‘WE ARE MANY LEGIONS” Jesus speaks and sends the legions or evil out of the man into some pigs. He transfers the evil energy into another three dimensional living creature. I would not like to eat that pork would you? That does sound like a joke but, it’s something to think about isn’t it. You see when we see how Jesus did something it should help us to understand about what to do! “What would Jesus do?”

Have we all sinned or have we got a dark sinful nature? Can our sinful nature or evil energy be overcome? Yes, you see there is a different way to look at things as they are not spoken correctly. We have a sinful nature or a sinful energy AND A GOOD ENERGY WITHIN OUR seed of creation and we are designed to this duality.The overcoming and the balance of our good and evil is a process of chosen the good over the evil. The best scripture is “overcome evil with good” for good can overcome evil!When we fight evil it gains energy from the resistance in our energy. To remain in your balance and feed the good with your intentions of your heart brings your energy higher and your connection with God is present to help you with all evil thoughts and actions. There will be a battle in your spirit in your thoughts of the old way you used to act and think.The only way is Jesus the Christ consciousness.Jesus said, ” I am the truth,the light and the way. Can Jesus be the only way to the father? Many have said,”there are many ways to the heaven or the kingdom” There may be many ways to many kingdoms as everyone has a different purpose. Finding your purpose and who you are will lead you to the kingdom you belong too and what king to follow. As for me and my house “body”I follow Jesus the LORD.

Thinking of alignment to each as to balance and control each function of the two parts in the formula of the design intended. What was the intentions of the designer of the “TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL”? WE KNOW IT WAS TO BE THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT in the garden and told not to eat or we would obtain knowledge. All was prepare by God the designer for the doubt to creep in to our consciousness. A TEST OF OUR CURIOSITY as children of God has been fulfilled we are so seeker of the kingdom because of that tree. Keep seeking and one day your reality will wake you up to a day of the LORD which means LAW.THE LAWS are constant and remain and cannot be cast out by any man or woman. Moving from karma into to GRACE is taking place on this planet because of the LAW AND THE PROPHETS. All PROPHECY has been set into motions due to agreement and one accord so say ye all. Harmony has come to the children of God creator today.1656356_1534660526772423_6485467416214248652_n

Can we connect the dots in the matrix? “Get connected to GOD”

THERE ARE MANY gods.We need to look at this statement and understand What the word god means.The meaning of the word god spelled with a small letter “g” takes on a different meaning from the capital letter “G”. The little “g” meaning cultural connections and generation involvement with certain traditions.The capital “G” means money,gold and abilities to handle money. Most people with the name starting with “G” are either wanting and needing money or helping with other people’s money.The little “g” appears in the name not at the beginning so it has a different stoke pattern it goes into the physical zone below the line giving it a connections to physical actions.Her is an example of two names to show you what I mean.
G=Money negative= importance and need for money.positive no need for money
e= negative=involvement trying to get others money greed.positive careful with money
0= negative=secretive about money.positive open about money matters. positive openly talks about money
r= negative introverted no love of nature positive extroverted loves nature.
g= negative doesn’t understand culture.positive understand the importance of cultural differences.
e= negative no involvement with different cultures.positive understanding cultural due to involvement.

So you the different meaning of the capital “G” AND SMALL “g

The gods were invented to bring cultural divisions through traditions of each tribe. So also the goddess and chief’s and other names pagan cultures brought in their ways of assigning leaders that healed or perform healing rituals in the tribes.

The introduction of the capital “G” was to set it apart from the other gods. It was change for that reason as the writers intentionally did this.There still were many gods and there are still many gods on our planet.This is in the Bible and today many still observe many tradition from other gods.

Confusion and divisions and free will to choose was given to all. Truth is lost to many because of this confusion of many gods. Humans worship anything that gives them what they need and want even if it’s an a idol.Telling humans to give up anything is like taking candy away from a baby. SOME Government,churches and parents and some people give the “children””adults” what they want or need because they want to control them and get there money or love. What co/dependence world we live in! Working for the task MASTERS of slavery work the same way. If you behaved you were fed and clothed that if you honor them and their control. Some think this is slave planet and we have some proof that it was from the very first encounters with churches making demands on people to follow rules that were not in the BIBLE.

Connecting the dots is not very popular many call it conspiracies theories. Just theory or real truths of who we are to each other in our own relationships.We are not really kind to our own kind are we? Are we following a golden rule of loving one another as we love ourselves. OR ARE WE JUST LOVING OURSELVES AND FORGETTING ABOUT LOVING OTHERS?I DON’T speak about everyone doing this. There are many follow the true real GOD.

The dots that are connected will remain connect as the Holy Spirit.HIGHER ENERGY has done this through Divine timing.The dots not connect will be given a second change to connect. Does sound like what you hear in churches? Well they speak about what you have to do to get connect to God. They spend a lot of time on the connections.Then they send you own your way to do what you need to do on your own. Many children really need one on one help to stay connected don’t they? If you only spend time one day a week listen to a preacher and don’t keep your connections with God all the time what happens? Well happens is you start doing the world thing and THE CONNECTIONS is broken you unplug the wire and now you need to get connected again but, you don’t know HOW.SO TRY AND TRY AND STRUGGLE WITH YOUR OWN THOUGHTS.I know this because I was there so many times and I finally found my connection through spirituality.God is a SUPERNATURAL SPIRIT.THE creator lives in each child of God.When was the last time you said,”I am a child of God?”Or maybe it’s your time thinking of How much He loves you.
You are thKSDMGU3Qa child of God!

Your personal battle with the question? Why me? Paper 2

My first paper was about the Who we are. Now the WHY WE ARE and “WHY ME?”.We come to this battle on the deepest personal energy level. Each level is a process of the “W’s” in our life. I decided to write a paper on each for not only my understanding but to bring these questions to others.Let’s go back to the who just to start a meaningful conversation.  I stated  I am a child of God and this statement was not easy to say it took many lessons to bring it into my reality. As  I am discovering with others humans I meet on my path. I am sure you will also meet the wanders and the unknowing ones that appear lost but have found some tags of the world to comfort them until their realities of CREATOR GOD is truly accepted.  God is very patience is waiting for each to ask for help with their lives.Sadly the world still rejects the offer of the grace His kingdom gives freely. The fears of the WHY are expressed in the fears as the ego makes the world very small in their minds and the attacks are always not their fault but then reasoning set in and the “WHY ME”becomes the battle cry! Next comes the I am not to blame for what happen and then the judgments occur within the spirit of confusion. The holding back represses the fears and the tongue takes it outward on their tongues with a fire like a dragon.SAYING “WHY ME” pointing straight back at them. This is reflection of the image set forth from the power of the words uttered.As the anger comes from the force of this power of the words it stirs up the emotions of the me and the me suffers  the conviction from the HOLY SPIRIT. This cycle will repeat over and over until conviction is taken and correction in right thinking is taken. The ego will continue to remind the self each time something is not right for the “me” just what to do. The protection of the personal attack is important to the ego.Without a ‘me’ the ego cannot operate and cause it’s emotional offence to come on the self so it can rule over ever area of the mind,body and soul. It will tell you to build walls of protection and don’t get to close to anyone. Being alone is just where the ego wants you.If you are not connected to source energy Creator God you will listen to your ego and other outside sources to run your life. Why me or why is me so sad so so yes “SOS” save me! Helping ourselves is a beginning to this why me situation but, we don’t do that we need a to listen to God. But, we only hear the ego and the self has been taken over with what we think is good reasoning. We needed to take care of our-self didn’t we ? As humans we do very poor jobs at self care. We know what’s best for others don’t we” Yes, at some point we needed to turn to self help books and people that would listen to us. The word was listen to yourself talk and the words you use to talk about your life. There should come a time in every person’s journey to paid attention to your words you speak to others and to yourself. The wisdom of your spirit is already in place to help you when you ask your own spirit inside you Why are these happen to me? You might not like the answers to the “WHY ME” YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST with yourself first before you are honest with others. As everything starts with yourself.As lessons of life unfolded you may not be ready to take the “WHY ME” away the first time you say or think it. Everything comes in your own timing and God will wait for you.Making everything personal and you feel the victim puts your life in the hands of your enemies. You are setting yourself up and your ego knows it because the ego is your real enemy inside. When we think about evil or SATAN OR negatives bothering us from the outside we forget we have a dark side inside our own mind.To quiet the mind and renew the mind and changing our words to God’s words our Faith is increased to fight anything anybody attacks you with . Have you hear and seen others who appear to have strength that you wish you had? Strength is power from control and taking charge of your words and thinking so you can work hand and hand with the CREATOR GOD who created you.That is WHY you are here and Why YOU ARE READING THIS.  GOD LOVES YOU so much He wants you be taken care of because you are Why this was written.imagesbkpl




I am Not saying we are God by any stretch of the imagination. Just bringing order to the confusion. We are the director of our own reality and source is important to use to manifest everything we want and need to do.The knowing of who,what when,where and why are the battles to answers the how. The first battle to the “WHO “brings clarity to the powers and gifts of the personal reality within the ego and self. The ego makes logical reasoning occur with the brain and this logic is needed to bring order and chaos to our thoughts as a comparison to thoughts of lower  self. The lower self lost its identity as it passed through incarnations of forgetting the who of each incarnation. The ego memories repeat as the same to maintain a connection to the alpha waves to the logical order.In clearer words a personality of the whole program is in the ego. As the alpha is the beginning of all life this is the “WE” AND THE SELF IS THE “ME” is the omega ending the complete cycle of processing the spiritual energies.The battle is between the We and Me and the agreement comes when the Who is established. As the we is stronger and seek outward connections to the “WE” to become a part of the whole of the world outwardly the me becomes lower and self worth diminishes. The identity of the human takes on tags and names and rolls as the ego personality to the whole. The battles still goes on in the thoughts of the ego Who am I . This is a process that leads to many karmic battles of the cause and effect to give the ego the answers to the “WHO AM I”.The answer comes back you are a “man or a woman or a wife or husband and this goes on as different rolls in the whole are completely to some kind of contentment is found.The ego looking for reason to stay in this world and purpose for being here. Purpose is the key to the reality each has chosen to follow for as this is their truth within their own reality of the self. As the process takes as much time as required to bring purpose to each reality as needed to bring agreement in the outward world the inner world reality of the self gains wisdom according to the lessons of karma. Yes, this is the journey or the battles we all face to the conquering of this strange spiritual overcoming of the ego. The ego or the logical reasoning of the consciousness is being defeated every moment  as the shift of the self is rising inwardly to bring the real purpose of the first alpha and omega waves come into the empowerment of the light. To say you “know”  or “I know” who I am does come in the battle. When the ego hears these words being utter for the first time a battle starts. A question comes to your thoughts  but, Who am I ? You have to speak with confidence to the ego in your mind. If you don’t the ego considers this as just a challenge to bring on chaos to your life outwardly.Standing on the “WHO”  does quiet the ego’s prompts to bring a battle. The ego’s program was set by the world systems through brain washing techniques that run as the outward world systems influences the ego. Become detached and going inwardly to the “who am I BRINGS A DISCONNECTION TO THE PROGRAMS WE ALL HAVE ENDURED FOR CENTURIES on this planet and other worlds also.To be still and know the LORD” THIS is a very important scripture reference.The world LORD MEANS LAW. AS we know the Law of the land and the laws of men have rule over all on this planet. There were laws and a Lord that ruled also.I am not just speaking of the commandments but Laws of the universal energies that we have inside each of our human bodies.We are “who we are” and the battle is not flesh and blood but the spirit in dwelling in the core of the “who” you are .We fight our own ego daily to stop the confusing thoughts.What is our purpose of this “WHO”?Is it to gain the whole world? All the money and things of the world? Thinking about this you will understand your purpose is spiritual not worldly things and gains in ego but to be that which you were creator for in the first place. You and I are the creation of the creator God as the alpha and the omega energies are our true connection.As we created using the tools of the Holy spirit the self finds purpose to serve the creation. We as the “one” of this connection become the “WE” AND THE ONE. to SERVE and be serve through this energy creates.A process of years,centuries and many creation everywhere a becoming is occurring as was plan by the creator God.


What happens to spirit if you get a new transplanted head?

GIVING this some real though since it could happen in two years. First a monkey’s head in 2005 and now a human head could be next on the chopping block. Sorry for the humor but, it seems kinda funny to write this paper. There is a different between a monkey and a human isn’t there. I guess if your and evolutionist you may see this as the same.  Well  I am  more into spirituality and creation. My point of view may be a little in the direction of thoughts on the spiritual side of things. The head is an important part of the body not only in appearance but in it’s functions.The brain sends messages to all cells,systems and muscles in an automatic response harmony that is natural rhythm of life.To cut the connection could cause damage in the energies of the soul and the spiritual and the lost of both could occur. Re connection may not be the same frequencies in the original DNA coding. Sometimes replacement of organs cause rejection when place in a donor. Organs are very different and we have seen some success for short periods of time by giving drugs to fight of the rejects.The head of course is not an organ but contains the brain and the consciousness doesn’t it? Some may think it’s the higher consciousness that rules the brain so the certainty of placement of the consciousness is still  in debate.Even if the doctors can connect all the proper veins and spinal cord connection doesn’t mean the same personality will remain in place. We have heard stories about certain donors of organ getting new talents and skills after a new heart or other organs. Who would this person be part of the old and part of the new or something altogether different.There is psychology factor to be considered. Even when a person goes and get a weight reduction operation many can not handle the new body and go into depression. The face transplants for those who had burns or disfigurements  have had some success. The cost of all these new methods of recreation had some people scratching their heads. A little humor to get my mind off this subject.The body is the Temple of the spirit and the head is the center of the God head.It seems strange to think of changing heads at this point for reasons of making some doctor famous and rich.But, I guess we are going to Mars and a new head might be the answer.imagesbkpl

Are we speaking our intentions? “words of truth”

We want to say what we mean and mean what we say but,very often our words lead us astray. Just can into my mind as  I reach for expressions on this subject. Writers can be very profound in their intentions because the read and proofread what they write. This is a skill of many writers of all types of writing and helps to bring real intentions to the readers and also helps the writer.Seeing can help believing as we ponder our thoughts we are conveying to the readers. There will be many who get  what is termed “writer’s block” and this may happened to those who believe in negative phases. As in any phase that hinders the flow of the energies of divine revelation and it’s source when agree with on many levels in the mind of the writer.Breaking a negative thought pattern requires many steps to understand the cause of a block. Anything that prevents a change from negative to positive has to come from the reality of the writers truth and belief systems. Words that the writer chooses are an expressing that come because of strong emotional feelings and understanding of the subject .The choice to write about a subject and the timing to write an article or stories comes from and inner knowing of truth which is the reality of the intention the writers mind.As you can read my words my mind wanders into the depths of my whole soul’s journey helping me to bring enlightenment to darkness of those that bring only the unrest and confusion of division to a world on the brink of desolation. What is the meaning behind each word  I write? As we see and hear the “talking heads” of media and seek for answers we hear many words that can impact our thinking and lives in ways we have yet to comprehend because of the overload of the information age we now live in.Some of the words have so many meaning we get lost in the lack of communication to the point of not listen or taking in the proper facts of the conversation.This shutting down is occurring is wide spread as language looses it’s connections we have more communication in other ways such as telepathy means.Thinking on a intuitive level of consciousness has always been available to all children of God. The reality of such communications has always been shunned as a proven means to get real wisdom from higher source such as God.The last frontier is THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS  and it’s connections to spiritual revelations. It really was the first means of communication before words were utter into speech forming words. Images were the giving in the mind of the believers to bring faith and hope and were from the heart and compassion part of the whole of the truth word of God. Finding the ‘GOD PART OF THE BRAIN’ was study and found to be true. The forming of words do start with the heart of the images and bring a fountain of information as spoken in the bible as “living waters that flow” as a “man think so shall he be” the flow of thoughts and the forming of each word is divine in it’s expression of this love source or hate source.Yes there must be balance to be observed in everything that lives.  Words do live as communication of ‘THE WORD”  creation is the word manifest in all living creation.Without the first word spoken by God “let there be light” a taking on of this light was. And in all that was is this light.As we also see that the “darkness’ was also and we lived in this and departed from this as it didn’t serve our purpose to be the light. There are many that the “darkness’ serves also for their purpose is that.  Under God there is divine which is the word divide so it can not come together but harmony of the duality will occurred as agreement  comes into one accord. Resistant to the fight in the difference of the light and dark will come in communication and words. As the light confronts the dark to this divisions all will go out from and choose a side to stand. As the heavens don’t interfere with each and not collide and maintain their placement. As the SUN KNOWS it’s purpose is to shine and moon gives it’s energies to oceans. We are part of the creation of the whole and it’s living waters flow in our words and conceptions and perception of the I am. Overcoming evil with good. Words to do and take in your mouth. Each has the good and the bad and the purpose of free will or God will is a choice. Your words determine your purpose.The beginning of creation is still beginning in each and will continue as the first word of God is still saying “let there be light and darkness on the face of the EARTH” is there a war with words and intentions going on? Yes, and it is coming from the spirits and intentions of all. There is no hidden agendas of each but purposes of light and darkness to seek it’s source and energy for survival.images1RE06KUX