Are your intentions focused on the problems or the solutions of this world?

 We are all talking about the problems that we face everyday in our lives. We feed the fuel of these problems by adding our anger and hate to these problems. Why are trying to fight fire with fire? Do we see what we are doing by adding to the confusion and chaos? As you and I know that this is the way we have been doing this same thing since the beginning of thought. We fight within our selves and don’t allow peace to come to our own thoughts. We become part of the problems we are creating. We see it as way to control and gain personal power.Our struggling begins in the fight of negative external forces we bring into our internal thoughts.The thoughts we create turn in to worries and frustrations and depression takes its toll on energies of the entire system of what we call quality of life. As hatred towards this creations of the mind turns into a slave of the evil of these negative energies the hold of the energy feeds on everything to increase its hold on the belief’s and faith of the self.These thoughts have been in the collective consciousness as forces to limit the good that can be done through the good of GOD’S creations thoughts. We struggle to be free from enslavement over these destructive thoughts that we have create. Our program contains both negative and positive and we are free to choose which we will use to create our lives for self and the whole of humanity.We have been told we can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solutions. But what does that really mean to your world and your reality? It means you have a choice to choose the best for yourself and the whole. We have a choice problem in this world. We follow the wrong people and listen to the wrong words. We don’t use our reasoning and power of self-will to control anymore. What we are told is that we don’t need to think but to accept what is said. We have all fallen and can’t get up without a button to push or someone to tell us their opinion before we can make a decision about what our next step to take. Are we free thinkers or robots of the world?  There are solutions to every problem and it starts with knowledge and wisdom to know what to think. We are using our fear the lowest vibration condition of the mind to conquer our problems. When we step up our vibration to faith and hope we can think better and see a solution to problems that come to us. Look at your problems and think about the patterns of your problems. Are they repeating and coming to you the same way and you face them the same way every time they come to you. Well, that is you thinking choice problem. You see your problems as blocks to stumble on because you are not preparing to think about cause and effect of your choices. You are the thinker and the creator of your life and thinking about your choices is the key to your worries and lack of faith and hope. The pains and wounds of your rejection of your life are still present and you have not brought attention to these attachments. You are not making new choices of freedom of thought to solve problems in a maturity you gain from your past experiences.See everything as it will be and the light in the tunnel guides you. Open your heart and let love replace the fears and see light that you have within your soul. Set your life towards sources that will aid you for answers that resonance with your love and not your hate. Think on LOVE and how love can be a powerful tool to use instead of the tools of hate and fear. Expand your mind to feel energy from your source of this love.Ask yourself who or what controls you?