TO VIEW A LOCATION OR A ANOTHER HUMAN BY MEANS OF THE BRAIN.Setting a target to view and using imaginations centers of the right brain to bring into view by remote means.Using abilities of skills and gifts with full convenience in all skills and gifts beyond the limitations of human sight. Every human has experiences that give intuitive flashes of images given to them at times of stillness in the mind. To bring complete awareness can be the real problem in using theses gifts and and talents to each entity.With practice and Faith and trust in Creator source of the higher dimensions this can be achieved.

In my journey my calling has been to bring the opening up of material to the children of God through means of all channels of opportunities and possibilities of the God source to each that I meet on my road. As this has brought me back to my original gift of remote viewing.All gifts come from same source and the different channels go to one main source God creator.As we search or answers to our own gifts we will use many tools from this third dimension and gain wisdom to overcome the limitations of this world in which we were placed to learn and remember we are from the higher source.As the tools are inside each spiritual influences of the calling of God. And each is given the proper tool at the proper time under God’s purpose for that calling.As we seek the fullness of the kingdom within the Christ consciousness awakens to bring the soul into alignment of the purpose of creator God.Trust and faith can increase beyond the boundaries of locations and phone lines and computers our telepathy senses are coming into this awareness at this moment.We are in a sense wireless in the components of our DNA connections on this Earth.As prayers go out beyond these limitations of the third dimensions we are in but not of our imagination and creativity in our brain and connection to mind of CHRIST we can do more than He did.What greater things have the children done in this time frame?Communication with God has been there for centuries as it was in the garden. The fears of who you are keep you in darkness.When you know who and what you are called to do brings a Revelation within your spirit.The energy of God is love not fear.LOVE your calling that God gave you.Love your gifts from the HOLY SPIRIT and release your kingdom on this EARTH FOR ALL TO KNOW.He comes for His! WILL YOU BE IN THE FIELDS OF HARVEST?Will you be sitting and wondering WHAT TO DO FOR GOD?




What is the human perception of death in the brain got to do with longevity?

Are the thoughts of longevity causing humans to live beyond bodily performance. As humans our understanding of the life and death cycles have been limited by culture norms.We have observed many occurrence in these days of coma victims coming awake in years and months speaking of their stories of experiences beyond this psychically reality third dimensions. But still there are many questions about death of the body and the spirit/soul and the parts of the human experience we have still wonder about. As we explore the unknown parts of the brain we have some clues to base some opinions on to bring wisdom. But, still what is spirit and soul that can overcome even brain thoughts in prayer and meditation practices. The complexity of the combinations of all that we are is a creative patch work of the design of creator God or higher source. What is death but a pause in the moment of breath and possible shut down of primary systems and not spirit or soul workings independently from bodily functions. If this be the case as recently observed. We are hearing news stories of women and men that appear in a dead state and even in rigor mortise a conditions of “stiffen of limbs’ and ceasing breath on our meters. In logical reasoning dead to the workers on crews and police send to the call for emergency aid.If we examine the facts and haven’t thought about spiritual influence are we truly giving life a chance? Death seems to be more important to life as we aborted many living fetus or babies in early stages of their development.Did theses babies have a soul or spirit in them? Of course they did many have said, the spirit enters in the first three weeks.We all know their is life but death seems to be the questions at hand now. We might not know when life starts in some cases and we sure don’t know when it ends either.As God the creator is in all living as the breath of life was given to human.Was that spirit breath or bodily breath? The heart is the pump that circulated the blood and oxygen throughout the body system once this system shuts down was the determinations of death at one time. As we know now we can restart the heart with electricity shocks or CPR.With new monitors in the hospital we can keep those who’s bodily systems have shut down. But what about the spiritual has that left the bodily at this shut down process. In some cases perhaps this has happen in out of body stories we are hearing. We can see that the possibilities of an independent spiritual influence So can we say that the spirit runs and over rules the body?And can we say the releasing of this spiritual influence was done by many masters as in the case of JESUS speaking on the cross”I release my spirit”. Was his body dead? The people of that time thought so because they placed it in a grave tomb. What is death still a question isn’t it? We are hearing reports that someone came back from the dead on the news and my question is were they really dead? Death is a just the leaving of the body isn’t it? Spirit is spirit and can’t die as it doesn’t run on the same systems of third dimensions functions.The questions of were spirit goes becomes a scary and profound answer at this point.Can a spirit entered into a body once it has detached from the body. Thinking about Jesus and others that have reentered or incarnated back into the body they left or a new body.In many controlled situations of leaving the body a cord is seen and the spirit can see their body laying on a bed or were they left it.This has been termed astral projection or astral traveling.Did,JESUS reentered the body on the cross? The BIBLE speaks of the two women in the garden near the tomb seeing a man they didn’t recognize at first but, as they spoke to him they knew it was Jesus.Thinking about this brings some understanding to the spirit of Jesus in a new body. He then left the third dimensions and return for 40 days in the body that he left that had the nail holes and the wound on his side for THOMAS to touch. This was the purpose of taking on the old body? To show us how all is possible in God and in this spirit we have. Death is an illusions created by humans due to misunderstand of spiritual powers of regeneration and incarnation. As we are in communications with those not in the body we call them dead and this is very wrong. Many that misunderstand what death is and spiritual wisdom need to know that they are not dead just out of the body. This confusion is still with many even in the spirits themselves.Think about the reasons the Egyptians placed their so called dead with items to serve them in the afterlife.What is the afterlife but the spiritual life.The protections and items where third dimensional but the concept was there.These people knew that they were not going anywhere but remaining close to their bodies in hopes of reentering into to them at some time in the future. Are we to reenter into the same bodies in the future? In the BIBLE they speak of a time in the end days when the bodies of the saints will rise up in their bodies. Will we know each other in this new kingdom? Yes, we will have the old bodies renew by spiritual influence in our own intentions and God’s power.Some how reincarnation gets confused with reanimation and starting over again and again. As we are knowing more about the death process we are gaining new insights to the end and the beginning as the same. Cycles repeat as is death and life are one in the spirit.A never ending stories.
Some have pointed out there are more humans bodies and how can it be the reason if we are seeing this.Bodies are here that contain many spirits from other worlds God is a creator of all.The EARTH is a schooling planet of lessons and each comes for the physically experiences.As to the wiping away of many at this time in our history a clearing for purposes of God to teach is taking many numbers away.A clearing of spirits that will continue until God brings order to the numbers. Thinking of the body count is not the intention to this but, many will be in sorrow for their lesson is the death lesson.Teaching in spiritual is very different as it is by this sight and not by it’s faith but it increases the Faith to many as they turn to God through this.The turmoil is created by doubt and fears and God is bringing these fears into alignment with the agreement of the one accord.As believers are already in this trust and faith and are depending on God they will remain on the EARTH FOR THE SECOND COMING.We are also seeing the last generation of the saints and prophets coming in to this realm with gifts beyond the gifts of their bodies age reference.One last note, the city of SODOM AND GOMORRAH was the place of many that sin and was destroyed is bringing spirits that have been released for redemption purposes.We are seeing and hearing news about this everywhere on the. planet. Many sins are with us remember TURN TO GOD FOR YOUR HELP IN THESE TIMES.62154_586268194736199_916154232_n


Contain within every human being there is a potential to release the information of the DNA spiritual coding of senses of the empathy. Activation is already been done as shifts in Sun and Earth’s alignments have occurred.The knowing of such senses began at birth but,many forgot as to the new incarnation into this third dimension.The remembering comes back when the awareness of who you are comes. A state of amnesia is like a deep sleep within the Christ consciousness much like the one Adam experienced in the garden. For Adam was whole and needed to be split into two but remain as one ‘as to equally yoke’.The forming of the new creature of the empathy occurred. As to the leaving from the connection to the God consciousness in the garden was to bring on experiences of the world for a period of time and take on the third dimension world in experiences called lessons. The forming of emotional lessons for awareness of the who was and is that of the mind of the CHRIST within consciousness.AS THE FIRST Adam/atom was THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.The second Adam was placed on the cross representation to of the rising of the connections to the emotional impact to the passion and compassion “therefore called the passion of Christ”.The sin nature was released by such action of this Faith.The third movement of the coming of ADAM/OR CHRIST consciousness has come in the minds and the agreement will bring the manifestation back into the third dimensions with this one accord harmony.For all to see in the spiritual realms and to the third dimensions as spoken. First in the spiritual dimensions as emotions will rise. The compassion will come forth in waves of dreams and visions of the return to this. As the children are reporting prophecy on daily time period to many as witness.

Emotions are thoughts linked to our empathy,sympathy and compassion centers in our spiritual growth. As children of God we feel beyond mere touch or sight as in physically third dimensional means.Inwardly and outwardly we are seeing the empowerment of these centers of electrically spiritual senses bring God moments of occurrence of synchronicity that are coming faster as we allow them to come. We were getting flashes from birth of scenes much like a movie being played in our minds in a dream state.Now theses are happen in awaken states like day dreams.The thoughts that we are thinking also are becoming clearer also the back ground noises of the ego have faded.We care hearing God in our minds like are blending of of who we were in this incarnation.The memories of the emotions are still attracted but not the deep guilt feelings.The forgiveness work that many have done in their grounding cleared the guilt. This was told us to let go and forgive and God would forgive us.

As to the human that has not awaken to this consciousness of the spiritual senses they are operation on low vibration.There waken will occur briefly at the blink of the eye moment of the manifestation of the Christ.They walk in darkness and have no knowledge of this and appear confused.They are hearing voices of their own fears and the shadows of guilt stay with them.They can not hear your words just the words of God. This can be useful to you as you will encounter these lost ones.Say each word with the authority you were given by HIS NAME JESUS AND GOD. The HOLY SPIRIT WILL LEAD YOUR WORDS. images1RE06KUX


In each life force there is an energy source driving currents of regeneration of renewal. The revival of the survival is implanted in the original atoms of source energies. The soul that protects and gathers source energies can’t be broken down or taken from the God source as it is regenerated by EARTH’S elements.Much like an orb of electrical components of remains from transitional of body. Fields are still present of spirit essence that was transition with the soul into outer electrical field of the soul orb. These light objects are in the field of the God source and are regenerated as proper DNA are being set up to reincarnate as fields alignment occurs. All is energy not matter as we have been so misinformed.We have hear matter cannot be destroy nor created.Looking at the new concepts of energy we can regenerated by explorations of our own energy fields to bring renewal in body,mind and souls.Every cell can be repair and regenerated to it full potential to operate at it’s original force. As we have seen this in mind over matter done in the our past history.Now with better understanding of energy we can understand the importance of the God connections to our own energy fields. When the two elements of our energy and source energy we become a power house of healing and renewal.As each reality within each core of the essence
of spiritual renewal a energy is created that matches God source energy. As the mind thinks and sends messages to the heart receiver it will transmitted to your centers of pain or low energy a burst of regeneration from you and your God source.This is a prayer of the connection for purpose so spoken by many master as “FAITH AND TRUST” within mind and body and spiritual awareness “may it be done unto me”All is well with me.To speak other than this brings changes in energy fields that lower source energy from the God source.When those who have spoken of places of heaven or Hell there can’t be places for energy is in the God’s source.And God source is in creation until creation changes energy as it does for it’s purposes.Orb’s are proof of life continuance in the energy of the orb itself.As theses floating objects are being seen by digital cameras now we are started to understand where we as humans transition to what some say death.There can’t be death of anything just transition in forms.The appearance of orb’s brings a clear representation of energy of soul’s that are not in bodies but remaining until the alignment of the souls’s journey back to consciousness of a body.This has been going on for a long time but yet in a moment this comes to us.The orb’s have ways of communication to us through channels of consciousness and soon with digital communications. These are exciting times for all the children of God source.Mysterious-Orb-on-Surveillance-Video


So gifted so blessed are those that follow their heart.The knowing of these gifts brings the true essence of the spiritual life within the soul.Compassion abides with each that seeks wisdom through such gifts as all masters have spoken.The spiritual child is a channel as an “empathy” upon birth in each incarnations.Awareness of this gift as in any gift of spirit is present and application of gifts becomes the challenge.The empathy channel is always open to all manners of sources of energies. As the to the proper workings of each empathy channels complete understanding and reasons for this gift needs to established. The releasing becomes resistance of logical reasoning for working it. The emotional combat can be overwhelming when first awareness of this gift is recognized. This is the beginning and end of the questions of why. To say the “I am”establishes all gifts and the presents of the state of mind.The importance of the claim from words brings clarity to the who and what be the means.As each knows the power of love equals the God source energy.Empowerment is an inner power of the love source.To be the sender and receiver of energy transmitted from this source love energy is the empathy channel of this wisdom. When the receiving other transmission from all sources and negative becomes disruptive to the channel clearing and grounding to reasons of the who you are and your purposes of the love source.Staying with your true intentions with focus on your own well being in present mind of your life path.Not taking on burdens from others that don’t serve your purposes for your intentions can shut down your flow of your channel.When burdens come in an overwhelming manner turn negatives over to the higher source for co/creation is always present.You must remain aware of a take over of energies because your empathy channel is open in all state of mind in your life. Sleeping and dream states must be prepared as in meditative states as trances like day dreaming you are receptive to environmental changes for this is the gift.Awareness and cautious are two key factors.The telepathy channel is the means of transmission and receiving and part of the path also.Once the empathy channel is established the telepathy channel will become activated. These channels are like rivers of your true communications skills as child of God and will be the transmission in the new age.We are the children of the new world of science and spirituality.

Simagesbkplpiritual teacher prophet Brenda Bradshaw
11am-1pm et

SHOULD WE consider night and day or good and bad ‘divisions or perceptions? ‘

Perception to perceive,allowance in alignment with inner personal conscious reality or programmed realities. Not that day and night are different in each reality but one in the same with the moment of each perception.As to bad and good many humans have observed and brought forth their own interpretation based on their perception. The shifts in perception of the consciousness awareness is not only in the seen but more in the unseen supernatural forms of manifestation of perceptions.To conceive is the beginning for this is the receiving of the “con” or scam placed in the forming of consciousness activities. which was the revealing that humans had been con or scam into certain truths through science and religion.Moving from the situation of the con and prison of the slave mentalities has brought a well spring of deepness of the living waters Jesus spoke about.This water became the thirst and the desire from releasing the conceptions of programs in form of the brain washing. The renewal of the precepts of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS entered into the egg like a sperm at the precised moment to break the seal of the slavery concepts.This is a perception of the new birth and the new creature created.As the birth pains in physical form are refer to as a spiritual rebirth.This process occurred in every child of God. The blindness to see and ears are opening as the awareness of energy surrounds each reality contain in each human being. AS they were just beings going through the motions of physically limitations. Their safety and security is in the prison of convictions of these emotions. The statements I am hearing “I want to keep sinning” ” I am not worthy to be saved” “I don’t need to be released” these are the feelings and hidden emotion rising from old creature comforts and the freedom of spirit is still in this state of prison.When you bring messages of freedom or salvation they closed down and go back to the only home they know much like a turtle into its shell.They will fight to be free but when it occurs they become frighten.FEAR is a motivator for survival and it is there only options and choice rather than come to the “face your fear” stage. These are the lesson once taught and long forgotten.To ask ‘what are you afraid of?’ has also come under “the don’t ask” subjects in resents months. Even asking the question ‘are you a child of God?” is under attack as a statement of judgement and not a question in their perceptions.This appears to be the old saying “you say tamato I say tomato let’s called the whole thing off”. Thinking out of the box or comfort zone has become over used to some decree but, it did move us along a bit to new perceptions.Journey’s,life paths, timelines are one in the same but also contain different insight into different perceptions.When we think in separate but equal we have problems and need to understand the reasoning’s behind this statement and Why I was said.When the seen world needs boundaries for identification purposes the unseen was still in operation. And there was light a single word but has multidimensional properties in it’s essence of spiritual perceptions. imagesCAA42E00


How to reprogram memories of rejections,refusals,retorts to restore personal power?

Everything starts in the self identity of the who we are.When we find our true self void of the baggage and labels we have taken on as our identities from world systems we find the true self.Inside the layers of each identity we have taken on memories are stored for future reference to bring clarity to lessons learned on our journey to wholeness.To become is to to be in most cases as we seek to know true self. The breaking down of old co/dependent source of our security towards each of these labels and identities and release them can be a self relations to your core of your opinions and belief’s and the attachment is like pulling a ban-aid cover a deep cut to the flesh. Some need help and others pull it off quickly this is much like an awaken in the moment of the I am. As to the slow cautious humans not willing to remove the coverings of their shadow side do need help from an outside source.Both are now in this moment this paper is written but have been observed for centuries.The pain is a memory in it’s self and was given for warning of things happening within the cells.The memories in the brain also have emotional pain attracted to each memory cell filed under identity.Who is the I am and why do we need it to be restore to the original program? The ego has taken it’s place in most cases as the world systems shifted the thinking to left brain logical thought.The ego made all identities and labels push the humans to take on pride and compete with others outside of the true self.The pride of each created fears,lust,greed and every sin we see that are running world systems to low forms of energies. When we think of the “me” we hear the WHY ME pity party and the need for energy of a negative kind to feed the “Why me”.This is not the true self speaking.This is the echos of pain and hurts.These identities have been roaming the EARTH seeking help from humans who are the I am.They are looking for their identity in others not inward to the true self.They carry signs of fear and looking to the end of world on every street corner.Why do they seek the end of times?They want an escape from the spiritual torment of the memories of pain they have created in there fears.Release can only be made with the aid of spiritual renewal of the mind.There power comes to them through negative energies and brings more depression of the empty spiritual that lives in their souls.When given positive energy it hurts because they are only drawing on what they know to be true. There truths are how they have been reacted too when they do their Why me woes.Getting into their reality can be dangers and cautious is advised. They resist the light for the darkness is their security.

The shift to the right brain IN 2012 was an awareness of the who,what,when,where Why as the children of God came to the awaken of their creative skills,talents and gifts given to them by the HOLY SPIRIT many life times and was in the seed of their creation.Many of the children have come as masters,teachers and wise ones to give messages.Theses were not angels or guides from other worlds or planets as many think.They were send and prepared by God creator.The reaching out in our world for allied life forms or star people continues as it will till God reveals the truth to the true children of God. Many have made idols and demigods to bring the messages because of their fears of a all powerful God creator.They live in fear on the inside and escape to the outside for comfort in all matters.This is not new to the this world. Facing fears is not easy and they want and instant relief even if it last for a brief moment in time.The children of the I am seek ETERNAL LIFE.

TAKING back this personal power of your true self will send you on a trip through your memories.A letting go and releasing what doesn’t serve your purposes as a servant to the master JESUS. As this surrendering is only a mind thought process you may need visual help using your creative skills will help you.Relax and think of each identity given to you or you place the label on yourself for your own purpose. As you do this in your resting moments before sleep drift towards the dream state.The images in your dream state will bring messages as you wake up.Write down just the images not the story that your left brain mind created when you were leaving the dream state. This has helped me with all the thoughts that pass my memories in the awaken state also. Observing as if it is someone other that the true self.Thinking it can’t be me but,someone I was and now I am someone new with a new mind connect to the CHRIST Consciousnesses. WHAT A REVELATION 1656356_1534660526772423_6485467416214248652_n