PEOPLES places and things are the nouns of our world.As we consider where we are now and where we are going to is the the same. As energy s a force and returns to energy from the energy that is produce.The human body is a biology formed to go back to it’s state of the dust or particles it was formed.The mind is the consciousness awareness of the energy called spirit.Place is third dimensional perceptions meaning placement of an object in it’s boundaries of the limitation of gravitation attraction to such object of body.Spirit is a term of energy within and without time,space and placement for it is not control by gravitation of EARTH.As with the spirit astral traveling is done with allowance of of new awareness of the capabilities of energy of this state of the mind and consciousness. Fears of the loss of the body keep the spiritual energies from moving into astral energies fields. This fear is part of the program called ‘survival’ and keeps repeat messages to the ego self that you need your body to live. When a body dies there are many releases in the energy fields surrounding of the spirit that are aware of loss of body. The spirit actions are working independent of the body and dependent on the body at all times.Every chemical reaction the body does in the process of the death of the body the spirit can override with the will of the person.The conscious mind and the belief’s system are activated to bring a solutions to the death process for complete and preventing any lost of this letting go in a proper matter to assure all properties of the release.Preparation of the death process goes on as we are dying each moment in cells and renewal of each component of the living processes.The fears we created are faced in each lessons to bring awareness to the dying of body to each.Once each lesson is overcome with spiritual wisdom the release of the body comes as a natural momentary awaken in the spiritual essence and death is no longer a stumbling block to the believers.Placement is really not needed as the eternal life becomes the reality.Each souls will become the one soul and the body will not be needed for transportation from one place to another.The placement of heaven and hell are concepts and were put in place without consideration to spiritual influences.When a humans has and out of body experience and death is pronounce by machines we know that the astral traveling is a real possibility for each human on this planet.Many humans don’t seek salvation of the soul because they understand that the soul is protected by the spiritual core of their belief’s.As we shift into new realities of the spiritual core of out trust and honor for love of self we gain new realities of the who we are and what this means to died in body.The living breath of God creator breaths in each that are on this EARTH. Eternal life is the spirit of God in the seed of each child of God.images,LOU


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