How can we access the FAVOR OF THE SAVOR?

THERE IS A SONG “TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM” To really know a person is very difficult because you don’t know their actions and what they are thinking.Just reading the words of Jesus in the BIBLE gives you insight into the life of a man who was different and had a connection to God. We can’t really know another human’s connection to God.We ask them and still not know that they will not change from one minute to the next. The human connection that Jesus had was part of His life because of experience he needed to explain to the humans he would meet. Just like Jesus we struggle with our human part and our connection to God. With JESUS there was no struggle with His connection to God the father.When we connect with JESUS as a mediator to God we find our human failings and know that Jesus overcame the body part of us. As He release the sin’s that were in the body on the cross. With Jesus we have favor. As a savor Jesus took on the responsibility of the whole world’s sin problems.We used to ask our friends and family for a favor to help us.This seems to be come old fashion in some people. A favor is though of as a I will do something for you and then you will do something for me and there was no money involved just love. We now think of money so much we forgot the love sharing possibilities of favor.How did money get involved in the exchange of love? “For God so love the world He gave His only begotten son to die for our sins” No money involved only love. But, many preachers began talking about price paid didn’t they? Words like price and paying don’t belong in this at all.It’s like a shift in thinking isn’t it? God’s favor was not money but love. It’s seems that money runs this world system and in order to relate to the masses something went very wrong in the concepts. And then the confusion set in with the words “it’s a gift” from God. Well did God’s son paid the price or did Jesus do this for LOVE? A gift is free with out strings attached isn’t it? Of course it is free but many still think about money and know that world needs money in everything for power and control. Even the church buildings declare they need money to keep going and spreading the message of God. Do you need money to tell someone about God and Jesus? I know that sounds silly went you think about it.The answer is no and if you think you do there is problem.Sharing God’s message of Jesus is in your heart isn’t it? As the world thinks of money first and seeking God second so have many born again believers. We need to get back on track and seek God’s kingdom and leave the world’s way don’t we? We know that is says”seek first the kingdom and all will be added unto you”is that correct? Yes, it is children and we need that not money.We should keep our mind’s set on blessings from God instead of the world.As children of God we have served to master.The day of the LORD has come to you this day.thKSDMGU3Q


Have you been blessed with God’s favor?

EVERY question that you bring to your mind is from your heart’s desire to know. As we think on these things of favor be not as of the world think in favoritism for this is not of what I speak. God loves all creation as SPIRIT is that of creations. For this love did created and is a continuance of creations a never ending story.As breath is lungs until a spiritual breath begins in the releasing of this physically body.Connection to God the creator is required for trinity to maintain creation of body, mind and soul and the fourth is spirit to spirit. So what be the body but a mass of living organism with cells of programs to created and destroy and multiply all functions.And say you of the mind that ex-capes third dimensions physical representation. But we speak of it as a wisdom of a higher source. Such as the mind of Christ consciousness. NON-LOCATIONS TO SOME but contain for others in the brain undiscovered. As to the Christ LIGHT that guides by Holy Spirit influences By those who seek such abilities of their gifts. We can understanding the mind’s purpose to the seeker of God’s will for their lives.To follow that which was the example of the use of the kingdom that Jesus brought to EARTH.AS KINGDOM becomes an issue for many only thinking in terms of EARTHY abodes. So what be the soul and why shall we have need to protect it? Can we lose it is it a shadow once lost in a hurry to be something we were not to be?What be the importance of it’s being or the placement of it as it was there and not seen by the eyes of the world? How shall we know there are such as soul and mind or even spirit that have only Faith to give us preconceptions.The workings of the children are coming to this in the shift of the perimeters of their own balancing of each part of this containment of this dimension. Have we more than one though each moment my children. Can we not focus but be scattered in everything we do?The spirit moves withing and without like a speed of the blinking of God’s eye in the energies in everything. Can we now feel that we are so in that which is the image and reflection of God. As we struggle to hold on and not let go to things that do not serve spirit and want and need the material world we bring resistance to the very essence of who and what we are. Are we not told we are spiritual beings living and having our human experience. So we drawn near to God and seek this within to bring the blessings of favor to us today. For all God’s children were given the HOLY SPIRIT gifts to use them.This was a favor IN THE PLAN OF GOD’S WILL. To be favored was to know you may speak for God and bring others through your gifts.When most come and quote the words in a manner of not from the heart or through experiences of their lesson they are being rejected. God’s word is not rejected but the way it is done is. Jesus said,” I am the way or do as I do” Not just a direction as many have said in the world. Jesus brought a way of doing everything he did to His children HAVE WE MISSED SOMETHING IMPORTANT? Many will argue that their way “direction or religion” is the right way to heaven or salvation. God knows of this and brings revelation of this word “WAY” WHEN THINK OF THE SONG “I DID IT MY WAY” EACH WILL DO IT THEIR WAY.Jesus had a way also His way was to ask question to the ques-tors.HIS WAY WAS LOVE AND kindness and He gave everyone HE MET A WAY TO UNDERSTAND that God is the only JUDGE.HE did not judge and told those that were doing the wrong way to repent and seek forgiveness.So He met all as with a goodness and His way of doing things is the example of How to do everything. There are many ways and truths in this world Jesus had a truth in HIM AND this truth is in the Christ mind. The forming of truth can come from belief’s and opinions and the heart needs to agree with the truths. This is why there are so many truths in this world. As each reality in each humans chooses the mind of the Christ consciousness the truth will set a mind free from the bondage of slavery to a world system. Christ brought a new system inwardly not outwardly. He said,”my kingdom is not of this world” What does that mean to you and me? We have all looked for the truth in this world and we have heard nothing but lies. To be a follower of the CHRIST you know the truth in you now. What be the light as He spoke of in His words to us. This was not a light as the sun gives off . But a fire that can not be consumed by burning out. Does lighting bring light as energy or a spark from static as you cross the floor and touch an object? The light has been used to the word enlightenment as knowledge. Is this the light Jesus spoke about? I am the light of the world, is the world dark? Is there a darkness in the minds of humans or some say a dark side?Yes light and dark are here and will remain both are creations of God. CAN WE remain in the light? Can we see the light in our life or do we see the darkness? God’s favor would be one way of knowing your light. You have a shadow dark side that will come into our thoughts and the light of the Christ consciousness will allow you to see it clearly.The renewal of your mind as you became new creature knows the darkness in their thoughts. FEAR NOT GOD’S FAVOR IS OWN YOUR LIFE.images1RE06KUX

Didn’t we all play dress up when we were children?

As the days of childhood vanished the fun game of dress up didn’t. We are still playing a game in our mind of what we think we look like through our clothes. Women dress for other women mostly and guys well they dress for comfort.And when a guy steps out of his comfort zone and chooses style the labels start flying and sticking.What we put on is a matter of personal choice isn’t it? How we feel on that day and what we are going to do plays into what we wear also.As children the pressure was not there yet so we just walked around in our dads or mothers shoes regardless of our assigned gender. I loved to ears dads shirt’s and stomp around in his heavy shoes. I really was not the one stealing moms lipstick or putting her over sized large dresses that drag the floor from my small frame. I liked comfort clothes just a long man’s dress shirt and some jeans called cut off in my day. Does this make me a boy or a tom boy? Really wanted to be a boy and played all the games they played and climbed the trees too.Until the day when I was 10 years old and mom said, “come in the house and put on a shirt” I didn’t understand why all the other guys playing ball didn’t have to wear a shirt in that hot weather why me? What’s the big think about clothes anyway? Are we suppose to wear what we want or follow what others do all the time. Is this gender identification? A BLUE BLANKET FOR A BOY AND A PINK FOR A GIRL is so set in our mind we can see the forest for the trees. Just because the body says one thing and the mind says other we are having conflicts in our world today. Let us go back in time to the days when everyone wore long robes and skirts even if they were men or women.There were no pants and hair was long too so how did they identify a man or a woman? Are we our body or our image on the outside or are we what we think we are on the inside?This whole gender thing is getting out of hand in the world at this time in 2015. Someone said, “are we in the image of God?” What is God’s image? God is a spirit and the gender can be both can’t it? Of course some prefer the male over the female image for God. More like a Father figure for that masculine assurance. But,in the world today the famine is gaining strengths and many are seeing God as a woman. Does it really matter what people think God is?Just so they seek the wisdom from a creator.

With all the new brain mapping and insights of who and what we are we really need to get a grip on this gender identification thing. Many are saying it’s a sin and the word homosexual wasn’t put in the bible’s old testament text until 1946. The word effeminate was there speaking loudly that it was a sin to act in such a manner. The brain is wired for sexual identity and therefore it can be a sin. What is sins is now the question on the table?This is really a good question for everyone to think about. There are many sins listed in the BIBLE in the old testament. The rules and commandments were placed there for health reasons and to help people and society to grow and raise families and prosper. As we are now under a new covenant with the coming OF CHRIST we are know that God did this for to take the sins off the table. What sins did Jesus died for? All the sins not just the ones people want to pick he died for.But, still we yell sin and claim we must judge sin when we see it. We do have a problem with sin and will have a problem with sin as long as humans think it’s still here.The claims I am sinner saved by grace does help some. The words are good and give some relief to the ones that think about sin. Being a new born again new creature by the HOLY SPIRIT should have put sin away in your mind.

The brain contains to sides a left and right side and this is means we have both genders in the wiring of each brain. Can we go as far and say we are all transgender and either make a choice depending on which side of the brain is dominate. If this be the case is there really a sin in this but a natural cause of gender choice.Something to think about.images,LOU

How we properly deal with those that are lost,not awake and just negative?

The battle for the planet EARTH has been waging in the heavens since the dawn of man and woman kind left the garden of the connection with God.

As both ate of from the tree of GOOD AND EVIL the minds of all have been contaminated.

The powers of the world systems try to maintain some order of peace with the laws set forth by using God’s commandments. But, you and I know LAWS can be broken and not kept.

As preparation was made for God to bring a solution to a world of law breakers and sin of all kinds He send His only begotten son Jesus the Christ to the EARTH TO TAKE on the sins of the world and show a way,truth and light to the father God.

The world systems rejected this action that God took and maintain it’s power and control over the humans.Only the true children of God kept the messages in their hearts.They knew that they were sinning and stay in the world knowing they were not of it.Every story of a true child of God is the same just the names and places are changed.

The day of the LORD/LAWS has come on the EARTH BECAUSE THE CHILDREN OF Jesus the Christ have left the world systems in their hearts and minds. Many are physically still making contacts with sinners in hope to save them.The day is coming for all to dust off your burdens you carry from those that don’t see the way of Jesus.There will many lost and will come to the judgement and receive Him. Your main concern is your family and your brothers and sisters in Christ that need your agreement to stay in the light and go to God for protection.

The hope and love you share with all you meet is just a seed. Their are many that have the seeds of love from God’s people in them but they have not be watered and have weeds of doubt choking them. Be as a gardener when they come to you and remember you are there just to water with the words of God. Each person they meet will do a part in this process.As the harvest is ripe with many that just need reassurance that their not alone on the journey home.

Are you in this to the end,well if you are get ready it just heating up. They think it’s hell on EARTH [the lost,not awake and just negative] are going to know the real hell hit the fan soon. Oh yea they will dancing and singing and marrying as the scriptures say they will be doing on the DAY OF THE LORD. And where you be? I know were I will be as my journey is nearing an end towards the finishing line towards THE LIGHT OF CHRIST. EVERY DAY IS THE lord’s day isn’t it?From the morning sun we rise and the evening view of the moon. We are talking to God and sharing with our brothers and sisters about Jesus and His way of doing everything. When a lost soul that is deep into depression comes into our world we know in some way God has send them to us.We don’t think we are ready but, yes we are prepare for all that the world can throw at us. Take a deep breath and go to GOD’S PEACE AT THAT MOMENT,the HOLY SPIRIT will be with you.Be straight as an bow and arrow with you prime directives. First you are a child of the living one true KING OF THIS PLANET JESUS THE CHRIST.Stand behind this shield of Faith. Place your helmet on your head trusting in your own salvation. TIGHTEN YOUR BELT OF TRUTH with honest of your self before you go into this battles of will.Each time you give to them they will learn to receive by your actions and your words. Don’t do it for them let them know that they have to talk with God in their prayers. Once you have told them what to do your job is finished.If you do the lesson for them they will put burdens on you. Theses burdens must be turn over to God each time.If they are repeating them self and drawing you into a pity party situations go back to step one.I am a child of God are you a child of God. Wait for them to ask for help in finding the way to Christ.They often try to blind side you with idol worship as their way to seek spiritual connections. This is a false state of mind set brought on by pagan’s. Trusting in anything from the world systems instead of God has always been on this EARTH.Finding out who are what they serve can help you to understand how to pray for them.What are your prime directives? Go in to all the world and tell the story of Jesus to all you meet. If they receive your message lead them if the don’t receive you dust off your feet and leave them. On my radio shows I have been trusted God more than every and I have become bold and brave for God. This has been a wonderful journey that started many years ago on a mountain. I can see the promise land coming closer to every child of God every moment in the hour. praise God for He worthy of your praise.1045126_1385464041671029_2037553225_n


This appears to be an easy question to ask. As time is now showing a very slant towards one or the other. Choices are coming through our free will in a way like never before in our History.The planet EARTH is in a state of peril as we rush to bring the end of an era of war to peace. Some will say there will always be war as there are rumors of war predicted in the scriptures. The wars spoken of so frequently is directed to a physically point on a map the middle east and ISRAEL.The HOLY land and the center of the the world’s greatest religions. Should we be concerned of this fact and How shall we pray? When we know that the hand of God is directing the whole thing to His plan.So much of our lives are is contain with worry of things bigger than ourselves. We are told that all ends well and we win this chaos. But, still many talk about what should we do? I think we should pray for every thing as God hears our prayers. Complaining or bring forth division seems to be the world systems way of dealing with every problem.Sometimes Christians think they need to step up and protest and carry banners on many issues we faced in our world. For many centuries much has been done in the name of GOD.AS IF HUMANS THINK THEY CAN TAKE God’s PLACE ‘WHAT FOLLY.’This is not the way God operated When I think of Martin Luther KING JR’S ways of bringing to the people a peaceful message from his heart I know that God was in him.There have been many humans who searched God’s way and God’s help to bring help to our weary world. We only hear the ones that are choosing the evil at this point in our time. It seems the evil is weighting out the good.As you know the world’s way is to blame and judge everyone. Even the Christian leaders judge and blame as the world does.I heard some preachers on Christian radio say we would not be in this mess with our Government if we would have voted correctly.What are they doing by judging their own followers? Where is the love and the uplifting of our brothers and sisters? Why can they take a loving approach to the issues of the world and join together and humble themselves and pray to God? Something is very wrong with this picture.They are acting the same as the world bringing complaining and worrying and fear into their minds every time they speak.I am not worry nor should you be because we were told that God’s plan is above the plans of mere humans. Choosing evil and revenge will bring much divisions and separations that have become the churches ways for centuries so why worry? Just trust God to be your salvation from this turmoil.Many think they don’t need to be saved as they think they can save themselves. Can a human saved them self? Good question to ask yourself isn’t it.There was a time in my life I though all I had to do was be good. But what was good for me may not have been good for others. This came into my thoughts as I struggle with trying to figure out Why I needed a savior. I really had not balanced as I went from good to bad and back and forth many times.This is a condition of most humans on our planet.We find that we slaves to the world and to others at some point in the mist of our own turmoil.Is there an answer from some one else other than GOD? We search and we wondering for that someone that can give us the love that is unconditional. We think we find it and we put trust in this human love and it leaves us went they leave or past away. Shouldn’t we seek God’s love? GOD’S love will never past away nor leave us but, we find that only by allowing this kind of love to come into our hearts. I think my answer was the answer that many have sought and are still looking.God knows the heart of every creations on this planet. Even the tiniest thing does not change or growth without his assistance.So to achieved harmony and balance of this swinging Pentium of good and bad we need God don’t we? HE CONTROLS THE SWING AND STOPS IT FOR A MOMENT AND RESET IT. BE STILL AND YOU CAN FEEL IT STOP.GOD IS IN THE STILLNESS OF YOUR THOUGHTS.torque-swing-pendulum


As we ask WHY? to everything under the sun. An even in the SUN and it’s source of energy we discover the obsoletes. Why would a designer leave out this part of the whole in the creations. It may be hard to think about but the knowing is possible. In art and design the artist is in the creation as the missing link. A piece that is needed to make the whole come together. God creator is the missing link to creation completed. That’s very bold statement to make but, reasoning is logical and intuitive points to us to this directions for clues we need to understand. HUMAN Beings of the EARTH are missing the big picture in the creation of the body,mind and soul connections. There are built in obsolesces that need to be brought to the connections to bring order to the confusions. When humans built or design objects for sale they leave something out of the product so the object will need to be replaced. They may be doing this for purposes of making money.There may be another reason that is not even known to their conscious mind. We have been living in a throw away society for centuries because of products not lasting because they were built to fall apart or wear out through a small amount of use. Looking back on inventions from our first creations of many products we would make them last such as cars and furniture and many things like that have become antiques and their value is going up. The world systems today are much different in their products and this has also has become a conscious sayings “Don’t fix it” “get a new one” “THROW IT AWAY IT’S USELESS” We throw even relationships away when we think it can’t be fixed. Have humans become obsolesces also? Can God the designer be the missing link to the fix? We don’t value life of a human anymore do we? The pendulum does swing in this everyday doesn’t it? There are many that know with God everything is possible. The connection is broken because of world systems not connecting with the designer of everything God.People speak of LOVE and certainty LOVE is the God part of the design. As God is in everything to some decree. Each part becomes the whole as it was intended and was correct when the original was made. Have you every hear of rigging up something to work even though the part wasn’t from the start of the conceptions of the design? We have been replacing parts in everything and adding things that work for short periods and then comes the malfunctions. New hearts and organs bring short term help and a longer life but, not a complete healing.We are attempting to go to the roots of creations into the DNA and replaced what we think will bring a better result to the human. Some say we are playing God every time we jump into new areas of improving life or health. When you think about it mankind has been swinging back and forth on creating and destroying life. This is not playing God but playing mankind. God set everything in motions and is still in control of everything.Mankind is under that control and we know this when God steps in on every process mankind attempts to do that would completely destroy His works!

Listen to Christian radio has really woke me up to the plan of God. As I listen to the debates OF “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS?” I hears fears of what we are going to do to the point I want to yell “What about God’s control?” I cut it off and pray they have wisdom of God’s control of this or that they present on their shows. It has really shown me that the waking up of God’s children is still going on at a greater speed than ever before in our history.It sounds like the alarm to harm has begun.The concerns center on accountability and the responsibility of the children of God to the world’s problems. Wait a minute the world’s problems? What are my responsibilities to God? Shouldn’t they talking about the children getting answers to their own problems with connected to God? We need God to take over the problems of the world don’t we? We have been in the world and have taken on the burdens too long haven’t we? We need someone to speak to the up lifting of each child of God instead of putting each child down for not playing God. Now that’s the real playing God judging and fixing is the world’s way isn’t it? Every time we try and struggle to help someone without them asking for help we found ourselves being rejected or told to mind our own business. What is our business or the battle we need to fight to win? It is to each is own as as we become the CHILDREN OF GOD.As spoken “we do not fight flesh and blood’ we fight a spiritual battle. The battle is each and the each needs to ask God on everything.We can not win the free will of mankind by physically threaten them and creating fears.Fear has been the power used in this world system and continues to be the weapon in Christianity also.In God’s GRACE the fear is removed.

ONE TALK SHOW HOST LAST NIGHT SAID, WHO DO YOU TRUST PRESIDENT OBAMA OR IRAN’S AYATOLLAH? NO third choice was given to the question presented. Well, I CHOOSE GOD because I trust God over any man or woman! Not one person calling into the show said this.thKSDMGU3Q

Division is on the rise everywhere. Are you a diversionary or an equalizer ?

“A world divide will fall.”Unity of “The one accord” brings HARMONY! Are we to stand by and sleep as the diversionary of the duality cause a downfall? This was not the plan of the designer in any creations. A creator brings creation to created not destroy. There have been many creations destroy by the divisions of the ego in humans. Mostly for power and personal greed. The creations of chaos was here in the beginning of plan as was the unity. These two elements are still present and will remain to created integrity to the CREATOR. As perceptions and concepts are formed in the consciousness itself. When we speak of a choice we speak of working solution to the soul.As the spirit drives all energies to perfection.Inwardly energies leads to transformation of the light body contain in the soul. As the human body is many layers of influences on the grid of the matrix. Looking at the “golden ratio” We can gain and understanding of the universes contain with the human body itself. Many speak on the duality at begin “ONE” or the balance of the two. The reality is clear that an integration of the parts or whole are already in there wholeness state. The battle to break connections is an on going procedure. Whole brain thinking is required to bring one accord within each reality. All that each entity contains serves as a part of the whole. Thinking that something needs removal such as lesson that was learned and complete is a creation. Lessons not taken that are still in progress for healing purposes also bring creation. Thinking that we don’t need something anymore brings a lost feeling to emotions. The keeping of everything brings moments of renewal. The missing of something such as a love one continues the grieving and draws energies low to an empty to the point of desperation and division occurs with the body systems. Using your reasoning that tells you there is nothing lost but still within the same spirit brings a filling in your emotions “all is well” As we have knowledge of the happens that contain within the words “life and death” we see the beginning and the end are the creation. This is still happening as we are this in each. As we release the dying and seek the life we are that which we seek. Going towards a light and not walking in the darkness of the lost.Opening our minds to the light that we are in this creations. Battles of the spirit are not the flesh and blood but the light and the dark meeting and each needs each other for creation. You might think that the dark doesn’t need the light to live. But,all was light and dark in the beginning and remains divide for this purpose in creation. The feelings and emotions of the dark energies will change to light as the accord in harmony of sound moves into the EARTH THROUGH that blink of the eye spoken of. What is the eye? And WHY A BLINK? Blinking changes vision doesn’t it? With a new vision comes a new world of the creation. This new vision is now in the eyes of the believers in this vision. It is become clearer as Faith brings hope and the children see this vision. The equal becomes the divided and the LION LAYS DOWN WITH THE LAMB. We are seeing this in the creatures among us know their enemies very instinctively but the fear has been remove.Fear was removed from the EARTH as the new vision appeared in a dream. And this dream was given to all. In the dream was a vision that peace would come on EARTH THROUGH the LAMB OF GOD Jesus the CHRIST. Every child of God has always carried this vision in many life times and this was the seed of truth. The false truths are coming to the EARTH THROUGH THE DARKNESS that surrounds them. Their fears are helping to bring our lights to it’s highest brightness.When a child of God sees the darkness or the energy don’t resist it walk in it and and it will leave you as you are the light and it can not harm you. As spoken “Ye though I WALK THROUGH THE SHADOWS OF DEATH I WILL FEAR NO EVIL” MY ROD AND MY STAFF WILL PROTECT ME. WHAT IS A ROD but a vision part of the eye. my vision will protect me. As you know the staff represent WELLNESS as doctors chose the staff as their symbol.Think on these things “no weapon formed against you”can or will harm you!
There will be no division or equality but the “ONE” together we stand on and in the WORDS of GOD!The children of God are all in HIS CREATION.thKSDMGU3Q