Be ye a seeker of truth.Truth is a term that has lost it’s definition and the redefining is the cause of a spiritual renewal. We were told so many lies and these lies have cause a rebellious resistance in each spiritual soul on our planet.What were we seeking as we entered into this world? We sought love and pleasures and comforts. As we sought all that we thought we needed we were told lies how to obtain these things.We fought to be a over comer at every point on our journey.We just wanted peace in our minds and connections to higher sources. We were told there were many ways to obtain what we wanted and needed.We try and tried and suffered and struggled to get what was our birth right.Our believing in spirit was our faith and hope that all would turn out in our favor if we worked hard and did the best we could be.We did everything and we followed the rules of the world so we would not go to jail or end up homeless or depend on someone else to take care of us.This is the story of each child of God.When we took the lies and lived by them we still don’t have the life we wanted or needed.Even the preachers,teachers and media and government officials lie to us. There were some truths we heard from those that were called Masters who came to the EARTH with good intentions.The world that took power and control over us told us that these masters were telling us lies.This of course was their lie to keep us conformed to their rules.A rule of law that was set up in the shadows of their darkness to take control and power.How can we bring order to this confusion?

The main-line religious communities are losing their controlling influences everyday. The reason they are in this position they took money from the world to run their churches.Now the world is pulling the plug on this money if the churches don’t conform to what they want said to their followers. As new rules and laws take form that don’t agree of the Bible the churches will have to conform to the world’s ways.The new laws are based on morality and the churches have a morality based on the old testament not the new testament.The HOLY SPIRIT HAS LEFT THE CHURCH BUILDINGS.We keep hearing the echoes of the lies we need your money to keep God words on this planet. The truth is each child of God has God’s word written on their hearts and that don’t need to go to a church building to get it or pay for it.

WHO OR WHAT SPIRIT IS RULING OUR PLANET?The engagement of desire of hearts and logical reasoning in each entity are changing the rules to suit each with truth of gratification of the soul. As the shift in each reality the spiritual war within each spirit seeks their own truths. Some walk by Faith and not by sight with God direction in CHRIST.The other children on the planet walk by appearances with a direction of the material world.These are different perceptions and the conflict and confusion has always been with each generation on the planet. Rules are made too conform and keep chaos from taking over the order in society.

There is nothing wrong or right about the truth of each reality that each entity has.Everyone is different and their purpose is their calling in spirit.To say their is one truth or one spirit becomes an interesting question.When we consider that as each comes to their own truth of who they are at the divine awaken of this truth.A shifting of the truth is causing a revival of survival in each spiritual awaken on this planet. Some are trying to saved the old and some are saving the new.This tug of the spiritual war is playing out right in this last generation. Each will take a part on the stage with a purpose designed by their own will to do so.Free will is to choose your part on this grand final act in the play.We have been told that the good will win in the final hours or minutes or the blink of the eye.We have hope and faith that the good will win.May I ask WHAT IS THE GOOD?

THE GOOD OF everything expected? Or the good of your truth and reality.You see we are still seeking the good in each reality of the truth we should follow to bring the peace in the spiritual realms.Do we know peace?Peace would be to many to have everything they want or need isn’t it?To stop struggling and find ways of doing everything with ease. To manifest the desires of your heart and mind is this the peace you seek? Resistance to the rules or any third dimension closed door doesn’t bring peace in spirit.We have to come to thinking about energy and the force we have to use to overcome this world of nonsense. We have senses we can use in the spirit to do this.As we look deep within our emotions and be healed from the lies we are carrying like a badge of honor we placed on our sleeves.We didn’t need those sticky stars from the teachers to know we were very special did we?Some are still waiting for appreciation from the world for their efforts.Funny that we think we need a like on face book when we know we are doing good in our self.We write and we post for others don’t we? Or are we doing it for our self? In reality we are doing all for self and self is the other one also.We are connecting to the whole in a way that has never been on this EARTH.The talking heads of the world are not liking this internet connections of ideas and awaken of the children because their losing control.I hear them everyday about the lost of control of the web and Technic intervention.Why are so people afraid of the new connections of ideas and community? Is called no conformance anxiety.And the more they fear the more negative energy abounds.We are not fearful we are bold and courageous we are rebels they created in their lies and fears.Beware Dorthy! WE ARE NOT SLEEPING IN THE FIELDS OF POPPIES!thUL1AFUAP


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