THERE may be a reason that people ask you “HOW ARE YOU?”This has become a catch phrase to them they don’t care How you are!The same with are you alright or okay? It like their trying to get into your head or your emotions.Which might just be the reason they are working so hard to control you and find out what you are thinking or feeling so they can do their power play on you. I am not paranoid just cautious about who or what tries to gain inside information from me.This didn’t start today with me or anybody else.Humans are curious and their feeling get hurt if they don’t get what they want.It appears to be a need of some sort to check you out.With the times we live in now it’s all about big brother watching us and whistle blowing secrets and the tabloids are our lives not just the stars.So with social media growing the need to be careful becomes a real task because of the fake so called humans are trolls and picture to go with the stories are not real. What is real to us has become our own reality and we need to protect who we are.Yes,dear children the world is not real and reality in us has changed also.We are getting clear on many of our own truths and this is bringing in the golden age of consciousness.So if things and so called humans are pushing your hot buttons you know why now.They want to get all the energy you have and control your emotions with their needy created pity. We are very loving and compassionate and we have given to the world time and time again and yes we been taken in by the needy.There has come a time to dust off our feet to those that drain energy from us on purpose.I am not just talking about Christians I am talking about DNA AND YOUR BLOOD LINES.There have always been those on our planet that carried the dna and blood of the children from other planets on this EARTH.As we share our information and join together in one accord this world will change to meet our vibrations.Kinda like we are the world song.I am excited as we finish or race to the goal of the one world we know in our hearts. I see that everyday and when WE GET CLOSER the negatives get harder to faced. Resistance to these that carry this trait can be overcome with wisdom from our Masters.Each masters brought peace and love to our minds and soul spiritual connections and it’s inside of of.Remember your child in you and play their game with skill and gifts that you have been given.The reality we are facing in our own reality will be the reality we choose.And those that are in their reality of hate and distortions will remain on their vibrations.1656356_1534660526772423_6485467416214248652_n


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