ARE YOU ON THE INSIDE of self identity? OR THE OUTSIDE OF self identity?

As the world turns so does the evolution of humans on this small blue marble.Space the final frontier is not the outer reaches of the physically reality but,the consciousness of the mind contain between the space between your ears.The great frontier that has been held in captive by the media,parents and teachers and let’s not forget those preachers that require we follow them.Conformance to remain in order to be maintain by the outside humans in control.We became complacent and took all the suggestion or brainwashing they offered.Eating every food marketed as fast and fun we devour tasty tidbit before the streams of useless information on screens with hypnotic trances of escape from awareness of self identity and purposes of who we are.Did we learn anything worth renewal of the mind? We did know what they were doing at some point as each child had the remembrance they were different.And this brings us to circle of life from the inside not the outside of the shape.We are the seed of God in the inner sacred circle of this EARTH.We are observing the outside of the circle and the humans that remain there.As the lower forms humans are in this stream of consciousness of programmed to obey the slave masters. We feel compassion from our heart sound that is vibrating louder frequencies as our realities shift towards our truths. The outsiders are in chaos and confusion because of the their over weight bodies that have cause brain damages in the area of memory and logical reasoning.So in order to awaken most of of these outsiders will take not only body work but brain reprogramming. Complacent behavior abounds on this EARTH in these outsiders.The water systems have added fluorine to the problems also taking away their third eye capabilities. Gmo’s62154_586268194736199_916154232_n also brought more dangerous effects to the body and mind.With added chemicals in the air and water the Earth HAS BECOME CONTAMINATED.The only survival possible is a spiritual choice.As the outsiders have begun to talked about a war to end all wars they want destroy what is left of our wonderful home on this planet.A spiritual war is now taking place in the inner consciousness between the insiders and the outsiders in the consciousness.The outsiders are losing because they are trying to use their physically strengths. The chaos of the insiders spiritual maturity is awaken and ready for this battle as we have been fighting our own spiritual battles in each incarnation.

Fears keep the power of the spiritual from bringing life.Co/creations is the art of God.In each circle there is a center and the center becomes the target.Each time a target is hit it becomes the ‘bulls eye’to knowing that you are centered in your mind of the reality you have obtain.The identity is the one and the ripple effect of this energy goes outward to the collective consciousness within the circle.Some of the insiders are on the very edge to reaching inward at this moment and your energy is effecting them.

LOVE is the only energy that can bring the awareness of the who you are on the inside.The outsiders are seeking love from other humans and this love energy is draining and doesn’t produce inner love of self. Many humans lose their self identity to self love by going outward. When we give of self in the thoughts of empowerment to others we do get back real love from others.Think of love as an energy transference between to souls. When both energy match there is no drain because each is plug into the same energy source. As the two becomes the one through the source energy.The words equally yoke means that both souls come to agreement to use the same source energy.The love of the real self gives the same equal part of the love to the other part and a balance is maintain.The relationship is form with the God energy source love component.If there is no unconditional God love both in one unit the connection becomes weaker by an energy drain.Both units have to renew energy as chaos occurs.The linking up must be an ongoing process.Prayer becomes the agreement when outside energy interferes with the two units.


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