Walking on your journey to your wholeness there will roads that have chosen that brought you disappointments and rejections you did not expect.Your feelings and thoughts will turn to many questions that overwhelm your spirit to the point of losing everything you have accomplished in your life. You are still the same person but, your identity becomes something that was hurt more than your physically body.The attachments to the who we are can not change when we know who we are.What are the importance’s of our rolls we play in part of our journey? A quote that comes to my mind “LIFE IS A STAGE” AND WE ARE JUST ACTORS AND ACTRESS’S FOLLOWING A SCRIPT. And who or what writes the script to your life?
We can write our own script if we are awake and live for purpose other than self gratification.When one player in a play or stories takes over and becomes the center of intention the wholeness of the life looses the unity that was formed in the production.The self identity can bring drama to most situations and the “why me’ ruins the connections to the purpose of the whole.The self that becomes the ego makes demands on the collective to bring one story and not the complete story to fullness. This gives energy to drama of the ego and the negatives are spread to the whole collective. As self identity becomes weaker to serve the whole a new identity forms
within and the ego self remains as the free will and the shifts to the purposes of the whole come into awareness peace and harmony come to the energy within the spirit. Many humans do not understand that giving up or losing the ego free will is a misnomer.The free will contains choices and this remains.There is even free will in spirit as transitional contains the identity.When the free will or to have personal freedoms to choose is taken over by and group or a another human this is not serving the whole.Each humans has a purpose and must be complete to make a whole operate for this is law of the university.Control can be an endangerment to the life as given by CREATOR GOD SOURCE ENERGIES.To understand certain wisdom becomes an identity of the ego and the true self that is a co/creator in all sense of the form in this play on the consciousness stage.When you handed a script do some rewrites and give the best performance in the identity that you choose to bring everyone to the unity of the whole play.If you are in the roll of the mother or father know that these rolls change as you raise your child.You may step off the stage to go over the script with your partner to bring a strong representation of unity in the two that are rising the child.Each time you have the advantage to step off the stage to review what is required for the part you are playing on the consciousness stage.Many humans think they have to remain in a roll and never play other parts.This is a security problem and needs to be addressed by the director who by the way is the higher source within each actor or actress. When we know that we are all have capabilities and talents and skills given in our lessons on this journey we know that we can be our own guru. YOU HAVE HEARD IT SAID,”THERE ARE MANY STAGES TO THE PROCESS OF LIFE”.When the shift of consciousness occurred many found themselves wondering around on the stage. It seemed that had lost their script and kept asking for directions.Lost in their identity without a place to be or where to go next and seeking for answers that where in them all the time. Much like in the WIZARD OF OZ so many roads and fears of the unknown surrounded them. They thought I need an identity to help me find my way home.
I say we are not only on the stage performing we are interacting with the characters and directing and producing our life’s journey.The reality of what’s on the stage is the truth of who we are.The stage is the consciousness and the stories are our life’s journey and the actors and actresses are our rolls in the play are being performed in this interaction with the wholeness of self. Where is home/ In the wizard of oz Dorthy was told to click her red shoes and say”there no place like home” the WIZARD TOLD HER HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. As the words proclaimed from her mouth from her brain of this knowledge within her heart she knew this was so. We are home and God is within each human soul and heart.For seat of the soul is the heart of each.When we think about scriptures and words that have been spoken for centuries isn’t it time to use them to understand the part we play in this stage of higher consciousness? I am saying you need to just read them over and leave them in the book put them in your heart so you know your part in this life’s play. Identified with the characters in the bible as they took the stage in their life. For all has been prepared in those stories for us.As David faced a giant can we face our giants that come on our stage?Are we as strong as little David who became a king? The answer is YES,we have the faith to face our fears thathUL1AFUAPt are on our stage now!


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