First we have to understand the world as a big picture.Then we can understand that the whole world isn’t as bad as the bits and pieces we observe.Our perception of what’s right and wrong are very small in caparison to the whole. We take our own observation very serious and say the whole world is lost because of a few humans that are using their free will to make choices we wouldn’t make.We have free will to make choices and we think ours are better for the world than their’s are. The subjects of right and wrong or truth are in great confusion in out times as the have always been.With each moment we hear or say that all or everything is not right or fair based on our perceptions.There really is no ALL OR EVERYTHING when it comes to humans.Human are changing in their thoughts and can change constantly.As the whole changes the parts change it is revolving swirl of thoughts and actions.The energy of life lives and dies and the world goes on regardless of one person’s opinion that the end has come in their perception. When you hear the talking of one or two humans on the planet say anything like all is lost what do you think? If you agree with them you tend to think they may be right or wrong. But, it is your perception of your own reality that wins no matter what your hear someone say about the whole world.Sometimes you take in the information and repeated it to others until you find someone that disagrees with you and this can change your mind or it can make you angry and defend what you hear about something that was said. This is vicious circle and not really your reality so you go back to your own thoughts that you believe in in the first place.Why do we entertain or waste time on what others say that we hear and worry about it and think they are smarter than our own perceptions we have form in our belief systems. The answer is entertainment of the mind that wants to escape reality of their own thoughts. To be entertain by anything that is outside of our own mind keeps us from focusing on our own reality for brief moments.We know who we are and we don’t lost that part that we know but, we search for the unknowns of everything in other humans opinions.This is our way of assimilation and transformation of the brain and our non-robotic present on this planet.When we really think of how foolish we obtained information from other we awaken into new dimensional thinking. When the first thought of flat EARTH was said by many humans there was an agreement because it was say by one human and the other humans couldn’t disprove or prove it was wrong or right it became the truth at that time.As we have heard the end will come due to a war that will end all wars.We might believe or disbelieve depending on the perceptions of the whole not the one or two have said.We will entertain the thoughts and talk about it with great conviction that it is possible and we will say everything is possible because there is so much hate in this world.But, when we go to our heart and emotions we are hoping that what we have said is wrong. Hate and violence are strong human actions that are done for attention in most cases for that 15 mins. of fame even if it’s a negative action the one that chooses to use free will to commit crime to their reality for entertainment. You see we are just children and curiosity of cause and effect are outside realities we play with for entertainment. Some of the humans that seek to bring such sadness and hate need to work out their lessons outwardly. As we all have done and have seen that it was not the way of creations by destruction of others and the EARTH WE NEED FOR OUR HOME.Being alive and aware to who we are ass co/creators we want to created not destroy.The words that echo over the airwaves bring energies in our thoughts and we have learn to shut them down when we become aware of them.Negative words of everything is falling apart and breaking down of morals and truth are out there everyday to tempt us to change our reality of peace in our hearts.We need realistic information not some else’s reality to spoil our love we can give others on this planet.Being interested in other people’s words or thoughts is alright because we are resting in peace as they speak and this is a flow of information even if it’s fear based. To say to yourself that was an interesting opinion and I will take it into consideration and tell you my opinion after I pray about it or check it out for myself.This sentence has served me well for years.As many try to tell me I am wrong and they are right on any given subject they feel strong about.When we debate about any subject we need to be prepare with the facts not just one person’s opinion of how they think about it.If you find yourself in a discussion that you have not given thought or formed an opinion step back and say very interesting I get back to you.Most people will give can opinion they hear some where and offer this in the discussion and no facts to back up why they said what they said.When you ask someone how did they form their opinion you might not get an answer be prepared to get a debate.images1RE06KUX


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