IS your purpose in life is to get or give LOVE?

GOT to think this over it’s tricky.There should be a balance in everything we do in our choices.Usually we choose one or the other and stick with that one choice because balance is very hard to achieved. I think we can look at children in their early life before programming of the outside influence began. Babies give joy and love to everyone and even strangers. It would be odd for a baby to rejected certain people and not give a hug or smile.So there does appear the giving of love is natural when we start in our childhood.You may say a lost of this innocence does come the observance and rolls each parents plays to the child during early development.So much is environment and biology it’s not easy to pin point what happens to the love giving part in each of us.We want to give love but,wait to hear someone say they love us first so we don’t feel stupid or to pushy.So the giving of Love is in us but the fears of rejections when we gave love freely keeps us from using it a second time. We think we made a bad choice giving because the relationship didn’t work or the person rejected out love. So the people that we want to love we hold back giving love because we have built a wall of fear to protect ourselves . We say we have trust issues because of the fear we created. So this complex problem of giving love and getting love are constantly about trust of self and our choices.Really not the trust we think we should have in another person.Trust is an inward self identity to know you can do something in your own trust and faith in the doing of anything. The blocks are the creation of your thoughts based on your past memories of your bad choices.Release thoughts of your past with forgiveness brings trust back within your self identity of who you are in the now and not the same person you were when the rejections of mistakes were made. We change with every breath we take and remaining in the same repetitive habits is not even trusting yourself and know yourself.Are you a giver of love as the child you were in the past.Think about your early childhood memories of the hugs you gave strangers.You didn’t even stop to wondered will this person reject me? You smile at your classmates and play on the schools grounds and laugh when jokes were not even funny. This child is in you right now.When we gave love love returned back to us didn’t it?Many people ask me how can they find someone to love them and don’t love themselves.They have lost this trust in their selves and think they need someone outside of themselves to love them.The person that loves you doesn’t know that this kind of love in the start of the relationship is a conditional love. You set up a condition for them to love you and you can’t give love back. You think that their love is enough for the relationship. So this unequal relationship struggles with issues of trust in everything.The fears and rejections start fights and trust is no where to be found in either person.Love is bond and it has to given and received in every kind of relationship.So if you make your purpose to give love and receive love everything you do will be balanced. Just think about it God loves you unconditionally.thKSDMGU3QDo you love God unconditionally?


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